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Warning : This is an ancient K-Drama, so this is not a review for K-Drama fanatics, but for the noobs or even non-fans (such as myself) who are skeptical of K-Dramas. Coz i sure am *LOL*.

I know i know, it's the season of Descendant of the Sun. My timeline's crammed with DOTS' related posts (even now that the drama is over) and people fangirling over Song Joong Ki-but here i am reviewing a much older drama (practically ancient in K-Drama world, i guess) because i actually liked it. A LOT. So much that i managed to watch the entire series (that's no mean feat okay, i find it hard to watch series, especially Korean series. I tend to skip many episodes because they bore me) and i, who usually laughed at most pretty Korean guys, fell in love with the adorable duck-faced lead.

FYI, i did try to watch DOTS. For 10 minutes. I got bored. Don't kill me. I'm just not into it (i like the OST tho, i've been listening to them pretty much nonstop) . I actually like Song Joong Ki (from his Running Man days) and Song Hye Kyo (prettiest Korean actress ever, in my worthless opinion). But i don't connect with the story. Or the characters. I'm so sorry. I'm so afraid for my life (i know DOTS fans are hardcore -___-).Btw, i know enough to comment that i like to see the second couple better, they just have v good chemistry-it seems (much to some people's annoyance since the male actor is married in real life *LOL*).

It's a 2014 (to early 2015) series called Pinocchio and i've been postponing this review for months (probably half a year or more) because i couldn't deal with the fact that i'm about to review a Korean drama. Me. #Pink. WTF.Oh and also because the drama is so old already, i thought the review should be expired by now. But then i decided the world needs my wisdom no matter what because nobody's as awesome as me #LOLOLOL (clearly #Undecided rubs off me).
Anyway. Long story short, hunny started watching it. As usual, i tend to watch the first few episodes of any K-Drama he's watching (yes, my husband is more into K-Drama than the wife. Weird but true) because most K-Drama starts great, funny as hell-then it starts to get twisty and confusing and full of tears, i can't take it. Except this time, i got stuck. Even when the story started to get all twisty and weird (and cliche), i simply couldn't had enough. I continued watching, and got carried away.

Let's break down the reasons why i love this drama.

1. The story
You should really read the synopsis at the Asianwiki. But lemme try to summarize a bit.There's this kid called Ha Myeong (i personally find this name to be a bit weird, but what do i know about Korean names) whose firefighter dad was falsely accused of causing the death of many in a fire, and then run away so he wouldn't have to deal with the consequenses). His name was slandered by the media, so badly that Ha Myeong's mother decided to commit suicide-and bringing Ha Myeong with her (this is totally a cultural thing, as you might already know-suicide is sadly very common in Japan and Korea, where the stress level is very high, and pride is very important to them. Life, worth more than their lives).

Ha Myeong somehow survived and got rescued by a grandpa who insisted that Ha Myeong is the reincarnation of his dead son , Dal Po. In order to keep the kind grandpa happy, Ha Myeong went along and change his name to Dal Po. The grandfather however, has another son who's all grown up-he is certainly unhappy when he has to call a stranger-a kid, big brother. There's nothing that -he can do though, he also plays along, calling the new Dal Po hyeong (big bro for Koreans) and make his daughter (who's the same age as the new Dal Po) In Ha calls him uncle (just in front of the grand pa, behind them Dal Po calls HIM uncle). 

Dal Po and In Ha grow up together in the small island, and began developing feelings for each other. Fast forward to a few years later, both Dal Po and In Ha has interests in being reporters for different reasons. In Ha because she wants to be like her mum (who's a famous reporter, and one of the most vocal ones in Ha Myeong's dad's case, the main reason that prompted his mum to commit suicide. Naturally Dal Po hates her with passion) and Dal Po wants to find out the truth about his dad, find his missing big brother and also revenge against In Ha's mother. Oh, did i tell you that In Ha suffers from a condition called Pinocchio where she is unable to lie/tell half truths/hide something? Hence the title.

Now, the storyline is quite interesting for me-i'm not into all those rich, handsome guy falls for pretty, poor girl, they hate each other then they fall for each other, then one of them got terminally sick, then dies/got miraculously cured and they live happily ever after. You know the drill. This drama is quite different, it's following a story of young people pursuing the super tiring, crazy ride of being a reporter. Both of them started poor btw, and they manage to stay in similar level until the end. 

In Ha is pictured as a strong, independent woman-she knows when to be baby-ish with her boyfriend, but doesn't crumble and die as soon as he is out of her sight. That's totally refreshing too. And through all the sad part, we still got a lot of laughs too, the sad parts always balanced by comedic parts-that helped keeping me gripped too. 

Of course, this is still an Asian drama, loads of cliche, cheesy scenes and plot holes-but for me the good far outweighs the bad :D! There is literally no episode where i wish they'd just fast forward the story and i surprise myself when i say the 20 episodes is definitely not too long!

2. The actor

This adorable duck-lipped baby, Lee Jong Suk <3<3<3
You must already know by now that i don't usually like pale skinned, pretty boys (the fact that my own husband can be categorized as a pretty boy must be ignored) and prefer tanned, muscular, manly guys (Eddie Peng is very pretty, but he is also very tanned and very muscular alright!) so my own attraction to Lee Jong Suk is totally perplexing, even for myself.

Although he is very pretty, i personally think Lee Jong Suk is not your cookie cutter Korean actor, he-for once-is not afraid to look fugly.
Beware, the ugliest wig that can turn any hottie into a nottie
Exhibit A on how a hair can make or break someone's look. Lee Jong Suk having his own Betty Lafea moment here.
I did think he was fugly with that wig *LOL*, but once he take it off *hearts eyes*... I'm not fond of his overly-plastic-surgeried nose (i think it's too much. Way too much), but his persona, demeanor, acting skill and overall adorableness makes me totally overlook it.

Btw, i might be biased but i think he's very talented. I like how he throws himself into his characters and truly becomes them. I mean, he looked absolutely crazy in some scenes in I Hear Your Voice, and there's one scene where he's so hysterical that his spits flew everywhere. Not all K-drama actors would go to such extremes and most are too busy posing to look perfect haha.
Tha duck lips... I refer to him as "my duck". Hunny also refers to him as "your duck" LOLOLOL
Do you know that he's a former model? That's another thing that surprised myself as i usually can't stand bean pole looking guys..
But seriously, who can resist THIS bean pole???

Okay okay, i got carried away. I also think Park Shin Hye is perfect for the role (or she's just a very good actress. I dunno, i never watch her other movies), but... Please PSH fans don't kill me... I don't understand her face *LOL*. I mean she's okay looking, quite pretty for your average girl-but i don't think she's that pretty. Then again, i really don't understand Korean standard and i don't think most of those Korean stars are pretty except Song Hye Kyo (OMG, i'm so digging my own grave here). I just like Chinese/ Japanese actresses better, perhaps? I really like striking looking ladies like Fan Bing Bing. PSH on the other hand, looks like someone i can find in our local mall :p. Purely personal taste people, not hating!
Park Shin Hye

3. The chemistry

They look so good together that fans went crazy when they were rumored to be dating in real life. I think the rumor was false but then again i don't follow K-gossips *shrug*

Sometimes even the best story line would go flat when the actors don't have a great chemistry between them, and i must say that Pinocchio's producer did great pairing these two. Or is it Lee Jong Suk that's a real ladies man and can convey the aura that he's in love in everything he does? Coz i watched I Can Hear Your Voice right after (because of him la) and his chemistry with Lee Bo Young is wonderful as well! Not only that, i belatedly remember him as "That bewitching pretty boy" in Running Man trying to do secret gestures with Song Ji Hyo-even then he looks like someone who's falling in love -___-. My God, i feel bad for his girlfriend, it's kinda scary to be with someone who can pretend to be in love so easily with any pretty girl he's paired with *LOL*. 

As for Park Shin Hye, i dunno because i never watched her other dramas (i watched a movie where she's featured, but i thought she was so so there) so i don't know much about her. 

Anyway, having such a great chemistry between the leads can totally make the viewer get carried away, you know? You root for them, you wish that what you're seeing is true *LOL*. I guess it's sort of like how DOTS fans are hoping that Song Jong Ki and Song Hye Kyo get together in real life? Should i risk being cursed at and say that i personally don't think their chemistry is that good? LOL. Based on that 10 minutes (i watched the part where they are already dating, btw).

4. The Kiss
Oh yeah, this is MAJOR important okay! LOL. One of the many reasons i am drooling all over Lee Jong Suk, just from watching i can tell that he is a good kisser *LOL*. You know that in most Asian series, the kiss would be just the leads pressing their lips together for a good 5 minutes while the camera spins round and round and round (Lee Min Ho, anyone?)? Well, that's depressing. Not with this guy, he REALLY kisses his leading ladies good *grin widely from ear to ear*. You know you're watching an epic kiss when you got butterflies in your own stomach and then proceed on replaying the kiss over and over again. Yes, i did that, i am not ashamed to admit this.

FYI, i read somewhere someone commenting on how Park Shin Hye has the same irritating expression while being kissed by her leading men (the person in particular was talking about his kiss with Lee Min Ho in The Heirs, btw), a surprised look with eyes wide open and then just stand there without doing anything. Well, she totally kissed Lee Jong Suk back (repeatedly), so i have no idea what's going on there. He's just someone kissable, i guess? LOL.

4. The soundtrack
A good drama must have a good soundtrack that makes the drama even more perfect, Pinocchio definitely has this! I love some songs from it (i put on the soundtrack compilation on repeat for months) but the #1 is of course K.Will's! I never got tired of listening to it...

That's it! If you haven't watch this drama, whether or not you're a K-Drama fan, i am highly recommending this series! If someone like me who never finished more than 1 K-Drama before can enjoy it so much, i think you would too!

I am enjoying writing this so much, i'm surprising myself again! So much for wanting a hiatus! I guess i need to stop obsessing about superficial stuffs (yes, i've been down the same rabbit hole as countless other bloggers : silly comparisons and uncharacteristic jealousies) and just do what i like, write! Particularly write about things that interest me. Definitely feeling recharged now :D, thanks to fangirling!
Now, when is Lee Jong Suk making another drama? Or else i'd have to resort on watching his older ones >.<

PS : Happy long weekend to most Indonesians! (Must say that coz my nieces and nephews who study in international schools have tests and #Undecided still have to work half day tomorrow!)

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  1. Hi Mindy Pauline, I have the same thoughts as you. I don't find PSH exceptionally pretty. Do you watch Korean variety shows such as 1 night 2 days or We Got Married? 1N2D is very funny show.