#Undecided's Bday Celebration

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Hi everyone!!!

This post is so backdated, I can't even... LOL.

Anyway, this is #Undecided and this is what went down on my 31st *gasp!!* birthday celebration (which happened 2 months ago hahaha..) 

Our first experience in The Champion was lovely, I decided to hold my birthday dindin there. But first thing first, photo spam ahead!!

Unsuccessful group photo hahaha

Snapped this one before Av (which was super late because she had to go drive her sister or went to a doctor first, I can't even remember now because it was so long ago hahaha) arrived.
It's the later BB, she said she wouldn't even be able to be there if she didn't go to the doctor and get herself injected first! Ohai! This is #Pink!
#Pink's hunny takes the worst pics of us. I look especially like a loaf of bread in this pic LOL.
Some new faces, the two on the far right are my mom and my sissy! And of course, meet Dee Toh, my blue Furby hahaha...
#Pink uploaded this pic, no idea why since it's the same pose and all from the one above it *shrug*
I think i uploaded this by mistake, coz i always uploaded a bunch of pics together and leave it until they're fully uploaded without checking again. But since #Undecided had already wrote a caption then i guess i shouldn't delete this?
The boys!! Again, some new faces: in red, sitting down is my brother. The one next to #Pink's hunny is my sister's boyfriend.
Furby!!!!! Thank you everyone, I love him *yes, my Furby is a he*!!
For once, a nice candid pic of moi LOL.
That's because I took it #smug
Hello Dee Toh, I see you!!!!
In case you guys are wondering, #Undecided chose her own bday gift. We've been doing that for a while, save us the hassle of guessing what the bday girl would want and avoid any disappointment of getting bad pressies! LOL. After 17 years of friendship we've established the amount of money we'd pitch in for bday pressies long ago, no need to be shy or whatever anymore hahaha. Btw, speaking of this *essentially* TOY pressie for a 31 year old, i see no problem whatsoever with that. Why i even mention this is because my sis complained about my 16 years old nephew who went and purchase a few bags full of toys in their trip, the parents seems to be very opposed to that as they see it as "BAD" "UGLY" and something that must be nipped in the bud, i cannot help but feel bad for him :(. Why should anyone be ripped apart and judged just because of their interests and likes? I feel a bit insulted as well coz everybody knows real well that as a 30 going on 31 year old i still love everything kawaii, pink and girly, and i am not ashamed of that. As a parent myself, i cannot help but think... Isn't it better for a 16 year old boy to still keep in touch with his inner child (his childhood has not even passed all that long ago yet!) than say... doing drugs or free sex? Not that i have anything against pre-marital sex. 
Family picture (without the father realizing that he's in one hahaha)
#Pink and G
Our arm candies! That's #Undecided, G and #Pink's hands if you can't tell :P
Our #NOTDs. The one with lime green nails is Av's hand we cannot stop joking how her scarily dry and wrinkly looking hands would make people mistake her for a 60 year old (eh wait, my mum's turning 65 this year and her hands are a lot softer and smoother than Av's! LOL. So maybe 80?) if they have to guess her age from her hands alone LOLOLOL
Was snapping a pic of G and her pasta, as usual #Undecided tries to be in as many photos as she can possibly did, i let it pass coz it was her bday celebration *LOL*
Guess whose fingers these are!!
This dude's!!! LOL. I deemed him the man with the girly-est hands I know...
My hunny has pretty hands too when they're not peeling or bleeding from severe dryness LOL, but i agree that V's hands are super girly, they're girlier than those sausages i call fingers...
#Undecided still takes the best pics of moi :D
Of course I do! *smug*
Being a good girl and sticking to less carbs diet (so far so good, except when i'm PMSing *sigh* it's just not possible to stick to a diet around that time *LOL*) but... The Champion's salad was bad. Bleurgh...
Another proof that i am an excellent human photographer who takes care of angling, A was super happy with this pic i took of her because she looked exceptionally slim here teehee :D
V whose pictures in this blog consists of those of him eating, at least 80%
#Undecided's bro, HR (He has the exact same name as LL's hubby haha)
Then #Undecided's hubby tried to nom nom Baby Boy LOL
Am proud to say that he is now a lot more independent than before!
Av and her sandwiches
My yummy fish and chips. I just hate the veggie on the side because it's lettuce but they cook em with oyster sauce (why not serve em raw, wtf!?). Passed them to Av LOL.
Errr... Like i said earlier, it's #Undecided's bday so i relented to her demands to take endless pics of her LOL. That's her bday pressie from her beloved hubby, Iphone (insert the newest series)
One more, remember it's her bday (LOLOLOL)
Shuttup bb!!! LOL.
LOLOLOL another failed attempt for a group pic *sigh*but the girls looked fab so i'm uploading this anyway!
The best group pic but hunny's not in it (coz he's the one who's snapping it!!!) so it's technically not a real group pic
True!! Look at my mom looking very youthful LOL.

Posing with their cutely colorful mugs and tea pot
Don't expect any less from my hunny...

We were having a grand ole time and a lot of laugh but sadly the evening was a bit marred by The Champion's less than professional staffs. Not only they kept on forgetting some of our orders, when it was time to make a payment (thankfully Av, the meticulous one other than A who's preoccupied by Baby Luca, checked the bill coz it there were only me and #Undecided... you can be sure that we won't even notice anything LOL) we found out that they tried to charge us with one more dish that we did not order. After we protested, they didn't settle the problem quickly like a professional should but instead they kept on coming to our table and tried to insist back that we DID order them. WTF?

As you should already be expecting from us by now, #Undecided and i pretty much exploded after their 5th or 6th time they came back to repeat "You did order this... But... But...". LOL. It was really really stupid, i mean... We ordered no less than 15 or 17 dishes, why would we even try to sneak out of paying ONE??? The reason is because we never order it, or ate it (if they sent out more dishes than we ordered). GAHHHH, i'm still pissed whenever i remember this!

#Pink pretty much summed up what happened, I just have to add that whomever was floor manager that night (it was a she and she was ugly less than presentable) royally fucked up, she should be banned from managing any hospitality-related joints ever. Not only did she was super dumb (talking to her was torturous) and couldn't manage her staffs, she was stupid enough to actually give me a stink-eye, thinking I didn't notice! Woman, no matter how pissed you are at me, whom happened to be a fucking paying customer, you hold your anger in UNTIL LATER. I don't care if you curse like a sailor behind my back, but NEVER treat a customer without respect like that especially when she was in the right to begin with. 

Even though it's safe to say that I'm no longer pissed at The Champion (did come back for dinner with hubby - after all their pasta is so yummy!!), I would like to offer constructive criticisms: TRAIN YOUR PEOPLE and CLEAN YOUR BATHROOM.

On my last visit I happened to order my usual Earl Grey Tea (amongst other things obvi), the waitress took it, came back to her station. I then went to the bathroom, completely repulsed by the state it was in but I had no choice since I HAD to pee (it was traumatizing, I will always pee first before I go to The Champion from now on), came back to my table and the waitress followed to ask, "excuse me, which green tea latte did you ask for?". I was quite considerate (okay lah, maybe Earl Grey Tea is not commonly requested drink) and repeated my order slowly, but then with baffled expression she turned to another waitress manning the cash register saying, "huh what was that?"... 

And trust me, that wasn't the first time their staffs inquired me with silly questions... How they let their waiters and waitresses run loose without product knowledge is beyond me...

Moving on before this turns into a complaint letter LOL.
I was so pissed I didn't notice that my bang was less than perfect!! Gahhh!!
Baby Luca is sound asleep but mommy and aunties (eh and grandma!!!) just had to get our pictures taken!!
#Pink and #Undecided
How come the birthday girl is not in this picture?! Hmph!
Told ya she insisted to be in every pictures *LOL*. Anyway we took this photo because we wre wearing statement nekclaces (G's not quite, but almost). Sadly you can't really see them because of the poor lighting outside, we had to resort to flash (yuck) but they were still pretty much invincible *sigh*. Oh well...

We weren't ready to call it a night yet, so we went on to play pool! Okay lah, the boys played pool. But it was a win win thing because there was a karaoke machine in the VIP room, and as per usual #Pink hogged the mic hahahaha...

Hey, i only did that because nobody else was willing to sing (except #Undecided and ocassionally-HR and Ev!) and i was way too kiasu to let #Undecided's hubby's money goes to waste! Use all the facilities to the max! (smash'em if necessary! I kid, i kid...)
Hubby - the big winner of the night - didn't lose any game LOL.
Ev's boyfriend - R.
A clear pic of the room - pool table on one side, karaoke set on the other.
Picking the songs.
Av was still a bit ill and A was obviously had to take Baby Luca home, so then there were 4 LOL.
Showing you our ages LOL.
By this time it was hubby against all the boys.
The boys lost so we punished them with a little jumping jack session LOL.
Where's R you wonder?
Skipping pool and having a karaoke moment with Ev apparently hahaha...
Lost another game - had to jump some more :D
Abrupt end to the photos because it was time to go home and we didn't take more group pics.

Anyway, regardless of all the crap that went down, it was a very fun night (didn't expect less when we all get together, obvi). Thanks everybody for making my turning 31 thing unforgettable!! 

Leaving you with pictures of other gifts I got from a mother-son duo which didn't plan to, but got me matchy-matchy birthday gifts LOL.
Bodyshop set from Ai Jenny - I LOVE them, can't stop obsessing about their Strawberry-line!
Bath/shower set from Elwin - which I haven't used until today because I'm still using the shower puff from Bodyshop...

This was the first year that I got birthday presents from non family / bff - which was nice hahaha... Thank you Ai Jenny and Elwin!!

Hope you guys have as much fun reading this (extremely backdated) post as we did! Hope #Undecided would be less busy so she can resume writing again *glare*.

Shut up, #Pink!!!

#Pink and #Undecided

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