When Beauty Junkies Meet...

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They shop like maniacs!


This post is wayyy overdue, the shopping date was actually around a month ago?
Fellow beauty junkies, Irma, Lina, yours truly, Katherine and Oline
The main reason for this little outing? The release of Maybelline's Color Show! You know it's impossible for beauty junkies to stay away from cosmetic counters when there's a new toy available! We'd go gaga over the new Revlon Kissable Balm Stain (the matte and what's the other one? The one with metallic tubes, i covet them! I'm not into matte lippes...) but sadly it wasn't available yet when we went out (it is now, of course. But since it's pretty pricey compared to Maybelline, i am restraining myself and will only get it when there's a promo!). 

As usual, my hunny trailed then waited for me at a cafe (he chose Starbucks that day *LOL*) so we had a photog for the day!

OOTD pic with Katherine
Actually only Lina, Katherine and i went gaga and bought bottles after bottles of Maybelline Color Show's Nail Polishes! The rest aren't interested in nail polishes (Oline) or has a steel will power (Irma) *LOL*. Since we got so many bottles of Color Show, i was determined to take a collective picture but sadly Lina had to leave earlier :(.
So here are Katherine's and mine!

We're definitely bad influence for one another >.<
Speaking of Maybelline Color Show, #Undecided and i decided to use the MAP voucher we got from B Blog's Valentine Competition to buy something nice for ourselves!
And we settled for Color Show lipstick and nail polish, respectively
I fell in love with the orange colored lippies (even though it's not orange enough) because as you know, it's my latest color obsession. #Undecided went with a green colored nail polish
Maybelline Color Show is such a cute and affordable line! The nail polishes and lipsticks are priced at IDR 30.000 each! I am tempted to collect every single color available *LOL*. Well, maybe when it's on promo (kiasu is forever). Oh, i unexpectedly won their quiz, but when they asked me to PM them-they never replied. Is it normal? I don't win a lot of quizzes/giveaway, but when i did (a few times) they would always respond when i PM them. Haih... What's up, Maybelline Indonesia???

Anyways-as usual, let's continue with my collective haul! I haven't been shopping too much ever since (well, clothes. Magnolia's new collection consists of very cute floral tops and skirts with very affordable prices! I went gaga yesterday...), i deserve a congratulation...

In the meantime...
Why my collective hauls always look so crazy?
Beauty stuffs first...
Of course, the Maybelline Color Show nail polishes
And the lippie
Finally cave in and get a Seche Vite, thanks to Lina who willingly let me buy one of her stocks at a low price!
Shower puffs and green tea cleansing sponges. The shower puffs because they were in baby pink and violet (and because we cannot shower without shower puffs, it just wouldn't be as much fun! And we keep on ruining ours, so stocking up is a must) and getting the double puffs is more economical *LOL*. The green tea sponges because we were trying to find a replacement for our Konjac Sponge and was hoping that this green tea sponge would do a similar job. It doesn't :(. Also because we love gimmicky stuffs and green tea sponges sound promising *LOL*
Nitty gritty from Guardian : foundation brush, compressed sheet mask (just because i am curious *LOL*) and nail buffers on sale
The cause of my obsessive breakdown when one of them went missing. LOL. It was on promo (with minimum spending) in Guardian. Now the promo's Clean & Clear's oil blotter, +1000 get two! If you always stock up on oil blotters like me, you might want to dash to the nearest Guardian now :p
Mylea hair tonic for hunny (with bonus shampoo), Darlie toothpaste (the freebie was the pain pull, obvi) and the best working mosquito repellent! Mosquito in #Undecided's mum's place (where we have our yoga classes) are savages!
Marks & Spencer Royal Jelly Hand Cream, Buy 1 Get 1. I was thinking of chucking them in birthday pressies parcels...
Etude House Dry Shampoo. I've been meaning to get my hands on dry shampoos for a while, hunted for Batiste in Taiwan with #Undecided but couldn't find it so i decided to just get something with easier access. A has an online shop and she sells Korean make ups, i got this from her shop for IDR 110.000
Do you wear deodorants? I only wear them when i go out (so not daily), but when i see something on promo i'd stock it up *LOL*. I got this *new in Indonesia* variant simply because it's on promo, i never had any problem with staining with any other deodorants so far!
Ditto (promo) *LOL*
Again, ditto. After dealing with two extremely stupid BAs, i finally came across a very nice The Face Shop BA in Galaxy Mall branch. Mbak, i heart you!!! She helped me checked every single one of the on sale item's price with no complain and a big friendly smile upon her face. This Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil (is the words arrangement weird or is it just me) was just IDR 92.000 after discount, i think it's a pretty decent price!
Me to You Hugs & Kisses Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Lip Gloss package. I got it from Groupon (can't say i'm very happy with Groupon, my hunny bought me 2 Katy Perry's perfume and both arrived looking less than perfect. It was repairable but i'm still sad :( but that's a story for another time). Didn't know Me to You has shower stuffs, so so cute! I just Googled and see many variations, i want them all *DROOL*!!!
I got hormonal and broke out a bit around my forehead so i decided to get my trusted Acnes Oil Control Mask (read my review here) but like usual, my skin cleared up before i even used this *LOL*
I bought one Veet Hair Removal Cream in JB last year and i loved it (it works so much better than the local made Veet for some reasons) so when G and #Undecided went to KL (last month?), i asked G to buy 5 for me (why 5? Coz i'm OCD and i prefer odd numbers like these for certain things, even numbers for others) :D! It's more expensive than local Veet (but also a lot bigger in size) but i think it's worth it!
While these are gifts from G for me (we have a habit on buying each other "souvenirs" when we're overseas/out of town :D). Love them all!
Bought a (fake) Chanel perfume bottle bag from Katherine, i'm actually ordering another one in black (because i actually ordered the black one from her but it arrived broken, so she offered me the clear one and when i saw it IRL i loved it! But i still want the black one, one of my OS in my contact offers one with a low price so.... Can't resist >.<) :p
Clothes (ranging from a top i also ordered from Katherine, stretchy light blue jeans *geez, i haven't bought jeans in YEARS!* from Color Box, floral circle skirt (i am crazy about circle and skater skirts!!!) and knitted top from Magnolia, and tribal skirt from Matahari (because i got an IDR 50.000 voucher from buying Maybelline Color Show and i just didn't want to let it go to waste....)
Do you know that Metro Dept Store's voucher is the most annoying of all Dept stores in Surabaya??? My mum has like, IDR 400.000 worth of vouchers but every single vouchers must be used SEPARATELY and for every IDR 100.000 you have to spend IDR 300.000! So if you, let's say want to buy a bag worth IDR 1.500.000, you can only use IDR 100.000 voucher and not IDR 400.000! I HATE that! But i am kiasu so i went round and round trying to find some stuffs to use some of the vouchers on! I ended up with a lace top, two knitted fake collars and a cute usagi ring! I could only use 1 voucher of course. The stuffs in Metro Dept Store's never to my taste anyway, too mumsy!
Bracelets and necklaces sets from Diva. I actually chose more stuffs, but the discounted price's not online so the SA helped me keep the stuffs i wanted until it goes online. It's been weeks with no further info though :(
I normally wouldn't pay IDR 119.000 for a pack of ear studs, but the single dinosaur earring stole my heart!
G and i went on a shopping date a few weeks ago and we went cray cray over accessories. These evb accessories were on sale, IDR 20.000 each!
More stuffs from Bling, paid IDR 119.000 (i think) for all of them!
And yah, i ordered more stuffs from Av... I know i should take the accessories out of the plastic before taking pictures, but i'm too lazy (and it'd ruin the "Brand new" feeling) to do so, you'll see them in details on future outfit posts anyway...
I know i know! I said no more shoes! But these shoes were on a massive sale and when i saw them and tried them on (and felt how soft and comfy they are. Plus they're PINK!!!) i just gotta bring them home! I knew we shouldn't went into Centro that random day after a movie date *LOL*... It was only IDR 165.000 or something and with BNI point we paid even less!
 And that's all for now, it's not as bad as usual, i suppose? Hahahaha.. Anyway, you know usually i'd leave you with a selca of me, but once in a while i like to replace it with a pic of Baby Boy instead, and these are especially cute ones (because i am his mummy and i am forever biased) of him wearing Balinese traditional clothes for Kartini Day at his school!
Most of his friends also wear the same costume because they're at that in-between stage where they are too big to fit into little kiddie's costumes and too small to wear big boys' ones!
Looking so happy, you wouldn't guess that he bawled nonstop in the morning when we tried to put on that flower on his ear! This was taken after he got home from school and he saw his friends wearing flowers on their ears as well, because that's how Balinese men dress, Baby Boy! Pffffttttt. Seriously, his ego is like the size of a house
Toodle doo!


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  1. wow...pretty clicks n great stuff..awesome

    my recent one :http://www.indianbeautyforever.com/2014/05/bourjois-radiance-reveal-healthy-mix-foundation.html

  2. selalu pusing tiap liat haul postmu ce..soalnya selalu berakhir pengen beli juga hahahaha.. btw baby boy cute banget <3

    1. Hahahaha belanja juga Shaa *racunin*. Thank you errrr Auntie Shasha *sorry sha, cuma Oline yg d panggil cc ambe dee wkwkwkwk*

  3. waoww, mborong :p
    nice haul ..


  4. Maybelline lipsticks are really a steal for their affordable price, nice color and texture as well. Oh I haven't tried that Etude House Shampoo. I've been eyeing on the hair conditioner.

    1. Yeah, i absolutely love Maybelline! LOL

  5. so many... hahah skali2 pengen liat Mindy belanja bareng. Seru kayanya nih

    1. Hahaha... Ayo shopping bareng kalo lg k Sby, Jess :D

  6. Hi!

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOve the Chanel bottle bag! How much did you buy it for and could you please give me their (Katherine's) contacts? My email is angelsmile.hod@gmail.com I would REALLY appreciate it.

    1. Hi :)... I can't really remember, but it was around IDR 400.000 (less than USD 40). I've passed your comment to Katherine herself :). I'm not sure she ships internationally though :)

    2. Hi! Thanks so much! It's fine if she only ships to the states. I have a friend there right now who can bring it in. I hope to hear back from her soon!

    3. Katherine said she'd have to check out the stock, if she never gets back to you then it's probably sold out already :). We're locating in Indonesia though, very very faraway from the states hehe, i'm afraid the shipping would cost a lot more than the bag itself. I'd suggest you to try to find one in e-bay instead, dear