Event Report : There's Always Beauty Behind Every Successful Woman with Miracle Aesthetic Clinic

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Hey peeps!

How's longggg weekend so far? Yesterday we went out of town for lunch (WHY?), i totally forgot that everybody in Surabaya migrate to Bali/Singapore/somewhere else on long weekends and the rest go somewhere closer like Batu (don't even try! Unless you're prepared to waste a day on your car. Been there done that, never again!) or Tretes. the latter was our destination also, and the one hour drive turned into two. It was torturous especially since our purpose was lunch and we all wake up late on holidays meaning we're pretty much stuck in the damn traffic with empty stomachs. What a nightmare.

Anyway. I am not much of a go-out-of-town-on-every-short-holiday type of person, i'd rather go on long trips once or twice a year instead. So i am more than happy to stay in town (i was dragged by my mum yesterday). Today is ideal. I did nothing *LOLOLOL*. Just a quick stop to a supermarket to buy some groceries (hunny wants to cook us steaks, yum!) and nothing much else. I am recharged and ready to go out tomorrow hahaha.

Done with the ramblings. Let's get on with the post. 

Attended Miracle Aesthetic Clinic's event last Friday, it's been a while! Thank you Jennie for the invites as usual, and also thank you for letting me bring friends (note : i don't go to events alone. Not if i can help it, at least haha).
With my dates of the night, Devita and Wulan (i also invited Dyta but forgot to take a pic with her >.<)
The event was held in Luminor Hotel and it was a collaboration with Hard Rock FM and Make Over cosmetics
I arrived pretty much on time-which is not really a good thing since the event started at... 7 something *LOL* so we ended up waiting for over an hour *sigh*. When we arrived, Wulan was already there (surprise! She's usually super tardy LOLOLOL, just slightly better than Kathy >.<) because she came straight from work.
See the empty tables. We were definitely among the first to arrive. Those who are seating? The MC and staffs *LOL*
It was our first time visiting Luminor Hotel (Wulan been there before to OOTDs *LOL*), it looks pretty nice. Except that they need to crank up the air conditioner. It was crazy hot that night and their air conditioner almost had no effect. My makeup and hair melted FTL -___-
On the back there you can try out Make Over products in their stand, also get your skin checked by Miracle Aesthetic Clinic. Didn't take a close pic because it was too hot i didn't feel like moving around too much and because the staffs manning the booths kinda stared, not in a very friendly manner too *LOL*
If i can give a constructive criticism... I know this is not a blogger exclusive event or whatever, but the timing was a bit off. The invite stated 6 PM and it only ended around 9-they only provided a small plate of snack.
The pink thingy tastes like Betadine. I kid you not. I recoiled after taking a tiny bite. And then forced-swallow it with water. I noticed almost nobody ate the pink thingy as well *LOL*. Wonder if the baker accidentally poured in Betadine instead of syrup or something...
The most vocal one was Wulan *LOL*. I didn't know that she's such a big eater, she's so skinny and all. I should've known though, having someone as skinny and gluttony as #Undecided as my BFF. She was so starving that she ended up ordering some food for herself. So did my hunny who hang out with us (because he's awesome like that. How many husbands would do that? Not every single one, i know that for sure *LOL*).

I mean, they did not have to feed us or whatever, but i would suggest making the event after dinner time. Or before (and make sure it ended before dinner time). Just not directly during meal time and not provide meals. Do you know what i mean? I feel kinda bad because i invited them and all *LOL* (i personally have a weird meal time clock so it wasn't an issue for myself). Wulan was so scarred that she made sure she had lunch before attending Make Over's event that was held the next Sunday even though apparently they already wrote "lunch" as part of the event's IT in the invite *LOL*. Sorry, Lan! 

Anyway, after waiting some more and Devita (who thought she was very late but the event didn't even start yet haha) arrived, the MC finally opened the event.
MCs of the night. Who kept on calling us Hard Rockers. LOL. I can't even remember when the last time i listened to the radio...
At the receptionist, we were asked if we'd be the model of the make over (by Make Over *LOL*) demo-well, i always attend beauty events with full makeup on and i was not about to take them off as soon as i arrived so i passed (so did Wulan). These two ladies were the willing volunteers and they seemed to be pretty happy with the result
And the third victim was Devita who was too nice to say no. LOL. Poor thing
The result. While it was okay, they actually called it "Natural Make Up" and i really don't see anything natural about this look >.<... I love to completely cake my face, but at least i don't call it natural look....
Also... I don't know if Make Over did this kind of thing before, but in our experience (and as beauty bloggers, we do have quite an expanse experience) it is customary to gift a makeover model some goodie bag. This didn't happen so... It was a bit awkward *LOL*.
The band serenading us
The next on the agenda was a presentation by Miracle Aesthetic Clinic's doctor, just a basic one on skin problems and what we can do to overcome them.
Some tips for healthy skin, you know... Sun protection, no smoking, no stress, eat healthy food and get a routine skin care actions
Basic skin problems
Treatments for them
Results of treatments in Miracle Aesthetic Clinic
I'm not gonna lie, as i've seen basic make over and basic skin care presentation approximately 82394690x during my 3 years stint as a blogger, i was on the verge of falling asleep *LOL*. Wanna know the highlight of this event for us???
We got our aura read!
Devita being told that she needs to believe in herself more haha
It was very interesting and i was quite awestruck about how well he read me (he called me dominant and strong, a good communicator and executor :D. Also that i don't/can't/won't listen to anybody coz i think everybody's wrong *LOLOLOL*, and i'm too much of a one-woman-show type of person coz i have trust issues. That is... I sadly have to say, correct). Was quite happy because 90% of what he said about us were positive la hahahaha. Sometimes human are like that, no? Whether it's really going to be well or not, as long as we're told it is-we immediately perk up and get in very positive mood, which is a good start to attract positive result as well. #Undecided would nod furiously and start referring to The Secret by now.

He also told us that all three of us has very different personalities that compliment each other very well (totally think we need to start a business soon *LOL*) and that we have very good lucks. He proved he is right immediately because Wulan was announced as the winner of the Instagram competition during the reading *LOL*.
Okay so actually i'm pretty sure she won because of her high numbers of followers *LOLOLOL*, but she really is one lucky B loh! In every single events we went to together, if there's any prize to be won she'd be winning it!
According to the aura reader, my kind of luck is slightly different. If Wulan and Devita get whatever their hearts really desire, i also do but at the very last minutes. LOLOLOL. He's proven himself right again in a very casual way (i won't elaborate tho, i'm too embarrassed coz it's so trivial LOLOLOL). Anyway, i do think i'm a very very lucky person indeed. I do have whatever i can possibly want, sometimes i just need to be reminded of how lucky i really am. So, although i'm not much of a believer in terms of luck reader or whatever, it does prompt me to remember and count my blessing. Therefore, i do thank you, Mr. Aura Reader!

OMG, i almost forgot to post the pic of the next session *LOL*.
Which is a little beauty talk with Intan Aletrino (Puteri Pariwisata Indonesia 2016)
 And that marks the end of the event! I totally forgot to snap a pic of the goodie bag (which consisted of some books, cupcakes, voucher and a Make Over eyeliner), sorry!

Since there's so little pic of me in this post, lemme close it with a selfie of my makeup that day :D!



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