Event Report : Magical Music Night 2, Cinema in Concert

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Hellooo ^^.

Today i have an event report that's slightly different than usual, a charity Orchestra concert!
With my lovely blogger fellows
We had the privilege to attend and cover Magical Music Night 2, a musical concert that is especially held to gather donation for cancer victims and survivors.
Not only we were lucky enough to attend the actual concert, but we actually were also invited to the cocktail party beforehand.
With my lovely minion, Nessya hahaha
The most eye catching spot in the cocktail party area
This spot is by Dapur Cokelat and i don't know if we're too early or something, but when we were ushered into the cocktail area up to a few moments before the door to the concert area's open, they were still busy setting up their corner and nobody's allowed to disrupt them *LOL*.
It's definitely Instagram-able tho!
Lush strawbies for the long-awaited chocolate fountain
Everything's so pretty that i felt like grabbing them all. Even though i don't even like sweets haha
Then there's also the canape area which is Chef Ken (a local celebrity chef, he was a part of Masterchef Indonesia but i have no idea if he won or what coz i don't watch local shows >.<)'s area
It's the only savory area btw
As expected from a celebrity chef, the platting is quite Instagrammable too haha
More desserts
They gave us a pretty long time to enjoy the cocktail party and i must admit that i stuffed more sweet desserts inside my mouth than i should so i was more than a little glad when the door to the venue is finally open haha.
The enthusiastic audience
For some reasons they made the whole room smokey, some of the bloggers guessed that it's supposed to help give the "magical" feeling as to their theme, but honestly it dried up my contact lenses so bad i had to keep on using my eye drops...
Selfie first
The concert opened by the MCs
Opening speech by Mrs. Elizabeth Meliana, the founder of the event and also a tongue cancer survivor
Followed by Gus Ipul (Vice Governor of East Java) who totally supports the event
The concert started with 20th Century Fox's score followed with Superman's theme .
The orchestra was conducted by Mr. Robert Casteels, a prestigious conductor who's been performing all over the world
As the scores roll, if you can't already tell from the fact that the songs are from very famous movies-you can see snippets of the movies at the big screen 
The mesmerizing choir
Introduction of Mr. Robert Casteels by Mr. Glenn Bagus
In the second session, the orchestra was accompanied by some wonderful singers. Here's Raymond Johan singing New York-New York
And followed by Nikodemus who turned Sam Smith's Writing On the Wall into a stunning opera-like song
I was experimenting with my Oppo phone, which photos turned out a lot clearer than my Samsung mirrorless -___-
Mrs. Indah Kurnia singing Smile. FYI, Mrs. Indah is a MURI record holder for most songs sang without reading the lyrics
In the next session, Mrs. Elizabeth Meliana came back to the stage to give full testimonial about her experience as tongue cancer survivor as well as give explanation about this charity event, their vision and mission, also about their plan to build a shelter for cancer victims/survivors and their families who are affected by the disease. Not only that, but they also aim to help the victims and the families to build a better future (by helping them with education and starting carreers)
They also partnered up with Adelle jewelry to create special editions diamond pendants for sale especially to fund the shelter, there's also one that's even more special up for auction
The auction winner Mrs. Anita Prasetya
Mrs. Anita Prasetya is very passionate about this cause and she actually purchased TWO pendants, she also revealed that she herself is a cancer survivor
Samuel, Nikodemus and Mrs. Meliana singing Over the Rainbow with Nawastu choir and cancer children
And then it's the super special guest's turn : Once Mekel.
If you're Indonesian, then you'd definitely heard about Once Mekel, who's also a former vocalist of one of the most famous Indonesian band, Dewa 19
I've always had a soft spot for Once's voice and i was super happy when i can finally hear him live and it's every bit as good as his recording voice!
Once sang Don't Stop Believing, Dealova and Symphony yang Indah and effectively mesmerized the audience
Joyful Joyful by Glorify
It really was a magical night! I am super honored to be able to attend this concert (thank you Fika for inviting me!) so i can help spread out the word and create more awareness. I've always wanted to do more charity work, it doesn't always have to be material but if we can do more with our platform (in this case, my blog) than i cannot be happier.

If you want to learn more about the cause and look forward to do you part, check their Instagram @cancerawarenesscommunity , we can make a difference if we all hold hands and do something.


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