BB's Sweet Sixteen Party

8:28:00 PM

Hey ho! 

Time to blog about my not-so-little-anymore niece BB's Sweet 16th!

The bday girl and her 'rents
Please know that i am self centred enough to almost post MY pic with her as the first pic, but that really doesn't reflect what this post is supposedly all about, no? So, with a heavy heart i replaced it with this pic of less attractive sidekicks her and her 'rents instead :p.

Just like my post for my other niece's big coming-of-age bday party, this post is a mixture of professionally taken photos by very adequate photogs (they hired two separate independent photographer who kinda clashed with each other *LOL, i'm talking we're-lucky-they-didn't-go-into-a-fistfight kind of situation* but took AWESOME photos nonetheless. Can you believe the super clear and sharp and well-angled photos are all RAW and not yet edited! Wow!), less-than-inspiring ones taken with my Marshmallow (i think the correct term to describe her is a semi-mirrorless camera? Not so sure...) and dodgy Iphone/Samsung G-Note 5 ones. It's a total rollercoaster ride in terms of quality, but when it comes to my blog posts... Well, you gotta be used to it by now HAHAHA.

Anyway. This party (plan) started off as a small, dinner only type of birthday celebration that quickly escalated into a full blown five course (okay, i didn't count the courses but believe me that it was TOO MUCH *LOL*) and entertainment type party fit for a wedding. This is how Chinese Indonesian celebrate their daughter's maturity, y'all *LOLOLOL*. 

It was held in a "party house" (it's self explanatory really, basically it's a house that's turned into a ballroom that can be rented for parties. Apparently it's a new thing locally, i'm so off the local party scene because A. I am a light year away from my own sweet 16/17 and B. i don't have a daughter and even if i do, she'd be light years away from having a sweet 16/17. You know, the in-between-age, if you will) called The Grand Club (Jln. Raya Gubeng no. 40, Surabaya.  (031) 9944038).
The stunning decoration and table setting
I don't even need to explain that these pics were taken by the photog, rite? I wasn't even there yet haha
I absolutely love the table setting!
The super pretty cake and the surprise twist of the Unicorn explains BB's personality to a tee. We're both are obsessed with unicorns *LOL*
This is how the lighting looks in real life hehe
Place wise, the Grand Club is very ideal for small to medium sized parties but there's one issue that they need to address. DESPERATELY. We saw mouses -___-. Two of them. Scurrying away during the party. True story.

Anyway, other than that it's totally perfect.

You can already see that the decor is totally my cup-of-tea, yes?
With the girl of the hour
Crazy in love with this semi candid pic... I was REALLY concerned because the photog kept on crouching and took pics of us from real LOW angle, but i shouldn't be. He's a total professional and now i know, taken by the right people-i can look skinny from low angle too *LOL*. Something that i previously thought was a myth.
With Silv #yogabuddiesunited
We didn't look too out of place with the youngsters, no?
The photog asked for an alay pic. Probably not realizing that i was the aunt and Silv's the friend of the aunt LOLOLOL. The girl on the far right's Au of course, and next to her is Nad-their friend
OK here's one of hers and her actual friends (BFFs?). I do admit that i dress up more juvenile than them -____-, certainly didn't dress like that when i was 16 #differentgeneration
Of of BB and her mum
Okay now we know the dodgy phone snaps begins *LOL*. The lighting is definitely not mobile phone/non-professional-camera friendly!
The long tables are for BB's friends while the family and relatives were seated in round tables
Can't believe that they actually wrote "Kuku Mindy" on the table card WTF -___-
The menu
The yummy mushroom soup
Salmon was great too
The aglio olio was just alright though. Maybe because we were staring to get really full
Were pretty shocked that another course arrived *LOL*, it's good tho!
Again, maybe i was really full and dessert has never been my thing (except for cupcakes, that i already devoured :p) so these was a miss for me. The brown thingy was really not my thing *recoil in horror*
Little O is a HUGE fan of mushroom soup, he had like... 1.5 bowl and then refused to eat anything else -___-
Erm. Not taking a selfie really is not a possibility, no?
One with le hubs who really needed a haircut back then
Took this pic with mum then she protested the background
So we took another one. Btw, my mum is now obsessed with taking pictures and videos to send on Wassap -___-. I blame CL for starting this madness
One of the candid pic taken by the photog. You can see the full moon effect on my face. For once i don't mind (too much) though...
With my handsome baby (who always rips his bow tie apart every single time he wears one)
The MC has one agenda that day, to roast Will. Who is Will? Well, calling him BB's boyfie would probably threw BB's dad into a fit so... Errr. He's BB's friend. Special friend. Aiight?
The crazy MC made him ask BB's dad if he can date her. Repeatedly throughout the night *LOLOLOL*. Poor guy. BB's dad said no every single time LOLOLOL. It went on and on, we all felt bad for him, but i grew an admiration too you know, it didn't slow him down at all haha. If anything, they seem to accept him as BB's... special friend now. LOL. I hope writing this down will not bring him to trouble. Rooting for ya, Willem boy! LOL

The crazy MC who turned out to be someone we know, Abi. He's apparently a hot MC (for youngster parties) in demand currently-and he's actually a good one too. He should totally pay me for advertising him :p
OMG, why did the photog had to snap the pic at that exact moment when i opened my mouth super widely???
Randomly showing you the bathroom :p
The band

Some of the formal pics :
This is the family and relatives batch
BB Bond haha
And some awesome candids :
BB and ah-kong. And a sullen looking Au in the background
I'm pretty sure the lady was pointing at Little O asking whose kid is this? LOLOLOL
Wondeful candid shot of Au
And after the party's over...
We gathered the excess cupcakes to bring them home *LOLOLOL*. This kind of thing is very common in our family, almost like an automatic thing (we don't waste food, period. If we don't finish it, we da bao). It surprised me when i learned that not every body does this *LOL*. I mean, it's a very Cheena-thing, so i expect most Chinese Indonesian to do this. Apparently not *LOL*
LOL what can i say, when i'm around these two i turn into a crazy teen girl too
One mo :p
It's still hard to believe for me that the little cry baby is now 16, and has a special friend *LOLOLOL. Seriously*. How time seriously flies. Stay cray cray BB, i don't want you to grow up too fast aaight! I can still remember when i was almost as young as she is now, she finally warmed up to me (she was quite timid and shy as a baby, which is a very far cry to the young woman i know today) and let me carry her and bring her to a mini market-only to be stared at and gossiped openly on how i must be a teen mum. I guess we kinda look alike but now at least people thinks i'm her older sister and not her very young mum! LOL.

Toodles for now!


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