Event Report : Suminagashi Festive Party with SK-II and Clozette ID

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Hey guys!

As you might already know, last week was a crazy busy week for me! My schedule was full with endless fun events, one of which i am about to tell you about : Suminagashi Festive Party with SK-II and Clozette Indonesia!
Wefie with my table-mates, Sabsab, Cynthian, Ce Fanny and Jess!
The event was special because there's a special guest, SK-II's Brand Ambassador Susan Bachtiar.
The event was held to celebrate the launch of SK-II's 2016 Festive Limited Edition Collection inspired by the ancient art of Japanese marbling-Suminagashi. CL is SK-II user and she's a fan of limited edition bottles so she was more than a little excited when she saw me post about this collection in Instagram :p.
The event was opened by a talkshow with Susan Bachtiar, talking about her life, her family and her love for SK-II and all the positive things SK-II does for her skin's health
We were also told more about Suminagashi, loosely translated into "floating ink". It is a Japanese art using the ancient technique to paint on water that would resulted in marble-like texture. In Suminagashi's essence, there is no "wrong drop". Every drop of the ink is considered unique and valuable. SK-II believes that every woman can be beautiful in their own ways, just like Suminagashi's essence.

Not only we learnt about Suminagashi in theory, there were some fun activities in which we can implement Suminagashi in. 

The first activity (and possibly the funnest one) is actually doing Shuminagashi for real!
Here Susan Bachtiar gave us a demo on Shuminagashi (photo from Susan Bachtiar's Instagram)
I personally am quite familiar with Suminagashi, i once learnt the technique to do it on my nails ^^
Susan seems to be very artistic and knew what she was doing!
Ta dahhhh... What a pretty result!
You can also make your own scarf during the exhibition
You need to meet a minimum amount of purchase to be eligible to get the silk scarf (or some other requirements that i don't know about *LOL*, coz i know some of the influencers get to make one) so i settled for making one on a paper hahaha.
Not bad, no? For someone who doesn't really have any aesthetic at all *LOL*
The the event continued with a little makeup demo (still using Shuminagashi technique, of course) with Kathy as the MUA and Devita as the model
After the demo wrapped up, we were also challenged to do a makeup look inspired by Suminagashi. It was a short MUC and we were only given 10 minutes to do it, i already had a full makeup from home (FYI that day the electricity decided to be cut off, i couldn't dry my hair and i also had to put on my full makeup in the dark -___-) since i had two events to attend back to back, so i decided to just implement the colors on my waterline.
Playing with colors is just so much fun ^^
The winner of the MUC was Vannisa btw, and then there were also winners for live reporting : Sabrina (ofc, she always gotta win something, everytime) and Jess Ie.

The event was a wrap but there were still activities that you can do in the exhibition, like getting Suminagashi inspired nail art (with minimal purchase again) or trying out the uber fun photobooth :
Dresscode of both events were (thankfully) the same for that day : White!
Channeling my inner brand ambassador *LOL*
More fun photos
With Ce Fanny, Nessya, Cynthian and Sabsab
The one that always got my back ^^
Wefie also taken from Susan's IG ^^
And the awesome goodie bag :
SK-II Pitera Essence Set
My mum loves SK-II so she's super happy when i handed the package to her >.<
We had so much fun at the event ^^. It's a far cry from the total disaster last year *LOL*, i guess that's because Clozette wasn't there to make sure everything went smoothly back then :D.

Thank you SK-II and Clozette Indonesia for having us and for this uber fun event ^^. Until next time!

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