My Inner Reflection : Bunny Hop Lolita

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Are you wondering what the heck this post' title's supposed to mean? Well... Lemme try to explain it *LOL*. I titled this My Inner Reflection because i am attempting to show you this person who i really am inside (albeit just a part of me), without the fear of looking ridiculous or crazy. Actually i did dress ridiculously crazy (at least for conservative Indonesia), but since i did that at my own sanctuary (with only my hunny as my witness, who DID tell me i was crazy) i think it's okay *LOL*.

I mention this many time how i am a total lolita at heart, but i don't think i've ever uploaded a full cray cray outfit yet... Until today. Here it is :

Now let's start praying that my sister never gets to see this (BB, if you're reading, DO NOT show your mum!) coz i really don't want her to get a stroke or something. And yes, that's partly why i try so hard to pull back on dressing out as crazy as i really want to in real life, and that's because society can't accept it (at least without bitching about it behind my back or to my face. And no, i have no preference, both are as bad haha) and i am not as brave as those lolita girls (especially the non Japanese ones... I've been following a few amazing lolita bloggers from little cities in Europe and i am amazed at how amazingly brave they are, even when they are faced with bullies and ridicules), and also because i am way too old too haha.

But once in a while that part of me peeks out and force their way out. 

Like today. Lemme introduce you to my inner me, my alter ego-if you may.

I'm a little crazy pinky bunny girl
I love everything fluffy, kawaii, pink and sweet!
And peace is my signature
People think i am crazy
Or just a little abnormal
But i am who i am
And i can't deny who i am inside
Hehehe don't laugh too much okay. It is okay to be crazy once in a while! It's so much fun dressing up (just gathered up some stuffs that i've had for a while, i do not have a real lolita stuff!) and please myself once in a while. Almost therapeutic. I highly recommend you to do the same, just dress as crazily as you want and snap pictures. Break the rules, be whatever you want to be for once and not what society expects you to be. 

My fluffy bunny ears headband was bought in some random stall for IDR 25.000 and it actually lights up *LOL*. I actually collect crazy headbands and i'd love to use them as photo taking props from now on. My fluffy top was bought years ago in some online shops and can be used with normal clothing-the tutu however... Bought in Bugis Street (Singapore) a few years ago but i never had the guts to wear it. EVER. I am planning to go to Japan soon (hopefully next year) and i'll be sure to bring this. At least there i know i won't be attracting stares. Striped knee socks' quite old and the spiky jelly shoes i only wore once because it's a bit too tight :(...

After snapping those pictures i realized that the fluffy top itself has a very cute hoodie so i snapped some more pics!

Bear Ears
I got so into character i even draw on my face hahaha

This blog post is written for Racun Warna Warni Selfie Contest supported by Miss Lie Collection and Cathy Doll Indonesia :D!
Come and join it too, still plenty of time!

Oh ya, today's Indonesia's 69th Birthday! Happy Independence Day to all of my fellow Indonesia! We didn't do anything much to celebrate it other than... errrr.... shopping like crazy because lots of shops are having Buy 1 Get 1 Promotion today hahaha... 

Am going to leave you with a bonus pic of me and my hunny, we dressed in red and white to honor our lovely country!


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  1. Cute bunny ears! Hey I didn't laugh. I just smiled. :) The outfit fits you well. The pink hoodie seemed very comfortable to wear!

    1. Thank you Roch, i had a lot of laugh myself snapping those pics tho hehe :D. Yes comfy but unbelievably hot too for tropical countries haha