Walking Down the Memory Lane

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Hey guys..

So some of you might already know, i used to live in Singapore during my high school years (for three years). I was 15 when i moved there and it was totally the formative years of my life. I guess i really found myself when i moved back to Indonesia at 18 (i was turning 18 that year-the same year i met my now husband!), but those 3 years in Singapore helped me found myself.

It was mostly good (although at that time i was always bored, because isn't that what teenagers feel 90% of the time? Boredom *LOL*. We feel like time is ticking so slowly, especially when we're at super boring classes like Chemistry. Which i always spent texting my then-boyfriend *whichever they might be at that time LOL* under my desk :p), then it was bad towards the end (i was cornered and given "trial" by my so-called-friends about being a two-face-bitch, which i am not, FYI).

Oh okay, maybe a little bit. We were all some sort of two-faced bitches really, when we try too hard to please everyone and we sort of agree with whatever our friends say, in search of approval. So in this case, i was as bad as every single one of them. I just didn't know it back then. Now i would slap each and every one of them in the face and tell them to eff off *LOL*. The wisdom and strength that only comes with age. How i wish i could tell my teenage self this, tell her to be strong and that i will be happy again, very very soon.

Anyway, talking about this always opens that emotional gate again, i guess i never got over this because i never get to tell them that i am not as bad as they made me to be. And that every single one of them sucks *LOL*. I wasn't bullied or anything (hey, i am always one of the popular girls, alright!), i was more like... Gang-attacked and exiled in the end. The ones that didn't attack me, they were cowards that could not find the strength in themselves to stand up to those who did. So yeah, i can not call any one that i know from my high school a friend, i would call them acquaintance at best *LOL*. I hope some of them read this post *LOLOLOL*. Thank you, because of you guys, i knew how to differentiate real and fake friends. And for making me a super strong and confident person in the process. I guess i needed that.

Okay okay, going back to the post. Although it ended up badly with me having zero friend and a boyfriend that my mum disliked (and honestly, i wasn't ever in love with. Yeah yeah, i was sort of a bitch back then, i was young!) so i could not be happier when she asked me to go back to Indonesia for Uni, Singapore is still my second home and i have real fond memories too.

This blog is like my diary (although lately it's crammed with sponsored posts and ads, sorry! They motivate me to write when i don't have the will to *LOL*, so please understand that i must post ads too sometimes), so now that i still remember everything so vividly, it's time to immortalize it (until Blogger decided to shut down, that is hahahaha).

I've been back to Singapore a lot of times after moving back to Indonesia, but since our condo was mostly rented out, we stayed in hotels so i couldn't write about my home in Singapore with details. It's currently rented per rooms so we made sure to leave two out of three rooms tenant free for this trip (but then we ended up spending quite a bit in CW's condo instead WTF) so now i can show you the place i spent 3 years at (and also where one of my supernatural experience took place hahaha).

Btw, we had not been occupying the condo for many many years, renters can't be expected to treat the condo like their own home so there are a LOT of wear and tear, my parents also never bothered to replace the broken furniture since they're just going to get broken again *LOL* and most tenants in Singapore prefer empty houses anyway-therefore you'd see that the condo is very very bare. It used to be a lot comfier and homier when i lived there of course...
This is the living room, where i spent hours watching all kinds of TV series (internet was not that big yet. I still snail mail a lot, and only check on the net when we go to internet cafes! Can you believe that. I also had no reason to check my e-mail back then hahaha), it's mostly tuned to Channel 5 (coz we have no cable TV!). Those of you who asked why my English's so good and how i get that American accent? From TV shows that i definitely overdosed on back then *LOLOLOL*. Now i almost never watch tv *sigh*.
The first thing you'd see when you come in, is actually this. The dining room. Still with the original table and chairs! This is where i'd have my meals... Which would be once a day tops (i don't eat breakfast, and i have lunch at school). I guess i really didn't eat much but kept on moving, not hard to see how i dropped 20 kgs in 3 months back then. I need to re-adapt that lifestyle *LOL*. This is also where i'd dine with my "friends" when they come by, mostly having my dad's famous fried rice. We could eat an entire rice cooker between the 3 of us. LOL.
Sadly, my actual room was wrongly rented out by my uncle zzzz, so we had to sleep at the guest bedroom and i cannot show you the room where i spent my emo-teenage years at. The place where i spent 3-4 hours a day speaking on the phone with my then-BF/"friends", where i write on my diary religiously, listened to 90's pop songs endlessly, sitting on the window with my legs dangling out, day dreaming... Where i cried my heart out when i was hurt needlessly, where i start appreciating the way i look and start to believe that i am too, a good looking person *yes, i used to have a very low self esteem. Not anymore my friend, not anymore* and guys could want me too *LOL*. Told ya i was super emo.

Anyway, since i can't show you that room, imma show you the second best : my parents' room that i adopted to be mine whenever possible (when they're not around).
The same bed that i used to sleep in!
Mainly this is the reason why i like to sleep here better than my own room (but i prefer to hang out in my own room during the day), a TV set! LOL. Nope, i did not have TV in my own room. And no internet too. No wonder i was so bored all the time, now i hardly have that luxury of feeling bored, instead i feel like i'm on a marathon against time!
Wah, why the picture so blurry -___-. This is my parent's bathroom, where i would shower everyday (i totally refuse to shower or even enter the guest bathroom closer to my bedroom!), i haven't been here for so long i was shocked when i realized the bathtub was gone! I prefer shower actually, but i have such a strong memories of climbing in and out of the bathtub...

The kitchen that i admittedly spent the least amount of time in other than getting cutlery/glass. I did wash my own dishes when there's no maid, okay. And here i also developed my fear of stove thanks to the scary ones here -___-
Everyday, i would go up and down using these elevators :
Yes, our condo's block is called Rose Pink and obviously dominated with pink. And no, i didn't convince my parents to choose that block just because of that *LOL*. I always prefer the elevator on the right because there's a mirror in it and i am vain like that :p, whereas the one on the left is covered with stickers. It remains the same today
This is the road i walked on every day to school, usually still half-asleep and in a bad mood (coz i am never a morning person), sometimes i'd jog because having your school 8 minutes walk from your house makes you feel even lazier to go early :p. I skipped school a few times because i was late and the gate was already closed *LOL*, and one time, a bird shat on me (there are a lot of crows in Singapore WTF) and i turned right back home to re-shower. Of course, i skipped school that day, what do you expect?
And that's my school! SIS. It was empty because we went during school holiday. Lots of ghost stories circulating about my school, like any other school i guess!
On most days, i would not head back home after school *LOL* instead my "friends" and i would walk this way
To a little shopping center called Siglap Center. They had a supermarket in the basement and we'd often buy things there. We were also started experimenting with booze, one of my "friends" even had a fake ID because we're obviously under age. We felt so cool drinking Hooch *LOLOLOL*

The place changed so much, it confused me. Now the supermarket moved to another building, it gets bigger and has Watsons' just beside it. LOVE that! LOL
Now, this KFC was also the place where we normally hang out after school (sometimes we'd have sushi at Sakae Sushi nearby, but i can't find it anymore i guess it closed down?)
It still looks exactly the same as it was 17 years ago, OMG!
This place seriously made me feel nostalgic!
One of my ultimate fave food in Singapore, KFC's Zinger Burger *LOL*. It used to be a lot bigger and prettier than this tho hahahaha. I wonder why Indonesia's KFC has no Zinger burger -___-)
And mashed potato too
Well, there are a lot of other places that are super nostalgic for me like Katong Centre, my fave dating place Suntec City (we were never Orchard dwellers, Orchard Road is for tourists! LOL), Tampines Mall, even Indonesia's Embassy haha. But i am happy to be able to share with you the places that i most frequented and what memories they hold for me. 

Hope you enjoyed walking down the memory lane with me!

Until next time,


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  1. Seneng ya kalo nostalgia masa masa remaja...

    Masa ya most of teenagers selalu berasa bored? Kok seinget gw dulu justru karena waktu berjalan nya lama jd kita bisa do so many things jd fun. Gak kayak skrg kayak diuber uber waktu all the time. Hahaha

  2. Hollaaaaaa... baru baca ini post!!!Itu lipen cakepppp warna e, maybelline?#salahfokus 😂😂
    Btw, are those bitch friends all singaporean?