Lip-Talk 06 : Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer (PK 301)

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So... I've been searching on Google the definition of "sponsored post" because i've noticed some of my fellow bloggers categorized products that they received from events' reviews as "sponsored post", but the only definition i could find is this : Advertisers pay bloggers to write posts and reviews of their products and services in exhange for compensation, which could be monetary or material (source : ). Now, i've received quite a lot of products with the intention to be reviewed, hence automatically meaning my posts on them would have to be called a sponsored review, but even though i received this item that i'm about to review as a gift for attending their event, it was not specifically given for review purposes-so i think this is not a sponsored post.

I don't know why i'm explaining in details about this simple matter *LOL*, it's just been niggling at the back of my mind for a while on what i should be calling my posts on gifted products that's not specifically sent for a review (and because you know i'm a sucker for details and downright OCD about them!) @___@ i'm a nerd, i know.

Anyway, as i've made it crystal clear from the first two paragraph above, this product was gifted to me by Shiseido for attending their event long ago (almost 10 months ago WTF, i'm a fantastic blogger, am i not? LOL) but i will write this review as objective as possible, according to my own honest experience.
Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer Lipstick (in PK 301)
The reason why it took me so long to review this is because i actually kept on postponing using this lipstick was coz i was underwhelmed by the color (pale, dusty pink) that i received. I was obsessed with dark, vampy colors when i got it, and then season changed and i am now obsessed with bright, neon colors. No window for loving nude, natural colors at all *LOL* but i finally forced myself to use it before it's gone expired (not that i'd care, but i know i'd gross out my readers LOLOLOL).

I don't think i need to introduce Shiseido , right? As one of the most famous and luxurious Japanese brand today i'm sure most of you have at least heard about them before.
The perfect rouge tender sheer that i received was a travel/sample size with only 2.5g lippie, but it being a high end brand it's no surprise that even the mini version comes with a nice packaging like this-with box and all. This mini lippie comes with a metallic red and black (which reflects the actual, real size product. I will show you later) box. At the sides all the information are in Japanese so i have no idea what's written there hehe.
Not to worry, since it is an international brand there's a complete information of the ingredients in English at the back at the box. This lippie is made in Japane, which makes me real happy because we all know how biased i am with everything Japanese
Information on the shade
Perfect Rouge mini lippie comes with a thumb sized, black plastic casing. Nothing too extravagant, nor the material feels too frail or cheap, it's just okay IMO. The design of the casing is still elegant and exclusive with the word SHISEIDO splayed at the side. There's also an indicator of the shade at the bottom of the lipstick.

I love brands that name their shades (even though i am a drugstore makeup lover and most drugstore brands don't bother naming their shades) so... The fact that Shiseido, a luxury brand, only call their shades by number is slightly disappointing for me.

One you take off the cap, you'll see a normal looking twist up lipstick case inside.
As it is a mini lipstick and only has 2.5gr worth of product, the bullet is tiny and short-which i find really adorable! I also love the idea of mini lipsticks, since i can never finish a full sized lippie anyway-i'd be very happy if every brands have a mini version of their lipsticks for sale *with mini price as well, of course!*,i'd definitely buy (mini) lippies more often!
The color on the bullet is a dusty, dark pink with microscopic shimmer that gave the bullet an almost frosty look
My bare lip. I did use The Skin Food Honey Lip Treatment that gets absorbed into lips fast and doesn't leave a greasy surface-therefore i like to use to prep my lips before applying lippies for review purposes (coz it won't change the lippie's texture like most lip balms would) so my lips  wouldn't be too parched. I am no longer ashamed of close up lip shots after my upper lip threading with Browhaus :D!
With Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer in PK 301
This lippie glides on really easily, feels very creamy and non drying on lips BUT, it does settle into fine lines and exaggerate dry spots as you can see clearly on my picture above. This is easily corrected by wearing lip balms underneath (since this lippie is creamy and has a slight glossy finish, a lip balm wouldn't change the texture but improve the final look instead), or alternatively you can add a layer of clear gloss if you're a gloss person like me.

The lipstick itself doesn't have any scent that i can detect, this is a plus because although i love sweet scented lip products, i would choose an unscented ones any day over a badly scented ones (you know, the ones that smells like cheap perfumes of old lipsticks).

The color is not as dull and pale as i thought it would be (like how it looks like on the tube), it's actually very close to my natural lip color (which is pale pink), but rosier. The color is perfect for days when i feel like wearing natural, my lips-but-better (i didn't know i'd ever be using this term to describe a lippie since it's not the kind of color that i'd naturally gravitate to :p) lip color for a natural, "no makeup" look or to pair with slightly heavier eye makeup (but honestly i love dramatic lip colors with heavy eye makeup, so stunning! Beauty crime or not, i don't care...).
With my natural pale complexion and soft, natural makeup
Another look where i played with a darker colored powder to create a tan ilussion and dolly pink heavy blush
Like the name suggested, the color is sheer and not very pigmented, but i feel that it's quite buildable to a certain extent. If i apply very lightly then i'd barely see any color on my lips, but when i apply them generously then the my-lips-but-better color pops up. The microscopic shimmer is not visible on lips but just leave the lips looking slightly shiny and glossy, which is a good thing for me.

Staying power is quite poor since it's so creamy, it transfers badly (pretty much anywhere my lips touches, intentionally or not!) and needs to be re applied every few hours and every time you drink or eat. Most lipsticks stays forever on my lips, even though this one lasts pretty long on me if i don't eat or drink, it's nowhere near as long as most other lippies.

Like i mentioned earlier, the lippie i received is a mini version and here's how the full sized product looks like
Somehow the bullet looks pinker and brighter in this promotional pic than in real life
Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer in PK 301 is a pretty, natural, creamy and non drying lipstick that's always a pleasure to use although in all honesty, this is not a shade i would've picked for myself-not even when i do not wear any other color than light pink ones, it's a bit too natural looking on the lips and too dusty on the tube haha.

I would highly recommend this lippie (in this particular color) for those who are looking for a natural (i think it'd be suitable for both fair and darker skin tone since i think it looks pretty nice with my natural, pale complexion as well as when i put on a much darker powder for a tanned look,it however might not be suitable for people with dark lips coz it's so sheer), creamy, non drying high end lipsick.

Not recommending it for those who wants a matte lippie, or looking for a more pigmented one. I would also not recommending this lippie for those who has very pigmented lip color since i don't think it'd show up/cover your natural lip color.

Would i purchase this with my own money? I am not much of a high end lipstick kind of girl, this lippie retails for IDR 330.000 (at Storberinet, USD 25 at most websites) for the full size (i have absolutely no idea if the mini size is for sale of just for samples)-not the kind of price i'd pay for a lipstick (i'd probably pay... IDR 180.000 max for lippies? Most of my lippies are under IDR 90.000!) so...I'd say not. But if they're having a huge sale (70% off? LOL) then i wouldn't mind picking a few up in different colors. I wouldn't purchase this exact color if i (ever) run out.
Have you ever tried Shiseido lipsticks? Do you like them?


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  1. This particular lip colour suits you so well! Great review!!


  2. The color looks nice on you~ Quite a steep price for a lippie ya, but if the colors are gorgeous, I'll definitely buy it. #curhat ^_^

    1. Thank you Phanie, i just am at the stage where i am not enjoying wearing natural colors much *LOL*. Hahaha yeah i can see that from your reviews! Thank God i have the will of steel when it comes to expensive makeups (but not to anything else LOL) :p