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Yes it's that time of the year again... NOOOOO.... LOL. I kid i kid...

I think i pretty much deal with my age by now (even though i never feel a day over 21, but yeah- in reality it's +10 already hahaha) so i no longer have the crippling errrr... what do you call it when you're in your (very) early 30s? Couldn't be middle age crisis yet, right.... Anyway, that. I also no longer look forward to my bday like in my younger days (coz you'd be reminded about your great number of age hahahaha), but i always love October and it remains to be my favorite time of the year (i always make the excuse to stop even trying to restrain myself and pretty much buy everything that i even slightly fancy, and that starts on September because it's "my bday stuffs for next month". Awesome excuse, right?)

And one of the greatest aspect about bdays is definitely... The presents. LOLOLOL.
I'm only showing you the gifts from my lovely husband in this post, i also got some wonderful gifts from my girls already (like, weeks ago because they were afraid they'd be sold out if we didn't get it then) but i will share them in another post after the celebration (which is still almost two weeks coming haha). I'd usually celebrate quietly with my hunny (and Baby Boy) first on the actual date with a movie (as a total horror freak, Annabelle would be a perfect choice hahaha. But we've actually watched it yesterday) and dinner-but this year it cannot be done because we're attending our friend MM's niece's Sweet Seventeen (when the nieces and nephews are turning seventeen... It's really alarming. But my newphew's 19 already so i'm actually passed that stage already hahaha).
First pressie
This is the original present from hunny, which i really love because i feel that it is a token of his support of my passion (blogging. And errrmmm... Cam-whoring). I've always wanted to have a baby pink camera, and i quite liked the pink NX 200, but hunny was quite adamant about getting the NX 300 instead-so i let it pass. But my original Pinko (i'm calling this new baby Marshmallow *LOLOLOL* the color's so cute that it almost look fluffy :p) is getting so bad and i complained endlessly about the blurriness (and tonnes other problem because like i said, it's basically dying already) and inability to focus-he thought of the best way to stop me complaining and force-retire Pinko, that is by getting Marshmallow (which is an NX Mini, for anyone who's about to ask) to replace it since-let's face it-i am the least gadgety person out there and i would wait until Pinko is truly errrr... unable to wake up before even considering purchasing a new one.

My blogging friends (and BFFs) have seen me lug Mallow (yes, it has a nickname already now WTH) around to events-that's even before it is officially given (we're Chinese and big on traditions/superstitions, we're not supposed to get gifts/celebrate bdays before the actual day in fear of shortening one's life. There, another Chinese superstition coming from yours truly, i have plenty more where that came from) because his beloved NX 300 is being hospitalized with fatigue for having some major problems and it's been weeks with no sights of getting it back yet *stare evilly at Samsung reparation dept*! So he had no choice but to let me use Mallow for a while now *LOL*. I still prefer the NX 300 for events though because Mallow's unable to zoom in with its orginal lenses grrrr... (i am forced to use my sucky Blackberry camera to capture boards/etc on events, which for once we have aplenty in Surabaya!)
Second/extra pressie
Frank & Co is known for their beautiful rocks, but don't expect that here *LOL*. I am somehow still at that stage of my life still where i can't truly appreciate huge diamonds, they scare me and i rarely use those ones that i have in fear of losing them (i lost a couple in my lifetime and it scarred me for life, so what's the use of having them if you don't want to use it right?)-plus one of the mid sized rocks could send both of us to say, Korea on peak season for one week *LOL*, and i much prefer the latter!
Nope! We got this instead!
It's a beautiful Italian artisan heart shaped locket that has beautiful pink base and delicate carving
We randomly went into Frank & Co's boutique in GM a few weeks ago because we were attracted to the advertisement outside, and my eyes caught this beauty immediately and unable to stop staring at it! Don't you think it resembles something Sailor Moon would wear? LOLOLOLOL, yes, love Sailor Moon (actually, the other sailors. Sailor Moon herself is quite annoying haha) so it's pretty and nostalgic at the same time!
 I love all of my presents and think that they're oh-so-special, but what i'm REALLY grateful of can never be replaced with material possession

That is my family, of course!
I actually was about to go on about how sweet my hunny is (that would be much to the delight of my fellow beauty bloggers, who pretty much nominated him as "husband of the year" LOL, which he truly deserves actually) and to tell our "story" (inspired by Arum's post) but i think it's more appropriate to do a little bit later on our next anniversary :p.

Back to the topic, i more than anything am grateful for my perfect little family. Of course, when i said perfect, it means perfect for us-not perfect in a sense of total perfection. We've had our differences, i yell to my Baby Boy for various reasons, we got mad to each other a lot of times, but in the end of the day-it is still my perfect little family that i would never trade for anything. From this world or beyond haha. 

It's precisely for that one true reason (with the help of profound fear to get even bigger with pregnancy) is why i am so reluctant to change anything, including having another kid. I know i know, it'd most probably going to be even better-but it's my bday just indulge me, kay? I really want time to stop so we can stay this happy forever *LOL* (and for me to never grow old, of course).
I am getting off course again *sigh*. 

I want to thank my little family (and God for making it happens, of course) for giving me the best times of my life, and i hope we'll continue to be this happy together and able to celebrate many many more birthdays. 

I guess being 31 is not that bad, i have everything that i can ever ask for-a wonderful family, amazing husband, mischievous but kind hearted kid, healthy parents, great siblings, awesome BFFs and rockin' blog to boot. I didn't have at least three out of that list when i am 21. With that, i think i will no longer fear age, for i am sure i would have even more wonderful things to add when i am 41 (i hope i'd still look 10 years younger when i reach that age!).

Happy birthday to me!

PS : What's a birthday without a wish list, right? I recently heard about Barbie Loves Forever 21, i am a HUGE Barbie fan (i had like, 200 Barbies when i was little) and Forever 21 is definitely one of my fave brands-so the colaboration couldn't be more perfect! Is the collection coming to Indonesia? T.T if so i might have to book a flight to Jakarta to get my hands on them, or maybe Singapore (desperate)? I want them all!!!!

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  1. happy birthday ya... asiknya dapet kamera baru dan locket nya juga bagus tuh.. :)

    btw emangnya di surabaya gak ada forever21 ya?

  2. Happy birthday ci Mindy :* wish u all the best yahh,.. perasaan baru kmrn ultah skrg uda ultah lagi..cpt banget ya ci.. tetep unyuuu sweet seventeen lah yaa hihi

    1. Thank youuu Dewie!!! Iya nih cepet banget, ultah melulu huhuhu hehehe