Shower-O-Rama 02 : Dial Nutriskin Ultra Hydrating Body Wash (Cherry Seed Oil & Mint)

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Have you guys ever heard of the brand Dial? If you're from USA you must have since it's apparently a pretty old local brand (drugstore, i'm sure. When i Google it most sites that came up was Walmart and stuffs) but if you're an Indonesian like me, chances are you haven't. I also never heard about this brand before i stumbled into them in a supermarket in Vietnam (which seems to be stocking lots of American brands, even in their supermarkets), Ho Chi Minh City to be exact.

As a huge bath and body cares junkie, not to mention my frustration because there was literally NOTHING interesting to shop there, i ended up getting loads of bath and body cares stuffs (plus lip balms and lip glosses. I did most my shopping in supermarkets there!). The huge bottle and the low price totally caught my eyes. I think there were quite a few variants available there but my choice naturally fell on the pinkest bottle :

Dial Nutriskin Ultra Hydrating Body Wash in Cherry Seed Oil & Mint
Hmmm yeah, the promotional picture seems to be a lot prettier than the real thing *LOL*. It's actually very simple and humble looking :
So sorry about the slanted picture, it was pretty hard to take picture of because the bottle's really tall! It contained 473ml of body wash
You see the price stuck on the bottle? That's not IDR, it was in VND, which exchange rate's about half of our money. That means this huge bottle costed me around IDR 43.500 only! Super cheap, even compared to local shower gels!
You can see that the body wash got a lot of bubbles and tiny red balls, i think the seed oils are placed inside the tiny balls?
It comes with a normal flip top, not too hard too open, not very flimsy that it broke after several usage either
Quite cute textures, yes?
The body wash is transparent with thick jelly-ish texture. The transparent gel and the tiny little bubbles totally reminded me of Clear & Clear new (ish) Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser in Energizing Berry (that i've used and been meaning to review, duet style with #Undecided who used the Lemon one, but as usual-she kept on procrastinating taking pictures of her bottle UNTIL she finished it! I already offered multiple times to take the pictures but she scoffed and told me "I can do THAT!". PFFFFFFTTTTT. By now she told me she already totally forgot the effects of the facial cleanser WTH so now i guess i will have to review it by myself as usual zzz), just a lot  thicker.

The red bubbles really bursts, i can't help but compare it to Clean & Clear's since they look so much alike even though for totally different purposes! The Clean & Clear one doesn't burst! So i was happily suprised when i scooped a red bubble and pinched it between my fingers and it bursts! So satisfying #don'tjudgeme. I always use bath lilies (shower puffs, if you're not familiar with the term) when i shower though and the red bubbles always disappear once i massaged the bath lily. That means the bubbles definitely isn't for exfoliating purposes (unlike Clean & Clear's). This body wash lathers really really well, the bubbles created by it and the bath lilly are very soft and a total pleasure to use.

The scent is very very nice, artificial cherry candy scent (so it's not for everyone)! It's super sweet and lovely, totally my kind of scent! It stated to contain Cherry Seed Oil (the cherry i can definitely smell) and Mint, but i cannot detect any minty scent or sensation when used.
Oh apparently the red bubbles are called microbeads! LOL
This Nutriskin variants are all infused with fruit oils, reading the name (it calls itself ULTRA hydrating!) and the claims i totally had high hopes that this body wash would be very hydrating and moisturizing (read the "Who says moisture has to be creamy?" part!) but from the very first few usage i already realized that while it was not really drying, it definitely doesn't moisturize my skin as well. I know some people cannot stand the thin, oily layer some of the more moisturizing shower gels/creams left, but i actually like that effect and am pretty sure that they really do moisturize better than ones that doesn't leave that silky feeling. This body wash definitely doesn't leave any oily after use feeling.
Made in USA
Another thing, i suffer from eczema breaks once in a while if the shower gel/cream that i use isn't hydrating enough (looking at Etude House's Sweetheart Creamy Body Wash with evil eyes &___&). As soon as i start using this body wash, my eczema started up, but weirdly enough after a few more usage (yes, i am a masochist) my skin actually ADAPTED. LOL, so weird. I managed to finish the whole huge bottle without further aggravating my eczema. I didn't even dare letting my hunny (who has super dry skin) to use this since i was worried it'll kill his skin right off *LOL*.

In short, i'd recommend this for those who are looking for very affordable, simple but quirky looking, super nice smelling body wash. And those who prefers no oily/silky feeling left behind by moisturizing body washes.

Not recommended for people with more sensitive skin like me, who needs more moisturizing body washes. Or those who dislike strong, candy-like smells on their body washes.

Will i repurchase? Even if i want to it'd be pretty hard to do since it's not available in Indonesia nor most of other Asian countries i frequent (i don't think it's available in Singapore or Malaysia, or even Hong Kong. At least i've never seen them when i went there), but probably not, it's not fun to have to battle eczemas (even if it gets better and the attacks were mild, still... itchy fingers are itchy fingers! Did i mention that my fingers and palms are where the pesky eczemas attacks?)!

Still, i enjoyed the experience, shower time's always a lot more fun when you get to use such a fun *can't get any funner than bursting bubbles, i mean microbeads!* body wash with such pleasant scent!

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