Lip-Talk 17 : Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in 515 Coral Crush

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Hey guys...

Back with Iphone photos product review :p. What can i say, it's convenient and it makes me blog faster for some reasons-so... It must be justified, no? Sometimes (ok fine, a lot of time) i just don't feel like struggling with my camera's autofocus or fuss over how the color looks different than real life (somehow Iphone photos are more similar to real life colors, probably just because i suck at adjusting my camera's setting tho), and the whole taking out the memory card-plugging it into the PC-copying the photos bla bla bla seems like too much of a hard work for a sloth like me. So anything that can help with productivity-even if that means slightly lower quality photos... Should be fine. 

Justification done.

Lip junkie cannot stay away from lip product's reviews for long. Today it's this coral colored babe's turn.
Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in 515 Coral Crush
This was gifted to me by Sabsab, probably because she avoids bright colored lipsticks for some reasons (which i don't understand. Coz i think she looks fab with bright colors!). I love Maybelline but this is actually my first Color Sensational Lip Color, reason number one because i haven't shopped for Maybelline for a while (due to overflowing amount of makeup in my possession) and it's sorta new in Indonesia (i know it's probably been around forever elsewhere, but we only got them locally for the past year or so-before we had to buy it in online shops that sells US' version of Maybelline if we want this variant) and two, because it's on the higher end of Maybelline price scale. (Edit : Now that i think about it, i actually have some! Not from this classic line but the reds and pinks ones-i just totally forgot about it -___- i haven't even tried them on *LOL*).

I'm not sure about the exact price because when i Googled, different prices popped up. But if i remember correctly, it's around IDR 80.000 at their counters? I remember seeing on casually and put it back because i think it's kinda high compared to the rest of their items. I mean, Color Show lipsticks goes for IDR 33.000 or something and y'all know i am cheap :p.

Now that we've established that i am cheap, let's move on -___-.
This line actually perplex me because there are so many different categories in this line, there's a Bold Matte ones, Pink Alert, Jewels, So Nude and a classic one (like this one i have here)-and that's just the ones that are available in Indonesia. Lots of other types can be found in the US website
For this particular type, the normal Color Sensational (without extra names), the lipstick comes in a sleek rectangular casing. The Inner tube is silver colored while the top is semi-opaque plastic which color represents the shade color family (at least i think so hahaha). The packaging is quite simple but more luxe than their cheaper lippie types. The topper is quite easy to get worn out tho, mine already looks like it's gone to war although i've only been using it for a bit
515 Coral Crush
The bullet casing is slightly taller than most of my other lipticks. The topper closes okay, but i do have concerns over the mechanism, it looks like one that can come loose easily. So far so good tho, it never opens by itself in my pouch or whatever
Blurry picture alert -___-, i have a sharper one of of the bullet bellow, don't kill me
The name of the shade is pretty straight forward, Coral Crush is basically... well, a coral lipstick *LOL*. It's the perfect balance between orange and a tinge of pink (in some lighting my lips does look kinda pink!)
First of all : the scent. Most of my other Maybelline lipsticks don't really have a scent, this one does. It's a sweet vanilla scent, it's quite strong on the bullet but of course it'd disappear once you apply them. The scent is pretty nice so it doesn't bother me, those of you who are sensitive to scented lip colors must be warned though.

Color Sensational (the classic ones) lipsticks are the creamy type, it's soft, smooth and creamy, easy to apply without dragging on your lips. I tried using it without any lip balm and it's still very smooth and easy to apply. The color is quite pigmented (not crazy pigmented, might have to go over a few time for intense, bold color), of course it's less pigmented when you use lip balm underneath (i always prefer to use lip balms no matter what) but personally i don't find it to be a big deal. It's buildable anyway. 

Since it's so creamy, it doesn't dry out my lips even without extra lip balm. All lipsticks tend to dry out after many hours of usage, and although Coral Crush dries out eventually, it never got to a point where my lips feels like a sahara *LOL*. Recommended for those with dry lips, it won't worsen the condition!

The finishing is satin, the right balance between matte and glossy-it shines a bit but not too much.
Lip swatch. I know, it looks pink here -___-. Taken indoor, under artificial lighting
How it looks with full makeup. I was going for a beachy, kinda Hawaii look (okay not really, i was just going for a Spring look-but somehow i ended up looking like Miss Hawaii), this refreshing lip color is the perfect match of such look
Like i mentioned earlier, it looks almost pink is some muted lighting
I wore it a lot, because even on those lazy days when you can't be bothered to put too much makeup, it brightens up your complexion immediately.
With minimal makeup
One more
I love the formula, how it feels on and all-but the color itself is just so so for me. I'm simply not too drawn to corals somehow (maybe not yet). I mean, i would wear it (obviously i wore it numerous of times already), but it's not the shade that makes me feel like swooning, you get what i mean? I would definitely purchase this lip color with my own money, but maybe not this particular shade.

I would recommend this lipstick to anyone looking for a comfortable, non-drying, satin finish lip color with okay-price tag. Not recommending this for those who are looking for matte lipstick, or want crazy pigmented color in one swipe, or super sensitive to scent (coz you can actually smell the scent once you take off the top).

Maybelline Color Sensational has 32 colors but only 24 are available in Indonesia currently.

I would definitely love to try out the different shade, maybe when they're on sale (yes yes, didn't we already established that i am cheap earlier?). 

What about you? Have you ever tried any Color Sensational lip color? How do you like it?


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