Introduction to Seeties

11:30:00 PM

Hi everybody!

Have you heard of Seeties before? No? Then go and check out my page first!
I got a personal invitation via e-mail to join in, it took me a while to actually take a look properly but once i did-i really liked the different concept compared to the existing communities and been sharing recommendations nonstop afterward!
Done? Okay, now let me tell you a little bit about Seeties first!
You can use your mother languages in Seeties, but since i always feel more comfortable to write in English, i changed my language to English. Besides, i aim to introduce more about Indonesia to foreigners and i believe that can only be achieved if my recommendation is in English!
Seeties is a new platform for bloggers (unlike most platforms where they focus on only ONE category, for example : beauty bloggers only, or fashion bloggers only. In Seeties there is a place for practically every kind of bloggers) to share unlimited recommendations. There are Travel, Food & Drink, Beauty & Fashion, Staycation, Kitchen Recipe, etc! As a lifestyle blogger that share about anything and everything, i feel totally at home here in Seeties!

Seeties is also connecting bloggers and audiences not only locally, currently there are experts (that's what Seeties' calling their bloggers) from Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. This is awesome, not only we're exposed to other nationalities' bloggers and can find new friends, we can also easily find places to go and things to do here if we plan to visit one of those aforementioned countries!

You don't need to worry about it being troublesome because you can easily share your recommendation from your mobile phones with location based service. Now, have i tempt you to join in? If so (or if you need more convincing), let me take you on a virtual tour of Seeties :).

First, you just need to go to their website :
For now Seeties membership is strictly by invitation only. But don't worry, you can always request an invite ^^.
Why you should join Seeties
More countries would be added in the future!
There are sub-categories for each country
If you click Surabaya, most of the recommendation that pops out would be mine at the moment haha, i guess i am currently the most active Seeties expert in Surabaya :p
Overall, i find this community to be super fun and easy to navigate (some other communities that i joined were too complicated and boring that i ended up never updating after a while). FYI, i was asked to write this article to help spread out the news about Seeties, usually i would get compensations of some sort for writing such articles (or better known as adverts), but i honestly will not get anything for writing this other than being featured in their social medias so you can judge yourself about how much i am rooting for this community to grow.

I hope you'll join us soon!


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