Food4Skin 03 : VitaCreme Day Cream and Lightening Cream (SPONSORED)

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Hey guys...

So i pulled a muscle during our Yoga class last Thursday. My left waist is so painful especially when i sit (the sharp pain can be felt shooting up and down the entire line of my left side, from my thigh to my back T.T), i am currently sitting with super straight back like i have a rod attached to my back since it's the only thing that i can do to ease the pain. I even willingly asked for a massage from my maid (she's a good masseuse), which is totally unheard of. I wanted to blog yesterday but the pain was so intense, i gave up after sitting for a full 5 minutes in front of my computer. 

Anyway. I am here now to finish my long-due review of Vitacreme products Sociolla sent me last month (or was it late April? I can't really remember. In my defense-not only i have no time before now, but when it comes to skin care you know i need to give them a proper try before i can justify blogging about it).
Vitacreme B12 Lightening Cream and Day Cream
Let's talk about the, girlfriends!
Before i received them from Sociolla, i've already heard about Vitacreme (and own the Regenerative Cream that i got from winning their contest a while back). It's been gaining popularity among skin care junkies and beauty community so i think most of you have at least heard about them too. I heard so many good things about them, i was quite excited to give these products a try!

As you can see from the pictures (AND the title), Sociolla sent me two items. First of all is the VitaCreme Day Cream :

VitaCreme Day Cream contains SPF 30+++. It comes in a simple, pharmaceutical looking box dominated with orange color (actually almost all of VitaCreme products looks quite pharmaceutical, something that i actually like for my skin cares because i feel like they're taking our skin needs seriously!)
I won't go on an on about what you can already see in this picture. All of the necessary information are available in the box
Ingredient list. Oh, and it's made in Switzerland. Call me biased, but i've been to Switzerland-and i believe in them *LOL*. I believe they would only produce the best!
All of the important details
The cream itself is housed in a short and chubby squeeze tube that looks reminds me of hand cream packaging really
The tube has orange color just like the box, but with more white dominating it.
I love it when skin cares go to all the extra measurement to seal the mouth of the tube to make sure of its hygiene and newness
As it contains sun block benefits (along with skin care benefits), the texture is quite thick. It's creamy (of course), very pale pink (looks white in the picture) but once spread out, gets absorbed quite nicely to skin and doesn't leave overwhelming thick, sticky feeling most sun block can have. It has a soft, kinda powdery scent-it doesn't bother me too much and it disappear pretty fast anyway
According to them, Vitacreme B12 Day Cream Sun SPF 30+++ is an anti-aging, anti-oxydant, moisturizer and ultra-water resistant. This innovative cream is formulated with ideal vitamin combinations (B5, C, E and B12) and UVA-UVB solar filter. The unique combination of active ingredients keeps skin well moisturized and protected from sun's harmful effects. Thanks to Vitamin E's anti-oxydant, this cream prevents skin from premature aging and the appearance wrinkles caused by sunbeams. This also protects skin from outside attacks such a polution. This cream also soothes, hydrates and maintain skin's elasticity.

Wow, so many good things in just one product, and to think that i thought "it was just a sunblock" at first. As someone who hates having layer upon layer of products on her face (especially during day time), VitaCreme Day Cream is definitely an ideal product. I can just slap it on every morning and be done with my skin care.

Having said that, if you've been following me for a while then you'd know that i hardly ever put on anything on my face in the morning. I know i know, it's a bad habit and we SHOULD always wear sun blocks even when we stay home all day. But it's a practice that i have yet to be able to fully embrace. My skin is super oily, and although this Day Cream does not make my skin as oily as most sun blocks do-it's still making my skin oilier than without (obviously). I also prefer to use BB Creams with built in SPF so i don't have to apply other sun block afterwards when i do go out so have to admit, this product received a little less love than it should from me.

That means, i use this product only once in a while. It doesn't break me out but when i'm hormonal and my skin goes a little crazy, i prefer to avoid most products during day time (night skin care is very important for me though). I use it enough to be able to say that it's one of the most comfortable sun block (and flattering, it doesn't make my face looks ashy because it blends into my skin well without leaving obvious white cast) i've ever used, and it's great for under makeup too (my fellow oily skinned ladies make sure to use mattifying products tho!) so i would actually recommend this for people who wants all kinds of benefits (anti aging, sun protection, moisturization) in just one product-even the laziest of all people can spare a few seconds to apply one product, yes?

VitaCreme Day Cream can be purchased at Sociolla for IDR 269.900-which is pretty middle ground (it's not dirt cheap but it's also not crazy expensive) especially considering you only need this one product for your morning skin care and you're already covered). It contains 50ml worth of product and you don't need to use a lot so it's gonna last for a bit. It also seems to suit all skin types.
The second product is the one that i have been using everyday without fail for more than a month now : Vitacreme Lightening Cream :
VitaCreme Lightening Cream also comes in a simple, pharmaceutical looking box but dominated with grey color
Ingredient list
The product comes in a ointment-looking slim tube. This one reminds me of all sorts of muscle pain reliever tube haha
The mouth is sealed so you have to punch it with the back of the cap to use it
The texture is runny and thin but not drippy with super lovely baby pink color. It has a slightly dusty scent (the Regenerative Cream has the same scent), kinda medicated smelling-i'm not a fan of the scent but after a while i get used to it and overlook it. I prefer it than unnecessary extra perfume in my skin care anyway
This pic is obviously just an illustration, i don't wear skin cares while i have makeup on haha :P
According to them, VitaCreme Lightening Cream is a non-greasy dark spot corrector for luminous skin that lightens skin or lip color. It lightens pigmentation marks and prevents their development. Even out skin complexion and gives the skin a new luminosity. It is 100% safe and mild, Pararaben-free and suitable for all skin types and all ages.

They have stated that it is a spot corrector and the purpose is to even out skin tone so for other skin types, you might need to use other moisturizer on top of it. As for me, like i already mentioned, i have very oily skin and although this thin, runny and light cream spreads really easily and gets absorbs very fast into my skin without leaving any sticky or greasy feeling (it gives a velvety finish instead), it's actually more than enough to moisturize my skin very well on its own. In fact, my natural skin oil would make their appearance just 30 minutes after application so i never use anything else and just this. I use this product every night (except on Sundays because that's when i use my clay mask, exfoliate and apply my sleeping mask!) without fail and it manage to keep my skin supple, clear and acne-free just as well as my 4-layer old skin routine!

I totally notice that it helps fades acne scars faster and although i can't comment on the lightening effect (since my skin is very pale to begin with), i love this product a lot! I am not very adventurous when it comes to skin care and tend to stick to what works (i prefer to experiment with my hair and makeup!), i was a bit scared to give this a try (since most new skin cares give me white head attacks)-but i'm glad i did because this one cream seems to do all that my old, gruesome, skin care did. For IDR 269.900, it's more than half the price tag of all of my old creams combined-and it comes in a huge (for facial cream anyway) 50 ml tube, i have used it for more than a month and it doesn't seem to make a dent yet! It also claims that it can be used on your lips-but that's something that i also can't comment on because i've never used it on my lips as my lips are already pale colored and i can't afford to make them look even lighter colored haha.

This product totally works for me and it's all i need (after toner and eye cream) for my night time skin care-but remember, what works for me might not work for you. Trial and error is unavoidable in skin care adventure, but i dare say this is a product that you might want to consider to add to you skin regime if you're interested in correcting some dark spots. It actually should be used twice a day, morning and night-but the Day Cream is more than enough for me, adding this every morning would make my skin go super oily! 

I did not suffer from any acne attack since i've been using it (apart from the one or two hormonal zits near my period, nothing out of ordinary) and the whitehead counts also doesn't mulitply. I actually feel that my skin is clearer, smoother and free of white/blackheads compared to before i started using it. I'm seriously considering making VitaCreme Lightening Cream a permanent part of my night time skin routine and would definitely repurchase it with my own money.
Overall, i'm pretty satisfied with my experience with Vitacreme products! Thumbs up indeed!
You can purchase VitaCreme B12 products and other beauty product at Sociolla, don't forget to use my code to take IDR 50.000 off your purchase with minimum spending of just IDR 200.000!
Have your heard of this brand before? Are you interested in trying it out?


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  1. Cobain sunscreen nya biore yang Biore UV Watery Gel SPF50++++ deh ce, itu holygrail sun screen ku banget.
    Dia langsung ngresep kulit dan kayak velvety finish gtu, bener" ga oily sama sekali kayak sunscreen lain.
    Gara" aku setia sama si Biore ini vitacreme day cream ku aku hibahin ke mamaku wkwkwk, aku cuma nyoba sample dikit.
    Yang Vita Blanc light ya? Aku mau nyobain (banyak acne scar/dark spot) tapi masih belom tak buka sampe sekarang gara" takut malah jerawat keluar semua kalo produknya krim oily/tebel gitu.