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Hi everybody...

Sooo... I was about to blog about my Bandung-Jakarta haul but then i remember promising to finally wrap up all the old hauls that i made since we started this blog but never got to publish because it just kept getting pushed back by other posts (some of the stuffs featured here i've used already and made an appearance in past blog posts >.<) and decided it's more than stale already so before they become more of a fossil, i should get this out of the way! I've contemplated skipping this and just don't bother (i think most bloggers would scrap it coz it's been more than a few months since i purchase most of them!) but... i... just... can't. Not only OCD talking, i also use my haul posts as a way to keep track of my shopping, if i don't... I might forget that i ever bought that 10 lipsticks or 20 earrings WTH. So please bear with me!
Errrr... some of them
I know it might seem massive, but please remember that i accumulated the pictures from many months, it's basically a haul dump. A few pics from a few months' worth, everything that i haven't (or even missed when i wrote a past haul post) posted. 
First batch
Various beauty related stuffs from various sources too hehe
Mond'sub (is that even a real brand? LOL) crystal collagen gold eye mask, bought it probably from coz hunny and i wear them every week to pamper our tired (mine from staring too much on my compie and hunny on his games!) eyes so we always stock up (i am freaking out because we're running out right now, and we always buy in bulk already, at least 20 pairs at one go! Need to check groupbeli/groupon soon!) although not from any known brands, i find those collagen eye masks are a real pleasure to use, i should probably review them... 
I bought one of my BFFs a Kamill hand cream in Frankfurt ('s airport) but never tried this brand for myself, when i saw this Skin Cream at a local supermarket that stocks imported items (Hokky), i decided to snap it up (coz the only way you can drag me to a supermarket is a promise to buy me makeups/bath and body cares!)
CL passed me this eyeliner to experiment on Au *LOL*, but then i immediately misplaced it (story of my life! Am currently misplacing one of my white rose ear stud! It's driving me crazy!!! I can't take it! I think i'm gonna try to find a similar one on scrapbooking stores and make my own pair to appease myself, i am quite into DIY-ing lately, i even managed to make little hampers for Baby Boy's bday party myself!) but i now know where it is (i tend to keep my stuffs that i get together in one place, so now i know where to find this LOL). I cannot for the life of me remember the brand though... It's Japanese brand... Oh, i just googled it, it's Majolica Majorca haha (CL also recently passed me a mascara from the same brand, will show you another time!)
Impulse buy from just because they were having a huge sale! This huge bottle of Etude House Aloe Moistfull was priced at around IDR 60.000, how can i pass it! I figured since hunny's skin reacts so well with all of the Moistfull line this should work for him too. Unfortunately it didn't (it's not moisturizing enough for him) but i like to use them when i'm too lazy to put on all the many steps of creams from my dermatologist! Review can be expected, of course :D
Another impulsive buy from the same OS, i always like two in one products so when i saw this Dear Girls Tint & Lip Balm at a promotional price (pretty sure it was under IDR 100.000, no idea how much) i just gotta have it (i admit of eyeing it for a while but wouldn't buy it on full price)
Next batch
Told ya i always stock up on these bad gurls! Ashamed to say that we've finished all of them already *LOL*. This crystal type is my least fave though, they kinda stings zzz
Clearly the next few items are from our monthly supermarket visit... Got this Tracia Deodorising Body Shampoo (wonder why they call it body shampoo instead of shower gel or something?) just because it's huge, cheap, has an attractive color and the claim to contain yogurt milk (i'm a sucker for anything with milk in them, despite the fact that i don't even like drinking milk!)
The (then) new Citra Body Wash. I do realize i seem to buy Citra a lot now (after Arum pointed it out) LOL, it's quite an unconscious move though-whenever they're on promo or coming up with new variants/products, i just can't resist getting them since they work really well on me
Oxy Perfect Clear Pad. Yes, i am aware that this is actually for men, but men's products tend to tackle the mega oily, black head problems that i suffer from (and c'mon, not every men has that kind of skin you know, take my hunny for instant-his skin is dehydrated and it would kill his skin off using most products targeted for men *LOL*) and it's just pretty interesting to me, cleanser... in pads? Sounds ideal for traveling haha (i haven't use this though)
 More Oxy product, Oil Control Film. Yet another item that i always have to stock up on, and the extra power tag called to me, i hope that means i'd only need to use one piece to blot my oil instead of two (like how it is whenever i'm using my Clear & Clear, Acnes and the Japanese brands ones)
Wardah Make Up Remover. I have two bottles but immediately misplaced one in my massive stash >.<. I've actually finished one bottle (yes yes, review soon :p) and it's quite okay
I'm just showing you my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain when they already come up with the new versions *LOL*. I did bought it very late on the trend though coz i kept on telling myself that i didn't need another lippies but then relented (i think it was around my bday so i was indulging myself, and my bday is in two months *LOL* talk about super old haul!) and got three :p
Batch 3
New Look earrings and rings (i'm pretty sure it was on their usual 2 for 3 promo), i remember when i used to buy accessories from them almost every week! It's been a while now coz they haven't updated their accessories collection since forever!
Stuffs from
Groupon always have those crazy new products' promo (like giving out free body lotions etc) and i used to check their website everyday to not miss out on anything (kiasu to the max!) but then i kinda get bored and very rarely check them by now *LOL*. Got these Vaseline Body Serums at a ridiculously low price (IDR 29.000 for two, yes i just checked my disdus history coz i am weird like that)
Ice Cream sleeping mask! I just got them because they're so so cute (and only IDR 29.000 each), i figured if they're not any good i can always use them on my legs or something *LOL* but surprise surprise, they're actually very good for dry skin! (yes, my hunny's my guinea pig...) And smells totally divine...
Then i went on a crazy lipstick spree coz for the first time i actually have a specific shade that i'm looking for and all hell breaks loose (as in i ended up with more than 5 lippies in that shade, and then i moved on with another shade and get 5 more *sigh*). It was during my vampy, plummy lips obsession but i didn't want to spend too much on lippies so i got mostly local brands
Plummy lipstick from Wardah
Then i saw Nature Republic's flower shaped lippies in someone's blog and immediately got obsessed! Got them (two because i don't know if i ever have the heart to use it, so i thought if i want to keep one until the end of time i better buy 2 so i can bring myself to at least use one. Very dangerous logic, yes?) from BeautyBar that i have no idea if they're still active or not (coz apparently the NailBar's closed down already!)
My first (two) Nature Republic makeups
Yes, another dark plummy one
And another one in bright pink!

Yet another supermarket buys that i sneak whenever we go into one :p. Soffel Bengkoang mosquito repelent lotion (because going for a yoga class in #Undecided's mum's place without wearing any is a suicide. This is the mildest mosquito repelent lotion i've ever used yet and i'm thinking of actually reviewing it *LOL*... Pixy lippie and Ovale's Olive Oil
Pixy's incredibly cheap lippie (it was IDR 16.000? WTH. But last time i checked it was IDR 19.000 already, they increase the price in such a short time?) in bright orange (my current lip obsession is neon, right...), another first (time buying Pixy)
Next batch, and as you can see, i sneaked another Pixy lippie...
Marina body lotions, they're dirt cheap and i read so many positive reviews about them so i decided to give them a try
Maybelline was on promo so i finally snatched up the Rocket mascara. I think i got my holy grail mascara too because there was a minimum spending and i always feel the need to stock up anyway...
The other Pixy lippie. Now that i think about it, i'm pretty sure i got this one first before the orange one
Coz i got it in the previous color obsession *LOL*
SK-II sample i got from Metro Dept Store (after my mum spent a few mill there haha)
Rings set from Diva (they're closing down in Indonesia, and i heard Malaysia too? Wonder why??? I mean, i am not surprised about Indonesia since their prices' a bit high for costume jewelries, but in Malaysia too?)
If #Undecided's reading this then she'd realize how old some of the stuffs in this post are
Coz it was when we bought out customized accessories. One of her fur babies (Kalista) is no longer around now :(...
I got overly paranoid about my chubby fingers' size and ordered in the biggest size, only to realize that they're wayyy too big even for my thumb zzzzz
I love personalized accessories...
Since Vaseline is one of the rare drugstore body lotions that really works on hunny's skin, i always stock up whenever i see a promo. Trying out this variant and i... didn't like it *___* review soon :p!
My mum passed me this shower cream (coz she's a hoarder like me and she got a severe allergic attack last year and now she cannot use a lot of brands of shower gels so she gave lots of them to me) and i just think that the name of the brand is hilarious, Facelook!
Got this "vintage" looking clutch from Metro Department Store when i was desperate to be eligible to use their voucher (with their 1000 terms and conditions) coz i am Mdm. Kiasu and i cannot just throw the voucher away unused. I do like the look of this clutch a lot, just a bit hard to pair with most of my clothes. But i used it once already in this look
Black unicorn clutch (that's good to keep a lippie and oil blotter, nothin' else LOL) that i wore for my bday last year (LOL WTF), until this day i regret not getting the metallic one as well whenever i see fashion bloggers rockin' it!
More stuffs from New Look
Bijoux charms on a huge sale in Sogo
Accessorize haul
Bling haul
Cute birds necklace from (X) S, M. L
Again, #Undecided's going to have a heart attack when she saw this, coz we bought it together (she got the same thing and ended up using it as a room freshener LOL) at Guardian after sniffing the smell when we passed by hahaha
Heat by Beyonce, a gift from my sis from OZ (she brings me perfumes whenever she went there, i guess perfumes are cheap there...) which i ended up loving (it's my Hong Kong Trip's fragrance)
Pink by Victoria Secret from
And... My first (and so far the only) haul from ... I was lured by their pop up promotion promising a free lipstick for first time customer (and LL told me about this website before because they have great prices and would even pay you back if you get taxed!) but when i actually made a purchase the lipstick promo disappeared already, thankfully there's a free eyeshadow instead so i didn't mind! This was purchased a million years ago (yes, i'm exaggerating, of course), i snapped pictures of them but then somehow lost them so i kept on forgetting to feat them in my haul posts. I ended up snapping pictures of them again last week.
Their promos are always crazy, i paid... around IDR 300.000 for all these!!!
Anna Sui's eyeshadow. It was IDR 80.000 or something, which was a total madness! I wear all color of eyeshadow so i didn't care that they only had this light blue color *LOL*. I LOVE Anna Sui but don't often purchase their products (except their perfumes which i collect) because i cannot justify paying so much for makeups, but whenever i see crazy sale like this i definitely had to snap it up!
L'Oreal Revitalift Eye Cream AM/PM that i don't think is available in Indonesia (i might be mistaken), also on sale...
Stila Lip Palette, also around IDR 90.000 (or 110.000, nothing much)! Not exactly my kind of colors, but you know.. with that kind of price >.<... I'm definitely guilty for buying stuffs just because they're cheap!!!
The free Calvin Klein cream eye shadow!
The only set back for shopping at Strawberrynet is definitely the shipping time (about a month), it was so long that i almost got an anxiety attack! But their prices are crazy low (especially on promo) for such prestigious brands so i'm sure i'd shop from them again in the future!

I'm totally into the whole transparent clutch/bag hype, bought this a while ago from (X) S, M, L and was supposed to feat this in previous haul post but somehow i missed just this picture *LOL*. It was on a huge sale too, only around IDR 100.000

Huge structured rose clutch, also on a huge sale (from Sogo), i actually wore it on last CNY *LOL again*
I cannot believe i forgot to upload this pic before! Those are gifts i got from G on their KL company outing!
Random buy in Guardian, Make Over orange lip balm (then i promptly got another one from a beauty box, in the exact same flavor as well WTH!)
More Bling Haul

And more New Look haul
That's it! PHEWWWW!! SO glad i finally get this out of the way! When you're severely OCD like me, you'd feel there's something missing when you already made your mind to do something but you kept on forgetting to! It's been bugging me so bad!

Anyway, i am so pissed at my hunny right now zzzz. He insists on carrying my shopping whenever we go out, but he's managed to leave my shopping at least 10x already! So far 9 out of 10 times they all came back unscathed (the only exception being a particular gym top that's gone forever after being left for a few hours in a restaurant in TP, which i swear never to set my foot into ever again. It does't look good either, i hope they'd close down soon. When we asked their help to find that shopping bag we left behind they were actually too lazy to care and just said "It's probably thrown away already" F U, Rice Bowl!) and it just happened again.

 We went to watch The Quiet Ones (it's just okay, nothing special) and then shopped for some lace and acrylic roses for my DIY project, went to the ATM to deposit some money and he immediately LEFT it there! Didn't think about it AT ALL as well until a few minutes ago when i asked for my items and he went "OMG!!!!!". I'm a natural pessimist and i am super angry at him at the moment, but #Undecided told me over and over again to send positive thoughts whenever i feel like this so i'm crossing my fingers real tight that the ATM ladies (you know, the SPGs who loitered around the ATM, offering you various services from the bank) would keep it like hunny's believe. I still feel like strangling him though.

Hope for a good news tomorrow! Toodles for now!

UPDATE : The missing stuffs are no longer missing! I'm super happy but at the same time this got me thinking, hunny seems to get away (90% of the time) for being a total forgetful klutz-this might encourage him to never try to improve! FML...

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  1. Wow, so many goodies! For the eye mask, do you put it inside the refrigerator just to make it cool when you apply it? It think it's more relaxing that way. :) How's the plummy lipstick color? The color seems nice.

    1. Yeah i know right, but the frigde is on the first floor and quite faraway from my room so i never bother >.<! Somehow the eye mask is always quite cold when applied anyway :). I haven't tried it! Too many new makeups, they're lining up to get used *LOL*