Family Trip 2013 : Sanrio Hello Kitty Town & Little Big Club (Day 3)

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Hi hi, everybody!

Seems like we're probably gonna wrap up my JB/SG trip earlier than our Taiwan trip after all! Hehe. Been doing nothing at home lately, so bored... Going through my trips' pictures perks me up to no end. Need to start planning for overseas trips again (for next year ok), so i'll have something to look forward to. I think my life plans gets from point to point through overseas vacations *LOL*. 

Anyway! You must've read (if not, why not??? Go take a look!) #Undecided and i's visit to Hello Kitty Cafe in Taipei, now this entry is like a sequel to the entry, or maybe a prequel because i went here first before we went to Taipei! Let's go to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (a.k.a MY dream town haha)!
Do you realize that i wore a Hello Kitty dress to Hello Kitty Town? Hehehe, gotta dress the part, right...
We took the same bus from the day before, the way to Hello Kitty Town's the same way to Lego Land, only we get off the bus sooner because it was slightly closer than Lego Land. If you're thinking of going to this place, i must warn you first that this is more of a play land than a real amusement park. It's quite (if compared to, say, Lego Land, it's super tiny, a miniature hahaha) small, it's not even as big as a mall or anything like that.

And it's not super cheap, i don't remember how much the entrance to Hello Kitty Town alone, but i remember paying almost RM 300 (for 2 adults and 1 kids) for bundle tickets to both Hello Kitty Town and Little Big Club (to appease Baby Boy, of course it was me who wanted to go to Hello Kitty Town, he was like "But that's for girls!", he ended up having the time of his life anyway :p). But if you're a die hard Hello Kitty lover like me, of course this is a must visit place at least once in your life!

But even though it was very small (it was in an indoor building, second floor for Hello Kitty Town and the next two above it was the Little Big Club), we spent like 5 to 6 hours inside! That's because the place was so damn cute that we had to take pictures on literally every spot! (The Hello Kitty one lah, the Little Big Club wasn't too cute for me haha) So for me, it was worth every penny. Poor CW had to accompany her son K (her eldest son CV and my other nephew D refused to come at all, they stayed at the hotel. You know, teenage boys, and they're already 18 so i guess it was understandable) outside (because he refused to get in) for hours and hours. She didn't seem to mind though, she spent hours shopping at a drugstore there *LOL* (sounds a lot like me).

Okay, let's go!
This view greeted you welcome :)
We tried purchasing the tickets online but the website didn't work back then so we had to do it manually
Super cute cafe i really wanted to try out but we spent so much time inside when we finally emerged, the whole place (except the HUGE store behind the cafe) was closing down already :(
Can't bring water or food inside, we brought lots of water bottles hahah so we just rented a locker to store them
Security check at the entrance
We decided to skip Hello Kitty Town first and went straight to The Little Big Club because they're having a Barney Meet and Greet. You know, for the two little kids, not for anyone else clearly hahaha.
Imitating Barney, but we ended up looking like stupid squirrels instead hahaha
Hunny got bored of waiting for the little kids while they were watching the show, he ran off to the play house opposite hahaha
Once the show's over, we found this :
Angelina Dance Studio
I don't even know who (or what) Angelina was, apparently she's a... ballerina mouse? Hahaha. Here you can borrow tutus, head bands and wands to cam-whored with.
My adorable nieces :)
Aren't they cute?
Initally i was too embarrassed to use the props lah (i think they were meant for little girls hahahaha) but then i saw lots of larger sized women snap pictures without any trace of shyness, so i also want lah hahahahaha, don't die ah when you see the pictures below.
CL and i hahahaha
HUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. CL was like "How embarrassing, we looked like hippos". HEYYYYY, i didn't! At least not a fully grown one. Maybe a baby hippo?
Since this place is targeted for very young children *yeah, Baby Boy's age's just about right, younger also no problem* so there were LOTS of this kind of plush floored area in the third floor
Interesting "crane", you can deposit some blocks and watch them transport the blocks from side to side
Stupid camera couldn't catch fast movements hahaha
Pingus wannabe hahaha. This is a free arcade area
No need to insert coins, you can play until you die of boredom hahaha
Back to Barney's house
Oversized kids on the mini slide
Hello! That's my niece G underneath hehe
Dedicated photog?
Do you know why we did that pose? Because we felt like THUMBelina on top of the giant flowers ahahahahahaha
Okay, whose legs was that? I think that's Au zzzz
First snap, me and Baby Boy looked at the other cam
Second snap, we all looked at the other cam! LOL!
The third floor was the most boring floor lah hehehe, i mean.. The whole place was for little kids but it was the least interesting one. At least on the fourth floor there were quite a lot of rides (and a restaurant). Btw, we go up and down repeatedly so you might see pictures taken from second, third and fourth floor without any order hehehe.
We moved to the fourth floor to ride some (kiddie) rides haha
The "school bus" moved really slow that we got so sleepy so we made lots of panic noises as if we were riding a roller coaster hahahahaha sorry ah, crazy family and all..
Baby Boy super love this ride and insisted on riding it a few times, that's good, let's not waste the entrance fee..
Decided to go down to Hello Kitty Town (finally!) in time before the photo session with Hello Kitty started!
Went to Black Wonder first, let me quote their website "a high tech interactive themed experience" It was like a mini adventure and you gotta solve some puzzle, i am horrible at this kind of thing and i didn't even listen when they gave us the clues, so...
The lantern was special, it was used to *digitally* mark your check points
Gotta rescue the kitties!
Poor Hello Kitty
And Dear Daniel
The castle's decoration's quite amazing, eh?
KC's getting ready for a shower? Haha
Conjuring session?
I was more convincing, don't you think?
Felt like stealing the bow...
Can i bring one home???
Just one!
Whichever one!
Addam's Family style
It's a crooked house...
You'd get the certificate if you answered correctly, hunny and i didn't even know what we were looking for hahaha but later he went back in and solved it, just because he wanted the cert hahaha (you can only enter each of the interactive places once actually, we didn't even know we needed the card they gave us when we entered and we totally lost them, they gave us a new, empty one so we could re-enter hahaha)
Got out just in time for photo session with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel!
There's only one ride in Hello Kitty Town, *LOL*, the tea cup ride.
Cutest tea cup ride, EVER!
I LOVE the effect in this picture! Haha!
The tea cup actually spins really really fast, i really didn't expect it to be so fast! I was busy convincing dizzy Baby Boy not to be scared while fighting nausea the whole time *LOL*
Even the wall and pillars were super duper cute!
And then, my fave part of the whole theme park : Hello Kitty House!!! Can i move in now??? Btw, i entered the house twice even though you can only enter once actually, we snuck in through the back door because the attendant refused to let hunny enter the first time we went it (because he lost his card) pffffttt. So the pictures below are combination of both times i went in hahaha.
Welcome to our home! Hahaha
Yeah, i was toting an unbranded bag while my 13 years old niece totes an LV bag hahaha
Slightly different tone because taken with different cams, this one was snapped using hunny's phone because my camera battery already gave up after hours of non stop snapping...
If you have such a cute kitchen, even washing dishes you'd want to snap pictures of *LOL*
Mayhem in the giant bath tub hahaha
Hmph, i tots posed more convincingly than Au
Picking bow of the day...
Should i wear this today...
Why you keep on disturbing me picking my outfits? LOL
I'm not going anywhere, i'm moving in!!!
Yea, i don't remember why we posed like this haha
My other fave character, Cinnamoroll!
It was a bit later after lunch time already, not wanting the puking incident to happen again (from an empty stomach that's been left empty for far too long) we rushed back to the fourth floor for something to eat. Oh yeah, Baby Boy didn't feel so great in the morning, but like 5 minutes into this magical place he got super healthy, sweating out and all energetic *LOL*.
Super cute cup of coffee
They didn't serve rice so hunny improvised and ordered mashed potato with soup for Baby Boy @___@ of course it didn't go so well with Baby Boy zzzz. Baby Boy's a typical Indonesian, needs rice on every meal hahaha so a bit hard to travel with sometimes zzz. KC told me to always bring boxed milk so even if he didn't have enough to eat, his tummy would be full and cosy with milk. Good idea, dunno why i didn't think of that. Always so busy worrying about the food and all...
This dropping thingy goes quite high and drops faster than the usual kiddies drop! Baby Boy upped his game and rode this, and actually enjoyed it! He just needed to take that leap of faith, you know...
This stunt scored him another toy that i promised him hahaha
Rode a few rides with Baby Boy (until i got really sleepy zzzz...), and when he's finally a little satisfied, we dragged him back to the Hello Kitty Town to try out all the (super girly) activities there hehe.
Lining up
According to the website, you can enjoy jewelry making, costume dress up photo studio, nail salon (with Sanrio characters nail stickers), make cookies and even make your own Hello Kitty doll at the doll factory! In reality, yeah, it was nowhere near as exciting as they made it out to be *LOL*. The make your own doll part didn't even exist when we were there.

Anyway, gotta dash to the ladies room first!
So, instead of making your own cookies...
You're actually just going to "paint" your cookie *LOL*. Oh yeah, they only gave you like, 5 to 10 minutes on each station. How sad was that? LOL
The jam or whatever they provided to color the cookies were super duper runny already -____-
And they didn't even give me a cookie WTF. I am almost glad the others kept on stealing cookies from the container so we didn't suffer too much loss *super kiasu*
Baby Boy and his "exotic" completely brown Hello Kitty
Saw the super cute curtain and i couldn't resist
This picture will annoy the s**t outta #Undecided hahahaha
This is the next section, "nail salon"
Want me to do your nail? Hehehe
Seriously though, how many nails can you do properly within 10 minutes anyway? ZZZ. I just think that all the activities in Hello Kitty Town seemed to be carried out half-heartedly, why bother providing this kind of stuffs when nobody can really enjoy themselves to the fullest anyway?
I did manage to paint G's 10 tiny nails though hahahaha, and following CJ's steps, stealing the nail stickers provided *LOL*. What Sanrio characters though, there were only those cheapo floral designs you can get in Stroberi types zzzz
Look at hunny hahahaha
Whenever i saw a mirror... You know...
Look at KC being abused by CL
Hunny also couldn't escape the same fate hahahahaha
Then they announced a parade's happening (a very short one *LOL*), so we went out to watch before trying out the other activities.
Yeah, the view from where we stood was half obscured by that mirrored pillar *___*
Hello Kitty shook hands with Baby Boy but it went so fast, nobody captured the moment *LOL*. Oh, and do you know that in most theme parks (USS not included), the mascots won't entertain adults? I read it in some blogs (Xia Xue's as well, i think) but never experienced it myself (mainly because i do not have any interest to interact with the mascots...), but this time CL said she offered her hand to Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty just walked passed her! LOL. 

Later on we also saw Angelina, but we missed her meet & greet. We just saw her sashaying past *yes, they have to be in character all the time right, she was dancing and holding hand with a male employee haha* and ran after her, but she just gestured sorry and bye bye when she realized we were following her, imitating her sashays and all (yes, hunny and KC included hahaha).

Okay, lining back to the studio!
What make your own jewelry though? They only gave everybody (full grown males included) a strand of chain and asked us to pick one pendant LOLOLOLOL
Love the decor!
Picked a cute duckie one and been wearing it all through the trip ever since, but then i lost my Black Kitty earring grrrrrr i hate myself
Huahahahahah i'm gonna say what #Undecided usually says about her hubby, yes i am married to this guy :p
This is the waiting area of the next section, the costume dress up photo studio
KC's family
BB and J. Yes, they are only like, 6 months apart
My fave "activity" would probably be the costume dress up one because it's cute, and the "jewelry making" is better than the others because we get to bring home something (or in my case, 3 things coz hunny and Baby Boy clearly won't be wearing the necklaces hahaha).

Last stop, the Sanrio play area.
From time to time it'd be raining balls in that area hahaha, we had fun shooting people with balls as well :p
It was getting super quiet because closing time's very near, so after went in the Hello Kitty House one last time for quick snaps, we sadly have to say goodbye :(!
Last snap inside Hello Kitty Town!
Spent some time in the huge merchandise store, trying very hard to find a souvenir as a token to remember this visit by that's not super duper expensive haha. I ended up with a cute Hello Kitty Bow rubber bracelet, and got Baby Boy a cute Pingu tee (which got me thinking. Where the hell is that tee? Don't think i saw him wore it much, must look for it tomorrow morning).
Then to Toys R' Us just in the opposite building (in the same area) for the promised toy :p..
Then we spent a very very long time (more than an hour) waiting for the bus to arrive, but it never did! We gave up and ended up taking taxis to JB Sentral FOL. But not before i made a dash to the drugstore nearby and have a looksie *didn't shop much though, i was nervous if the bus came anytime and we're left behind!* and for my nieces to decorate their own cupcakes :
Oh, did i ever tell you that my niece Au is like a dog, well i dunno about whisperer, but more like a dog magnet? I swear anywhere we go, if there's a dog *stray or not*, it'll be attracted to Au and became very tame around her! This time was no different, out of nowhere this happened :
Super weird. Anyway, took taxis to JB City Square and spent the rest of the night at that mall. Had dinner at the roof top food court *great food finally! Super affordable as well, very recommended place for dining if you're ever in JB*, shopped like mad at Cotton On (thank God i managed to shop there because i couldn't find a big Cotton On store in Orchard Road and we didn't have time to visit other parts of SG) and Sasa. No pictures of the mall or the food because my camera died already haha. Will show you the haul in a haul post, okay! That's all for day 3, we're going to Singapore the next day! Please look forward to the next entry :).


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  1. lucu banget ya tempatnya.. trus bisa pake kostum2nya juga. hehehe.

    1. Iyah, dreamland bgt buat Hello Kitty lovers ^.^