Scent-O-Logy 01 : Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar in #3 Dodo Rose

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Hello, dearies!

Wah, i didn't expect to cause such a stir (and controversies) on my last post, after all it was just another unboxing hahaha. Anyway, let me make something clear (one more time) that i always write honestly (although i do try to point out all the positives that i can find even if i'm not exactly loving a brand/whatever, except when it's so so horrible that there's nothing positive i can dig out at all), i hope there's nobody out there that felt offended with my honesty (i can sense some hostility targeted towards me *LOL*), plus i can't help the way people reacted right? 

I actually still have another box to review (BTI *LOL*, don't shake your head Shasha! It's free!) but i have no time to write today, tomorrow's Chinese New Year Eve and i need to finish all of the job (accounting. *Sigh* *bawl* *roll back and die*) i procrastinated all of these time before Chinese New Year rolls in *because you do not want to start the new year with debts, or unfinished jobs let it be your fate for the entire year :p*, so i decided to just post one of my drafted reviews instead..

I dunno why i'm attempting to review fragrances when i clearly sucks at describing smells *LOL*, but fragrances are such a big part of my life it'd feel wrong if i do not include them in my reviews! This is no ordinary liquidy perfume though, say hello to the super duper cute Tony Moly Hello Perfume Bar in #3 Dodo Rose.
Picture from Google
I almost said that this was my first ever solid perfume but then i remembered that i already owned one from Paris Hilton's perfume set i got as one of my dowries on my wedding haha. I almost never used it since i am not a solid perfume kind of gal >.<. But i needed one for my Europe Trip, and since i always use a new fragrance on any trip (let alone a very special one like that Europe one!!!) that i can use on the plane (you know, going showerless for about three days on total on the journey), i went out and hunt for it.

I am the kind of girl who always HAVE to wear fragrances whenever i'm going out. Even just running errands (but i'd use some body mists instead of perfumes)! I'd feel naked if i ever forget to wear one, and on one or two rare occasion that i did forget, i immediately sneaked in to TBS of something to spritz on some of their perfume testers so i'd be confident once again haha.

I remembered seeing the super duper cute bunny solid perfume from Tony Moly long before i even planned to go to Europe but since i prefer liquid fragrance, i never thought i'd buy it. Until the opportunity presented itself. I was very confused on which one from the line to buy. 

I know the obvious choice was the pink one, but i honestly was drawn to none in particular because EVERY SINGLE ONE WAS SO CUTE!!!! I wanted them all >.<. Packaging wise i loved the pink, purple and mint green ones the best (for obvious reason)!
Photo from Google as well
Look at the mint green one with super adorable sad bunny face! AAAACCCCCKKK!!! Anyway... I went perfume hunting with my travel partner L at that time and i couldn't pick a worse partner because L HATES fragrances! So weird. I said this before, she tolerates bad smells better than perfumes. She often scolded me (and LL!) over and over again when she was pregnant (her intolerance of fragrances escalated tremendously during her pregnancies) because i wore perfumes! LOL. 

Smell wise, i was drawn the most to the pink one #3 Dodo Rose and the mint green #5 Pompom Green Tea. I do not like green tea (in everything) normally, but i found Pompom  to be very fresh smelling and energizing, however L said it smelt like wet wipes -____-. She didn't actually approve of the rose one either, but at least she didn't say it reminded her of wet wipes or anything equally bad!!!

My favorite floral scent is rose (i am not big on floral perfumes though) and i am easily suggested, so i cannot help myself but question if the Pompom one really smelt like wet wipes? And i was going to use it especially for a 14 days travel with L, i wouldn't want to be told over and over again that i smell of wet wipes! So, i picked Rose in the end..

The cute stick came in a clear mica box

Acccckkkk! Still can't get over how cute it is!
The stick's quite tiny, fits my palm perfectly. It contains 9 gr of solid perfume.
Once you remove the bunny head (eh, that sounds so wrong) you'd see another plastic lid covering the stick. I guess it's good to keep the germs away?
Twist the bottom (like stick deodorants? Heheh :p) to roll the solid perfume out
Like the name suggested, it smells of sweet and soft roses with a twist. Haih, told ya i'm horrible at describing fragrances, it's just that i think it smells a bit different than the usual rose-scented perfumes i also owned. I think this one's less musky (therefore less cloying) and has a refreshing tinge in it. I absolutely love it! And i heard no complains from L through out the trip even though we often huddled together, hugging each other because we were so CCCCOOOOOLLLLDDDD all the time there hahaha. This is what were stated to be the notes in this perfume :  

Top notes : bergamot, ginger, and grapefruit (i guess that's where the freshness came from!). Middle notes : apricot, peach and neroli (floral). Base note : white musk (source of information : Kawaii Beauty Corner). (Edit : i just realized, where the hell's the rose???)

Unlike usual liquid fragrances where you spritz it anywhere you like and can be used on clothes (even though that's not recommended as it might ruin or stain your clothes, but some people like my mum has allergies and can only use perfumes using this method), solid perfume must be swiped directly on your skin. I like to use it on my wrists, inner arms (where doctors usually stick the needle in when your blood is being drawn. OMO, why am i using such scary way to illustrate? LOL) and neck. 

As this solid perfumes isn't as strong as liquid ones (in my opinion), i always have to swipe quite a lot of them to be able to smell it on myself (i am very heavy handed when it comes to my fragrances though). Also, it doesn't stay as long as liquid perfumes. On my Europe trip, we usually were out for 12 hours or so in a day, and i had to re-apply at least twice (more often thrice) a day-and that was in Europe where i was always cold and never really sweat (i find fragrances fades away faster in heat and especially when i sweat). 

In general, i'd say it it'll go away after 3 to 4 hours tops. It's also very soft and didn't cause any allergies (i suffer from eczema that flares up whenever i'm using a hash shower gel/body lotion). It feels balmy and silky when applied.It's pretty nice all around (but i have to be honest and say that i still prefer liquid perfumes i can spritz away merrily! It just feels more satisfying hahaha) and i sure love having it in my collection-actually even if it didn't perform well i'd most probably wouldn't regret purchasing it since it's so pleasing on the eyes hehe. It was also reasonably priced (IDR 99.000 if i remember it correctly. I bought it at Tony Moly's counter but i think online it would be priced around the same price range, like how most Korean fragrances and bath and body cares seems to be).

I would recommend it for people who are looking for reasonably priced, super kawaii, soft and floral (non cloying) fresh fragrances that are easy to travel with (totally FDA approved hahaha).

Wouldn't recommend it for... People who are looking for sexier, more mature scent i guess (why would you even consider this kiddish bunny stick in the first place anyway? LOL), and also for people who wants their fragrances to lasts all day.

Would i repurchase? Yep, in other scents! Still eyeing the mint and purple one! I want the bunnies and i also enjoy the scents, so why not!

Do you like solid perfumes or do you prefer the more traditional liquid ones?
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  1. lucuuu packagingnyaa :D
    ak solid perfume baru cobain dr perfumies nya BTI hahah~
    skrg pake princess etoinette EDT ;3

    1. Iya imut yaaa celll :D.
      Aq juga punya perfumies nya BTI hahaha itu second review nanti :p
      Duh parfum ku selemari, koleksi soalnya hahahaa makin cantik botolnya makin ga tahannn