Yogya Trip 2015 Part 1 : Parangtritis Beach

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Hey guyssss :D!!!

Blog post count dwindling down again, darn #Undecided to stops writing again when i need her the most -___-... I don't really have much reasons as to which i don't blog, i have lots of topics, i have sponsored posts that i need to clear out-i just don't have the will and mood to write T.T... And my current dash games are so appealing with all the special events and revamped features... Sigh.

Anyway. Don't feel like writing reviews or whatever yet, let's get the travel posts started again!

As you already know, we went to Yogyakarta-Solo for the new year (which feels like yesterday T.T how is this almost the mid year already -___- gimmie back my timeee!) trip. The we includes my little family, my parents (obviously, my mum would never miss on the opportunity to go out of town as long as it doesn't concern flying) and my beloved cousin L and her family. 

Since we didn't want to drive for hours, and we have three young kids who gets quite excited at the mention of a train-that naturally became out preferred transportation. Little that we know we'd get a coach with a broken air conditioner WTF FOL. Plus we're used to freezing train rides so we all dressed warmly. Huge mistake zzzz. I don't remember if i tell you earlier, but i wore a new cheapo black sweater that apparently bled, BADLY, so i was almost completely black under my sweater LOLOLOL. And the combination of the new (unwashed :p) sweater, sweat and body mist made me smell like sweet soy sauce. I have very sensitive nose so it was pure torture -____-.

After we finally arrived in Yogya, we checked into our hotel (which i plan to review separately)-we decided to go to Parangtritis Beach.
It's a famous beach but i haven't been there in AGES, i have almost no recollection of the place. All i remember when i heard the name would be what i read in Lulu (of Lupus series) book, how it's quite scary and very much associated with Nyi Roro Kidul (wearing green is a big no no since the lady loves the color green and would claim you to be her slave if you dare to wear her color. How extreme. Maybe i should ban people wearing pinks around my place too or they'd instantly become my slave. MUAHAHAHAHA).
Snapped some pics of the pretty crowded beach, it's a pretty straight forward kind of beach really. Soft sands, huge waves, people running around and play. Lots of water sports  are available here too. Little O expressed an interest in paragliding, much to my surprise. I'm not sure if i'll ever be prepared to let my little boy do that kind of things OMG
Took several snaps of different angles from where i stood, pretty much looks similar tho haha
You can ride Atvs too here
The lighting was gorgeous so naturally we began cam-whoring...
Out outfits are worlds apart *LOL*, yes hers are more beach-suitable but you know i'm not much of a shorts person and i might never wear sleeveless clothes ever again. Normally i'd wear a beach dress or something, but i knew beach means i'd be sticky again, i just didn't feel like showering twice *lazybones*
Same pose, different background. Btw our hair were matching that time, purple! Mine was a lot darker tho, it was freshly dyed haha
If i were to upload this in my IG, i'd stretch the hell out of it *LOL*, hunny makes me look so short! But because i can only edit via Beauty Plus and i'm too lazy to send the pic back and forth, heck care lah!
Little O insisted on getting that snapback and proceed on wearing it nonstop for a few days *LOL*. I didn't approve because there's an "EXO" on it. No idea if it's related to the Korean boyband (you know how i feel about K-Pop) -___-. Oh and that blue top he's wearing? It was mine when i was in elementary school *LOLOLOL*. My mum made him wear some of my childhood clothes, don't let him know tho-he might gets angry :p
In love with this shot, he looks so CUTEEEE here *heart eyes*. Okay so every mum must be biased, but i've been told one too many times about how handsome my son is *not shy*. He's not very photogenic tho, meaning he's much more good looking in person :p. But he looks cute in candid pictures, it's the selfies ones which are the worst!
I used to loveeee riding dokar or horses as a kid, but as a grown up i developed a massive fear for them. Sometimes i think it's because i think i'm huge and the dokar might topple over or something (i have a serious fear of falling. I never even want to attempt a head stand because of this. I was forced to last week and to my surprise, i think it's totally possible!) but my mum peer pressured me to ride it with Little O. I can't remember why i didn't force hunny to ride it instead, i think because the dokar's too small for him
Here's a better one that I took :p

Took a selfie with Little O, was quite surprised that my dad photobombed us *LOL*
One more because Little O wanted to show the toy windmill. Or maybe i did. LOL
As the sun was setting, L made us pose for this highly Instagrammable photo hahaha
L and i shopped. At the beach. LOL. These wrap bracelets costed us IDR 5.000 each or something. Or was it 10k. Look at the difference between our skin tones. Staggering. And i just realized that her hand's so much bigger than me *LOL*
Can't go to a beach and not have coconuts okay...
Found this weird looking shellfish sold by street vendors (or is it beach vendors since they are selling at the beach??). It looks like alien crabs/lobster mix. So weird looking. Oh, also like a huge bug *shudder*. Very crunchy. Little O loved it, how weird.
One selfie with hunny. Oh, i remember that nasty pimple under my nose....
I'm so used to long-ass trip posts with hundreds of pics, it feels weird to stop here and post just about 30 photos (as opposed to 200 :p) *LOL*. Our next destination is a restaurant and it just doesn't feel right to write it together with this-so please look forward to my next post! Now let me get back to my dash game...

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  1. parangtritis ternyata masih indah dan tak pernah bosan ke sana