Event Report : Surabaya Beauty Bloggers X Make Over Gathering

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Hello hellow...

Do you ever feel super tired after holiday like you actually need another holiday to recuperate from it? Well, i do-all the time. Weirdly enough, i feel just like that right now. Weird because we didn't exactly go anywhere that should make me feel so tired! Okay, so maybe we totally abuse the holiday by turning on our nocturnal-ness to another level (we never slept before 2.30 AM -___-), i guess when you're kinda old this kind of reckless behavior must be avoided T.T.

Long gone are the days when i blog about an event a day after it went down *LOL*, you might already notice some of my fellow Surabaya Beauty Blogger post of this event we attended last Sunday (okay not last Sunday, the Sunday before last -___-) already: SBB X Make Over Beauty Blogger Gathering!
About 20 of us attended (plus Make Over reps) so it was a huge group!
We got the invitation via Shelvi, thank you Shelvi ^^!
I don't know what's gotten into me, but i've been super on time-and even early lately! Sadly whenever i am early, the event would be super late LOLOLOL FML. So i arrived at around 12.45, some of my blogger friends like Shasha, Lala and Nessya were already there, sitting sweetly in a table. Apparently the private room booked for the event was still used by the previous occupant -___-. In the end we had to hang around waiting for... I don't remember exactly how long haha, it was okay tho since i was with my friends-and it's not Make Over's fault but more of the venue's.

The event was also covered by... Again i'm not so sure, i guess it was Jawa Pos and SBO (sorry, i have very short attention span and i don't really pay attention to those kind of things)-there was a little, extremely annoying incident *LOL*. So here's the story. They were like "Can we take your pictures? For illustration purposes only." Well, if you want to choose the persons out of the bunch, then what you should do (common sense, d'oh) is to ask the ones you want directly. Approach them one by one and say politely "Can you help me, i need to take some pictures." What happened was... They asked us to go towards the back of the cafe... And then we were stopped because "We only need five". And later, two others were sent back "Can you please go to the side?" A.K.A "We don't need you, please go away." LOLOLOLOL. WTF. Talk about humiliating.

Not the first time i encounter such a rude behavior from traditional medias, once i heard that they were referring to beauty bloggers as "meaningless community who never buys stuffs and wants free stuffs all the time." Now this. You can understand why i feel slightly cross whenever a brand happily announce that there'd be some traditional medias in the event. As if i should be excited about it.

Not sure if anyone from those said traditional medias (not referring to all traditional medias okay, just the ones i've encountered so far. They're all super arrogant WTF, i was a bit confused if they are journalists/celebrities, by the way they are acting) even read blogs, not even sure if they KNOW what bloggers do-but let me explain this for those who by some miraculous cosmic fate read this : bloggers are medias too. We're not exactly traditional, but we are the future of medias. We have a similar job as you-to report, but more relaxed and personal as we can write whatever we want, in our own time, with our own rules. We are not there to freely pose for your photos, to be ordered around and dismissed rudely, we are actually also working while we were there. Hope next time you can treat us more like a colleague instead of some happy-go-lucky freebie hunters.

Rant done. 

Oh i must write a disclaimer, i was unhappy with the media, not Make Over-at all. I personally think  Make Over totally treated us right. Everything goes smoothly ever since they allowed us to finally enter the private room :
The table was set to a U shape and i decided to sit on the right U top. Most pictures in this blog post would be taken from that angle, so i must apologize in advance for the awkward angles! The room was seriously too small for so many bloggers, we didn't have a lot of space to move around in fear of knocking the tables/settings/people over. Something else for brands to consider, they want us to be there and take nice pictures... Right? It's a bit impossible if the venue's too cramped...
Everybody immediately whipped out their cameras and busy snapping pics
Because there's this sweet package already waiting for every single one of us in the table, WAAAAAA so happy :D, everything was forgiven by this stage *LOL*. We got their eyeliner (FYI, i LOVE their eyeliners. I already have two from previous events and dubbed them my Holy Grail pencil liners!) set (the one that comes with the sharpener. Make Over's eyeliners are really soft and creamy so you can't use usual pencil sharpener to sharpen it!) and YAYYY lipstick! As a lipstick addict, i naturally wish every brands would grant us lippies in the goodie bags *LOL*
When everybody's settles, Ms. Monique from Make Over (Surabaya branch) welcomed us
I'm sure this is not her most flattering angle. What can i do? LOL
She also introduced to their MUA of the day, Ms. Ika. As this is a blogger gathering, the aim is to get to know each other better, as well as introducing their new eyeliner shade
Let's take a look at their products first, shall we?
Woo i want those eyeshadow palettes :D
I was wearing one of their trio eyeshadows that day, i like to wear corresponding products with the events... OCD much?
Squeal a little when i get to play with the lipsticks... Definitely my thing hahaha
With my table mates... Taken by Dyta i think, thank you!
First in the agenda... Lunch!
I am still in minimal to no carb diet as we speak, so it was epically ruined starting that day followed with the long weekend *sigh*, i was not about to waste food you know :p. It was very bland (i mostly tasted... sourness from the tomato based sauce. Did i sound like a food blogger already?) tho, i would've whacked half a bottle of chilli sauce if it was around/was not too embarrassed
You know you're in a room full of bloggers when the first thing that everybody does when food arrives is take pictures...
After lunch (another tip for brands, please provide water -___- not everybody can drink weird tasting tea, maybe i am the weird one but i had to swallow my sugar-less tea like one would take medicines coz i really can't stand it *LOL*. Water is the safest bet, right?), the fun begins. 

The highlight product of the day is their eyeliners :
They have 11 colors in their collection, and right now the "it" shade is Royal Blue because according to them, it's the latest color trend for 2016. I wonder if it's got to do with Pantone's color of the year? Serenity is powder blue tho... I guess they're still in the blue family hahaha
Some of the colors' swatches. I managed to swatch some more colors, but then i the picture turned super blurry and i didn't realize it at that time zzzzz. I already have the brown and gold one at home (they are AH-MAY-ZING i tell ya! Incredibly smooth, pigmented, and once set-they don't budge! I also got a green one from Miracle's event the previous Friday and now the royal blue one. I fell head over heels in love with the silver one, if they go on sale i would snag one ASAP! I planned to review the gold one first, i just kept on forgetting to *LOL*. Should i?)
Swatches of some of their Ultra Hi-Matte lipsticks. The dark red, black and orange ones are intenseeee. It's not everyday you can find a local brand producing black lipsticks alright, i dig!
Since the day's agenda's all about the eyeliner, it was only appropriate for Ms. Ika to do some eyeliner demo!
Using the Royal Blue shade, of course
Again, not very flattering angle of the mbak, so sorry mbak, i couldn't move and had to snap it from where i stood. At least you can see the eyeliner, yes? Very vibrant, very kewlll indeed. I should do a look with it soon!
For those who are still afraid of bright colors (WHY!!!), you can also do the ombre technique where you layer the colored eyeliner on top of their black eyeliner
The effect is more subtle but still very pretty. You can tell how HOT that day was from her condition, yes? LOL
I managed to bully one of Make Over staffs to put on the black lipstick coz i really wanted to see how it looks on *LOL* but i wasn't about to wear one since i was going out afterwards...
When we were told that we can play, swatch and use all the products on the display...
They also had a little game where we were told to use their eyeliners to create a look. I dabbed a purple one under my eyes and stopped *LOL*, clearly i wasn't going to win. But really, i find it a bit hard to prod with my carefully applied makeup (which i spent hours on) during events *sigh*, especially when i plan to go out afterwards, i'm too scared of ruining my makeup!
The others are more game than me haha
Especially Wulan. She must've applied every single one of the color on her eyes LOLOLOL. The thing with Wulan is, she's always so enthusiastic. And she's never afraid of ended up with a crazy look *LOLOLOL*, youth i guess... Her enthusiasm always pays off tho, she always win stuffs! Like that day as well!
While the others were busy with the eyeliners, i decided to camwho instead *LOL*. Dresscode was black and white (the white part... So many accidents happened that day. Including to mine *LOL*. Clumsy people shouldn't wear whites to a makeup event really..) so i amp it up with some neon purple on the lips to match my hair. I've decided that bold lips are divine...
It was Sabsab's bday the day before, and turned out it was also Ms. Ika's bday so Kathy had the idea to surprise them...
The surprise tanked big time tho. We were the only two singing like two lunatics. I totally thought the others would join in automatically. Nobody did. It was a bit awkward *LOL*.
Ms. Monique explained a little bit more about their products, their best sellers are actually their face products. I've never tried their face products before tho, but as far as the ones that i already used (their eye products), i really love Make Over and think their quality is da BOMB!
Winners of the most creative eyeliner challenge. Wulan used to many of them, i would scream if she didn't win *LOL*
And that's the end of the fun event! Thank you Make Over for having us! Can't wait to play with my new makeup... Should i review them? I might do it faster if i get a request hahaha.

For more information about Make Over, you can check out their website or Instagram.

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  1. Small room for so many guest, rite? I am not using make up daily, but i love make over lipstick..

  2. LOL ce mindyyy.. kami nge-blank \soalnya ga ada briefing klo mo kasi surprise XD
    btw ce ijin comot bbrp foto utk postku ya ^^ thanks in advance hehe