A Yoga Class with #Pink and #Undecided

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Hello Everybody!


Well, the greeting is only appropriate because today we're going to let you peek into one of our yoga sessions. 

This is #Undecided, btw, but as always, this is another joint post, #Pink will also write later :)

A few months ago, Av told us that one of his gym friends (let's call him Koko Yoga, that's what we call him anyway LOL) offered to teach semi-private yoga class. I was quite conflicted in the beginning. Torn between excitement (because I always hated going to gym / classes - fear of embarrassment LOL) and simply the fear of doing yoga (I pictured yoga to be something that I, being not nimble at all, could never do). But then I heard Koko Yoga's price and I was sold!! LOL. Besides, semi-private classes are awesome because you'll be surrounded with people you know, right, so what the heck I told myself, it's cheap anyway... 

So long story short, #Pink agreed to join. Followed by my little sister (Ev). And on one Monday night, four of us started our very first yoga session. Since then a few more people joined. My aunt, my cousin (Meme), #Pink's cousin L, Koko Yoga's friend, but on the session that we took photos of, it was just #Pink and myself + Av + Ev, and Meme.
(from left to right) #Undecided; #Pink; Meme; Av; Ev and of course, Koko Yoga's back LOL.

Hi guys, it's #Pink here *grinning widely from ear to ear*. So after that "serious looking" photo of of us starting our yoga class, let us show you a clearer picture of our little yoga class (not complete, every class' hardly ever start with a full team *sigh* one or more members would always find an excuse to skip class.. LOL)
And yep, if you're wondering. Koko Yoga is kinda tiny *LOL*.

Now since we're all rookies in yoga, our class is definitely a basic yoga class. We've been having classes twice a week (but lately only once a week for many reasons like holidays and all zzz) for a few months (i can't remember exactly :p) but we're still far from good *LOL*. So if there are any yoga masters amongst our readers, please refrain from making fun or criticizing our poses! We never claimed that we're good at this, but we certainly enjoy our classes!

Now, our reason to post this, aside from the fact that we pretty much document everything slightly interesting in this blog so why would our exercise be any exception, also because we know the word "YOGA" can intimidate most people. It sure intimidated us before! We want to share with all of you that (basic) yoga is something that everybody CAN do. Even for people with horrible balance like me or stiff limbs like #Undecided *LOL*. 

I asked my hunny to be the photographer of our yoga class that day, and he was very enthusiastic, snapped SO many pictures (like, 5 in every pose *SIGH*), i spent HOURS going through the pictures and picking the more decent ones and posting it with our stupid slow internet connection, so i hope you guys enjoy this! Oh, and it's photo heavy!
Start with a breathing exercise to calm your mind and body first
Continued with stretching from your head
To your hands... Hunny burst out laughing while taking this picture zzz, he told us we looked like zombies. LOL.
We kinda did bb hahahaha... Though I'll say we looked more like Chinese Vampires from the silly old Chinese horror movies LOL.
Somehow reaching right hand's always easier than the left!
Twisting our bodies, and why the hell did we look so scary (i mean, serious)
The right form one's supposed to do. None of us nailed this so i'll just post Koko Yoga's pic here LOLOLOL
Now onto our legs. Can you kiss your knee?
Koko Yoga was in a funny mood that particular day and he made us do weird stuffs we don't normally do. I guess people acts differently when there's camera snapping LOLOLOL. He asked us to cradle our legs and rock them like a baby -___-
And then used our feet to make a phone call. WTH koko!
Yes, you guessed right. None of us could do this pose LOL. On my defense, my legs are too long! 
BB, you're using that excuse on 90% of poses that you cannot do... LOL
Breathing exercise. Inhale + bend your back and look up to the ceiling. And then exhale + curve your back with your head between your shoulders. No photo of the 2nd step though.
Next step. One, put one arm to the front.
Then twist it behind the other arm (oh hi Koko Yoga's butts LOL).
Back to step one and then lift the opposite leg. Hold for 8 to 10 seconds.
Then reach for the said leg and pull!!!!
Let go of the leg and then slide it to the side (look at my sissy in yellow resting her foot on the window pane LOL LOL).

My fave pose of all LOL (no idea why Ev was doing!).
#Undecided's favorite poses are my least fave, while mine (like the stretches where you have to kiss your knee) are her least fave, weird huh?

Adomuka (no idea if I write it correctly) 
Or known as dog pose :)
Right. Btw, I realized just how curved my back is. Point to correct on tonight's yoga session! *note to self*

I still can't reach the floor without bending my knees. Then Koko Yoga would catch me cheating and scold me on the spot LOL.

Namaste (catch your breath, quick!!)

Chair pose (you'll have to be able to see your feet - then you're doing it right).

Praying pose with a twist (balancing sucks, I must add LOL).
Side plank!! (This pose is damn difficult, it took me several classes to get to this point, and it's NOT even perfect LOL).
The right pose.
The rest of us trying hard to copy the pose hahahaha...
Caturangga - the cheat caturangga actually as normally the chest can't touch the mat.
Bujanggasana - The Cobra.
Another adomuka (however one writes it - too lazy to google).
Highland (the step before Wirabadrasana 1 - very similar, just the foot on the back is pointed).
Dance Warrior.
I have no idea why i am so bent like that WTH
Chandra something something pose.
A very difficult pose.
Yeah, you guessed it-none of us could do it, hence no pic of us even trying to do so (coz every body just gave up. LOL)
A pose which name I can't remember.
The continuation of that said pose (by this time the leg on the front would be aching bad LOL)
Koko Yoga making his round - checking if we're doing it right...
Wirabadrasana 1.
Wirabadrasana 2 (#Pink's hunny said SMILE and obviously I obliged - look at Ave looking super mean hahahaha).
We look like we're surfing LOLOLOL
Another very difficult pose, everybody's yelling at my hunny because he wasn't snapping pictures at the hard ones LOLOLOL, didn't he know we're only trying so hard because there's a camera around...
Giving you the view of our backs LOL
Wkwkwkwkw plentitude of butts :p
Koko Yoga introduced to us a lot of new poses that day (told ya he's meaner when there's a camera around), and somehow when there are new, weird poses mostly only Av and i would even attempt to do so (and Ev usually, but she simply gave up in this pic *LOL*). It's actually much easier than it looks though. Look at #Undecided posing with her peace sign, she does that whenever she wouldn't even attempt a pose, and you'll see more of that soon -___-
Errr.... Obviously #Undecided's better than me in remembering the salutations' names 
Three legged something, bb... I can't remember this one!
A super difficult pose that none of us mastered. You're supposed to put your kneed at the back of your arms and lift them up so your body weight's totally supported by your hands only. Both Av and i could only do that for a split second :p
Like i said, when it comes to stretching stuffs, it comes naturally to me while #Undecided sit it out again with another peace sign LOLOLOL. But trust me, she's like 10x more nimble now after a few months of yoga classes! She used to be as stiff as a rod!
No, bb, it's not that I wasn't trying. I was giving Meme some space! *lies* LOL.
I don't understand why these guys can do crazy stuffs (like folding your legs at the back and lay on them) like it's nothing but couldn't fold their bodies until everything touches the mat
Hahahaha Ev looking dizzy, and #Undecided simply looking crazy here hahaha (don't kill me BB)
Trust me, we're only posing here, as soon as the camera snapped our legs thumped the floor with full force *LOL*
Looking sombre but we're actually pretty happy, it's almost savasannah already hahaha
Hug your feet and kiss your knee :D
This I can do!! LOL.
LOLOLOL look at what the front row's doing while the back row's being super serious! 
Not enough space, bb hahahaha
Lift your butt, peeps! I usually slack around until Koko Yoga comes around and lift my butt up immediately before he yanked my feet up LOLOLOL (yes, we're difficult to teach and very prone to cheating...)
Now this is not as easy as it looks okay, very heavy! And Meme's already giving up LOLOLOL
And yes, #Pink was right when she said I am way nimbler now for few months ago, me, doing this, was impossible LOL.
Fish pose (one of the rare ones that name i remember...)

And finally! Savasannah (or corpse pose, i know... scary name...)!

After savasannah and back to lotus pose, the class' finished! But since we're documenting this class for this blog post, i want some interesting poses to show you guys! So i  DEMANDED koko Yoga to do a headstand...
Oh hi me in the mirror!! *wrong focus* LOL
One with his crazy students posing idiotically around ahahaha

I actually asked him to do some more weird poses (by himself), but he decided to rope us (except me who refused adamantly, i will explain why a bit later) in for some acro yoga...

And I'm quite proud to tell y'all that this was our very first attempt at acro yoga!!! Behold!! 
Av being a super girl!
And idiotic looking me at the background. Then we teased Koko Yoga about lifiting my hubby (who's around 20kgs heavier than him)
To which he took as an insult and proceed on lifting him up for reals!
With ease I must add!!
With Av and #Undecided
And the nimblest of us all, Ev! 
Again, this was Ev's first time doing this. She crazy good or what?! LOL.
We even made the-full-of-protests Meme to do something, very simple and even Meme went "What's next?" when they're up, but that's it Meme coz you asked for a very easy one!
And what i personally think is the craziest pose of the night!

Okay so i think i owe it to you guys to explain why there's no picture of me doing acro yoga *LOL*, thing is... I'm a control freak alright, and i HATE looking crazy T.T (if you notice i almost never even smile on camera because i look chubbier when i do). If there's no camera around i'd be more than willing to do crazy poses (like tucking my leg on the back of my neck, which i actually have a picture of, but no, you can't see it), i just don't want the whole world see me like that LOLOLOL. Plus i have trust issues and i really do not want to be in a situation where i can't control (again, the control freak part...) like being lifted on the air like that! I'm sure Koko Yoga can handle my weight, he even lifts hunny (who's more than 20 kgs heavier than me) but i just don't trust him somehow, what if he dropped me??? Haih, i think i will fail at leap of faith kind of exercise...

Believe me, people, I've scolded #Pink on several occasions about this. Keep telling her that she can, she can, she can!! It's not that I didn't try. She's her own worst enemy. And her own worst critic. LOL. 

Anyway, i love love love doing yoga (even though i still suck at it), i finally find an exercise which i actually enjoy (other than swimming and other classes like Basic Exercise and Hot Excercise-you know in a heated up room) and look forward to every week. Now, please don't be a B (like some people) and tell me i shouldn't do yoga coz it won't help me lose weight, trust me i do not exercise to lose weight (exercise alone won't help. You need to diet as well to lose weight and i am currently on a strict diet *finally*) but for me it's a lifestyle and now, a hobby. 

As for me, I'll say that I do enjoy yoga too... Even though I was quite adamant that I would suck ass, but looking at the pictures, apparently I'm not doing as bad as I though I'd do LOL. I guess, just like #Pink, I'm my worst enemy... But I'm glad everybody persuaded me to just join and have fun.

I believe whatever exercise you do, it won't help if your only goal is to lose weight (coz you'll lose interest in no time, and slack as soon as you lose that weight) and still eat like a pig *LOL* (trust me, i do whatever exercises and didn't lose weight. I go on a no carb diet and lost 4kgs in 5 days so far!). Maybe it'll take longer for me to get in shape with yoga rather than say, aerobic (seriously, STFU about aerobic already, i HATE it and there's nothing in the world you can offer me to make me take that up. Or maybe a USD 1 million will do) or running, but i 100% believe it'll help you in many ways in the long run (building lean muscles, sharpening up your balance, and making you healthier and happier as a whole) and i can already see the results in the loosening of my clothes (even when i haven't lost weight)-all in the impossible to reduce areas (for me) as well-arms and thighs!

And yoga gets results too you know!! I used to be straight as a stick, no waistline, but I acquired them when we were religiously exercising with Ce Nanie (Sanggar Bethlehem). Then for some reason we stopped and again, I was back to my old figure (with bigger tummy I must add LOL), but now little by little (thanks to all the twisting we did in yoga class), my waistline is starting to come back!!! *tears of joy*

Next step: slimmer tummy!!! 

So for all of you out there whom are curious. Yes, you can do it!!! If I'm doing it, you can do it too!! Of course it's very difficult in the beginning (won't lie to you, and yes you'll be sore), but with time I promise you, you can do it!! Hahahaha...

And of course, if you want to sample Koko Yoga's *ahem* services LOL, we'll hook you up!

#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. there are many benefits of doing yoga in our body... i hope there will be yoga classes in my town too... i envy my friends doing different yogas like underwater yoga and anti-gravity yoga... i like the tranquility yoga brings to those who engage to the activity... great pictures by the way.

    1. Yeah, it totally helps me focus more :). Underwater yoga sounds great, but maybe we should try to master the basics first *LOL*

  2. How much did you pay for one session? We're doing yoga at home with the help of YouTube videos! Persistence is a key. :)

    1. I don't think i should disclose the amount we paid because we got special prices :), however normally our instructor charged IDR 500.000 (a little less than USD 50 in current rate) for 12x. Haha that's nice, i would never have the motivation i need without a proper instructor and class though

  3. It's great that you're doing yoga. I tried attending a free yoga class in a gym and I find it hard because I don't possess a flexible body. I tried Barre3 instead. Good luck on being a yoga enthusiast. :)