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Oh Gawd, how is this May already -____- didn't we just celebrate the new year or something pfffft.


I stated confidently that i wanted to dabble more in fashion related posts not too long ago, then i posted approximately ONE fashion post last month. LOL. I amuse myself so bad sometimes -___-. I am a big believer that a start of any beginning (like the beginning of the month here hahaha) would set the tone for the rest of the time frame (month). So i begin with outfit post (although i have pressing posts to take care of LOLOLOL) and hopefully i will post more of them this month. (Edit : eh, i just checked. I posted two actually. That's gotta be better than one!)

This is an outfit that i wore to my niece BB's sweet 16th bday bash last March. Yes, i also haven't blogged about it OMG. Will do soon.
Absolutely love this shot, my fave one of the entire post haha
So i actually suggested the dress code for her party (whether or not she's gonna admit it). She wanted to wear a pink dress so she was thinking of pastel colors as her dresscode-i was like "Pastel but not pink!". And that was the dresscode *LOL*. Annoyed meself a bit for coming up with that because i had this brand new custom tulle skirt i wanted to wear and... it was pink. Oh well.... I decided to go with this instead. It's all lilac/violet btw. Must clarify because the first thing she said when i arrived was "Pink!!! You traitor!". I can assure you dear, it's not pink -___-.

Lemme warn you first, all the pictures in this post were taken rather reluctantly by hunny, and they're all very very... Inconsistent. Because of the lighting (we were using a pocket camera, afterall. The ones taken by the professional photographer are real nice but i can hardly tug him and demand him to take my outfit pics, no? LOL) and because of his (lack of) mood WTF. Can i request a second husband whose hobby is to take photographs... of me? LOLOLOL.
The ones taken in this area were nice but a bit backlight *sigh*. Moved to another spot near the birthday cake and my face was shielded in all pics due to lighting. It was a bit frustrating because hunny kept on getting impatient while i wanted to have some decent numbers of pic for this blog post. He's blowing hot and cold it confuses me sometimes. I mean, he seems to be very supportive of my blogging hobby (buying me stuffs for my blogging needs, very expensives ones that i don't even want to buy myself -___-) but at the same time he hates taking my outfit pictures because according to him i'm too picky and complains too much WTF
As usual, i did my own face...
According to BB, her friends actually commented that i looked young. LOL. I guess i did fine for myself. Then again my other niece's friend asked if i'm in my 20s when i was makeup-less so i guess that's just my face -___-.  Hairdo was by my maid hahaha. I didn't realized the right side was all tangled up when i took the pictures, she did a decent job really.

List of products used :
1. Anna Sui Makeup Primer
2. C/o Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
3. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
4. Maybelline Fashion Brow 24HR Coloring Mascara in Rusty Brown
5. Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
6. Color Concept Eye shadows
7. Etude House Tear Eyeliner Number 4 Sunlight Tear
8. Mai Doll Brown Liquid Eyeliner
9.  C/o Collection No Clumps Definition Mascara in 01 Black
10. D'Eyeko Falsies
11. Color Concept blush on
12. C/o Simply Stay compact powder for nose contouring
13. Shimmery white eyeshadow for nose highlight
14. Oriflame Tender Care
15. Etude House Dreaming Swan Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk in PP502
16. DHC Medicated Concealer
17. Face on Face Compact Powder

I rarely wear more than one, shimmery color of eyeshadow so when i do, i tend to take hundreds of pics :p.
I know the photo quality's not so great, the lighting in my walk in closet is simply not sufficient. But fret not, hunny ordered a ring light for me ^^ my photos should be brighter now *fingers crossed*
I know it's supposedly dated to wear similar shades of eyeshadow with your outfit, but i like it that way :p
Btw, i read somewhere that you can get rid of the eyelash glue by soaking your used falsies for 5-10 minutes so i decided to give it a try. Then i totally forgot about it WTF, i ended up soaking it for 12 hours instead LOLOLOLOL. The falsies were as straight as an arrow when i rescued it -___-. Snipped them in half to use on the corner of my eyes now coz #wastenot
This one is very blurry so i can't enlarge it *LOL*. Btw i think this lip color is so sweeeettttt. Isn't it?

Back to the outfit!
OMG the face LOLOLOL
This is the best spot with the best lighting, but still from the many pictures hunny snapped, none of them were consistent *LOL*.
Outfit details :
Lilac off shoulder lace top : Random boutique in TP (can't remember the name)
Lilac tutu skirt : Custom made (actually the tutu itself IS pink but the fabric underneath is lilac, designed it myself. I love picking up fabrics and imagine what kind of skirt to make with them. Can anyone introduce me to a simple, cheap seamstress to make more skirts as the one that i use to make these skirts at are super unreliable now zzz)
Powder blue bag : Smir Nasli
Heels : Everbest   

Notice the different tones in every snap? And they were taken consecutively!
Please pretend not to see my fat arms -___-
Kay, that's all for today. Gotta work on event reports now.



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