W's Bday Luncheon

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Hello guys... 

Time for another very backdated birthday celebration's post hehe. It's one of my (ours, actually) BFF, W's a.k.a the current preggo, birthday luncheon last month.
It's pretty rare that we celebrate birthdays in the afternoon (but it's getting less and less rare the last couple of years, yet another sign of aging T.T) but it's actually quite normal for W. She's the most mumsy, domesticated one out of all of us and we often tease her about her grandma-ish tendency (i.e : she NEEDS her naps, and gets tired easily and often commented on my seemingly endless energy *LOL*. I play hard but i crash real hard too, W :p) haha. 

So i wasn't surprised when she invited us to her birthday luncheon, but we were really happy for a chance to hang out with her (she moved to a small city a few hours away from Surabaya since she got married last year so we don't get to see her much nowadays). Of course, #Undecided was invited too but she got real sick and couldn't come :(. Birthday luncheon was quite fancy, we had buffet at Somerset hotel's Terakota Cafe.
Av and i
Birthday girl, G and their hubbies
The ladies minus A who hadn't show up by then (W was worried about me arriving last *like usual, she said. Eh sorry yah, it's #Undecided who always shows up last, not me!* but it was A who arrived last that day hahaha. Going out with a baby is not the simplest task ever! And i'm actually glad she showed up late since she always need to bounce earlier, but since she arrived late she could actually stay until we all wanted to go home!)
G stuffing her face happily
I mentioned this before, this guy seems to always be eating in most of his photos in this blog hahaha
Baby Boy enjoying his pasta
Since it was a buffet style luncheon (oh no!!!), we got to had a few rounds of food while chit chatting and catching up with W, especially about the growing baby in her tummy (who's coming in a month! Argghhh a new niece *our first baby girl in this circle! Or at least that's the prediction so far!* can't wait to meet her!!!). I had three rounds, but don't worry, i got mostly bite sized per type! Literally just a spoonful of each variant that Av told me not to be nuts *LOL*
Only applies to the first round though
Got a little bit more of the pasta
Hunny and his waffle
Father and son
The ambience of Terakota Cafe
Did you notice all the blue balloons at the back? Yeah, there's a little boy celebrating his birthday there that afternoon (complete with a photo booth that we kept on gravitated to, wanted to claim that we're part of the bday party and demanded to get out pics taken...)  and boy was it loud *___*. We had to shout on each other's ear when we talk FOL. Speaking of bday party, Baby Boy's bday party was smaller than this party but equally as loud OMG. I am scarred for life and quite traumatized of organizing another bday part @___@.
Time to show off the birthday gift! My BFFs are all quite excited whenever one of us is preggo and they would try to get stuffs for the unborn baby instead of the mummy, but i always managed to stop them. I mean... Baby related is fine, but not actual baby stuffs, please!!! It's the MOTHER's bday! We have plenty of times to spoil the baby but on mummy's bday it's time to pamper her! So i suggested a diaper bag, a pretty one. Was thinking about Cath Kidson but sadly our little branch in GM only stocked two *fugly..* diaper bags so we hunted some more and found this uber cute (but classy) creme with blue embroidered bunny and plush crown charm in Sogo! There was a pink one too but we weren't sure of the baby's sex by then (it was before W had her 4D ultrasound) and the pink one's not as cute as this one (which is quite rare, coming from me!) so we get this one anyway, it's quite gender-neutral don't you think? We still got some money left from our budgeted pool, so we got her some The Body Shop products that hopefully can help W prevent herself from getting excessive stretch marks :D
A clearer pic of the diaper bag
A and her hubby finally arrived and start nomming!
While hunny (and G) happily took Baby Luca over from them (Av also took over taking care of Baby Boy from me, we have so many useful nanny replacement in our circle hahahaha). I think he's finally getting used to us because he no longer cries when he sees us but laugh and be happy instead, yay! He'd let us carry him too now :)
Accidentally (almost) all of the guys were in blue that day! Except for G's hubby

Well trained daddy haha
Mischevious looking Baby Luca with momma
One more. How cute!!!
Apparently Av's already reserved LOLOLOL
My slave bracelet was a gift from G and we planned on wearing it together, so there!
The cafe was quite crowded *not to mention noisy* so after we finished eating, we decided to go to the lobby area to take pics.
It was around World Cup's final
Don't mess with super Av, she's really strong!
Obligatory preggo pose! W's super skinny and her tummy was not too big either, plus she's wearing black so it's kinda hard to show! Actually my tummy was even smaller when i carried Baby Boy but i gained so much fat everywhere else other than my tummy FML!
One more, W looks like she's carrying a watermelon hahaha
I find this pic hilarious, why were those two holding each other's tums? I hope they weren't imitating out prego pose *LOL*
Super love this shot! Hunny's getting so good at snapping candid pics!
Loving the cute decor of the little deli, but seriously... why snow? It's (was) July!
Hunny snapped a pic of us gossiping hahaha (i looked ridic but this pic's quite nice so...)
Look at these two, Ipad addicts!
And that pic marks the end of this post! Happy birthday again, W! I wish you all the best that life can give you and more, a painless (okay, one can wish, okay!!!), safe and fast delivery, a very healthy and adorable baby, a joyful life with your family and of course with us, your BFF! Don't disappear from the face of the earth once the precious one arrived, okay! We want to be a part of her life! 

Posting again soon!


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  1. Wow restoran nya masih sama persis kayak dulu. I still can remember exactly. Jaman dulu kalo ke sby selalu nginep di somerset karena hotelnya lumayan dan harganya bersahabat. Hehe. Dan bfast nya juga variasi nya banyak. Tapi gw gak pernah nyoba Lunch Buffet nya sih cuma ke restoran nya buat bfast. :)

    1. Wah iya ya? Ini baru pertama x gw makan dsana malah hihihi...

  2. I love the ambience of that Terakota Cafe! Such a pleasant stylish atmosphere. Hope the menu was as delicious as it looks. May I say your dress is so lovely with that lace black top and blue skirt. You look so chic!

    1. The menu's okay! I am not a fan but my friends did love it hehe. Thank you dear! It's actually a top and a skirt :)

  3. Probably then one of the items she would want to receive as a gift is a cream to remove stretch marks! Haha. Wow, great food and awesome company you got there at the bday luncheon. :)

    1. Hahaha that's true, but there is no such thing as stretch mark removing cream though >.< only lightening them is a possibility *LOL*

  4. Such a lovely family and a great celebration, love all the pictures.