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#Undecided here (I'm on a roll, baby!!)

Today Imma write about boobies. LOL. Fun fact: your boobs do get bigger when you're breastfeeding. Like a lot bigger. Like you-get-yourself-a-cleavage kind of big.

And apparently when it comes to breast milk, your original boobies size doesn't matter. I mean, I'm not a busty gal, but I am so lucky that I've been producing milk day in day out since Zoe was born until today with no difficulty. And after 3 months of being Zoe's personal cow, here are some of the things I learnt:

1/ it's all in the mind. 
I said it once and I'll say it again, bless the day I stumbled onto XiaXue's blogpost about The Secret for it has forever changed me and helped me become a more positive person in so many ways. If you're a new mom and you want help with breastfeeding, I suggest you read that link. Thoughts become things. Thinking positively about how I'll be able to provide for Zoe has worked wonders.

2/ pigging out helps.
My big appetite has a purpose now (before all I got out of it was big, unattractive midriff LOL). Also drink a lot of water. My bff A once said that just like coconut when you want to get coconut milk, you add water to it and start milking LOL. Besides, when you're breastfeeding you're constantly hungry, so it's not like you have a choice hahaha...

*munching on crackers as I'm typing this*

3/ get good breast pump - the double pumps one.
I got myself speCtra Breast Pump and not only it's good, it's also cheap (as cheap as breast pump comes tho, LOL). If you're wondering why I titled this post LDR, well, because it's short for Let Down Reflex. For those that aren't familiar with it, please consult google.com, but it's basically the reflex that babies induce when they suckle. Yes, that painful feeling that spreads from one boob to the other just before you start leaking LOL. It's called LDR. Spectra has massage feature that mimics baby suckling it tricks your boobies to produce more milk. Awesomeness!
The massage feature. I would start with around 1-2mins of massage and as soon as LDR happens, switch to expression. Then when the milk starts trickling, I would switch back to massage to coax LDR. Just like that, back and forth... Very simple, really... 

And also, double pumps because basically when one boob leaks, the other one does too! You don't want to waste any of that milk, baby!! 
4/ pump often.
If you're a working mom, do make time to pump often. It's all about supply and demand when it comes to breast milk, and when there's no demand, there's no supply (simple logic LOL). And make sure when you're home with le baby, they nurse as often as possible. It says that when they suckle, their saliva provides some kind of reading of what nutrition the baby needs and the milk production is in accordance to it. Besides, nursing a baby is a great bonding time. I would hold Zoe's hands whenever she nurses, telling her that she's my perfect baby and how much she is loved. Bonding time + affirmation time (I assume you've read that link I gave above, yes? *stare*). It doesn't get any better :)
That perfect baby you mentioned, that's me, right mom? #DramaQueen

5/ unless you want one of your boobies to be bigger than the other, make sure to alternate between boobs equally.
Leftie is bigger than rightie now FML. Learn from my mistake, moms. LOL.

Anyway, I just heard that if you breastfeed while laying down, it's not good for your baby - no idea if this is just myth or whatever (but my sis in law heard it from the nurses during her stay in the hospital), but that's basically what I do (my nurses didn't say anything bad, tho)... Seriously, have you not seen my arms?! They're tooth-pick skinny and Zoe is around 6kg by now. My skinny arms can't possibly hold her for 20-30 mins of nursing time without eventually getting very (VERY!!) sore. Also, I'm too cheap to invest on nursing pillow - unless if someone wants me to *ahem* sample their product and write a review on it LOL (am a blogger after all hahaha).
Mom, this is important, can I have more milk? Also while I'm at it, can you carry me in your arms?
What do you mean I'm too fat?!
Nonsense! I'm not fat, I'm chubby and adorable! Aunty A would agree, ask her!
Okay, someone get me that nursing pillow endorsement stat! LOL.

Sent this pic to sis in law whom decided to screw it and wanted to know how to position oneself for laying down nursing time:
Am I crafty or what?! LOL.

#Undecided the cow  

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