Review : LOLA Makeup Matte Silky Finish Pressed Powder and Colour Intense Lipstick (SPONSORED)

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Hey guys...

I had such a good start in the beginning of the month and was being sooo productive... Then i got super sick. I think it was food poisoning and it was really... really bad. I was so weak for almost a week (and i am not fully myself yet) and i had days when i fell asleep at 9.30 PM-which for my normal self is basically still morning HAHAHA. 

Anyway, i am back. And i have a makeup review for you *happy* ^^. Seriously these products are just so pretty, it makes me happy just seeing them. Is that weird? I hope i am not the only one who acts like this... The makeups i am going to review today is from a brand that i haven't heard a lot of before LOLA Makeup and they were kindly sent to me by as part of Surabaya Beauty Bloggers' collab with Zataru. 
LOLA Makeup Matte Silky Finish Pressed Powder and Colour Intense Lipstick
If you know me then you'd know that i normally gravitate towards pastel colored, cutesy packaging that looks more like toys than adult makeups *LOL*, but there's something about LOLA.... As soon as the package arrived and i held them in my hands... I was in love. Yes, how dramatic. I am forever dramatic i guess hahaha...

As usual, i'll explain a little about the brand first. I'm pretty sure that a lot of you are not that familiar with LOLA yet, LOLA Makeup (i think their full name is LOLA Makeup by Perse) is a British designed makeup brand that is actually designed for professional MUAs. Ofc, us mere mortals can also use them because whatever's good enough for MUAs is definitely good enough for me haha. LOLA also aims to help you to become your own expert makeup artist. How awesome is that, huh?

I was given the chance to choose two products from LOLA, currently Zataru stocks their Pressed Powder, Colour Intense Lipstick, Automatic Eye Pencil and Lip Pencil-i hope they will bring in more ranges from LOLA!
I chose a Lipstick (of course) and a pressed powder to review-they both come with a black cardbox with informations of the product at the back
Let's talk about the products one by one!
First up : LOLA Makeup Matte Silky Finish Pressed Powder
It has SPF 10-which is a good thing for me because any extra protection is always welcome
Ingredient list
To be completely honest with you, choosing the shade was a total struggle. There are no explanation on the shades in Zataru's site (maybe this will urge them to update this) and it's still very hard to find information about LOLA in general online. I finally found a site that gives brief explanation about which shades are dark, medium or light-but also very flippantly so i just chose blindly the shades that is supposed to be one of the lighest available. I know i share this struggle with my blogger fellows who are also involved with the SBBxZataru, two of them who have tanned skin ended up choosing shades that are way too dark for them!
The Pressed Powder comes in a black, smooth, rubberized case that looks sleek and luxurious
The shade that i chose is R011
The case comes with a generous sized mirror and a pretty but totally useless super thin sponge *LOL*
And the pressed powder itself is embossed with the word LOLA, it hurts my heart when i had to ruin it (by using it hahaha)
Well, at least i already preserved it in its pristine condition
The shade that i chose (R011) turned out to be a prettmy skin has a pink undertone.
Above : Wearing only BB Cream, Below : set with LOLA Makeup Matte Silky Finish Pressed Powder R011
I tried using the thin sponge that comes with the powder itself and it didn't work (like, at all *LOL*), so i then tried using my "beauty blender" (not the original one :p)-as the texture of the powder is very light, it was quite a lot of work using the small sponge-the second time i used it, i use a normal fluffy powder sponge and it works really well. I wouldn't recommend using brush unless you want a very thin layer that's almost invincible, I personally have very oily skin so i like to mattify my skin when i put on my makeup or else i'd be a crazy, oily mess within hours.

LOLA pressed powder is very light, smooth and a total pleasure to put on. I am so used to wear different drugstore powders lately and while they work fine-LOLA's powder just feels different. So much smoother, finely milled so there's no hash powderdered look on my skin, it's not as powdery (well, it's a powder. But i mean there are not a lot of fall off flying around while i put it on) and it just gives a better, more flawless finish. Oh, another plus is that it doesn't have any scent so it's a good choice even if you have a sensitive nose!
Close up on my skin with full makeup on. Look how smooth it looks? Well, my skin IS smooth (HAHAHAHA, don't slap me), but usually i can see the powdery layer when i zoom in (when i wear most drugstore powders
I wore my makeup the whole day and i only had to blot once so the powder definitely did help to keep the shine at bay (normally i would have to would 2-3 days if i am out the whole day, especially since i spent sometime outside by the pool too), my makeup still looks pretty much flawless at the end of the day!

LOLA Makeup Matte Silky Finish Pressed Powder is sold at IDR 295.000 (currently on sale for IDR 288.000), it's definitely not the cheapest powder around but i honestly think that it's worth every money for the quality.

Now, you see how gorgeous the lip shade i wore in my pictures in this blog post? Yeah, ofc it's also from LOLA :D
LOLA Makeup Intense Colour Lipstick
I chose the shade 005 Toffee Apple
Ingredient List
The lipstick comes in the same styled packaging as the powder : black, smooth and rubberized surface
I had a bit of a hard time choosing the shade again *LOL*, i wish there are more swatches available for the lipsticks so that'd be easier to pick the color you want-you know how hard it is to gauge the real color just by looking at the lipstick bullet's pictures. I sure hope our reviews would be a real help for y'all who are interested in trying out LOLA products! Anyway, i finally chose Toffee Apple (after staring at my monitor for the longest time because i was also attracted to a few other colors) because it looks very dark in the picture (like, very dark, reddish brown type of color that's very trendy and Kylie Jenner-ish), it's no secret that i love dark lipsticks, especially towards the end of the year!
The actual product is actually lighter than the stock photo and it has a hint of orange to it. Like a very burnt orange shade
Lip swatch that's a lot redder than how it actually looks in real life
It does look very glossy in the photos, that's due to lighting and because i always put on moisturizing lip balm underneath. The lipstick itself is actually very creamy, it's beautifully pigmented (when i wear it on its own, it shows up right away, boldly), glides on like a dream-and it has a satin finish. So it's definitely not matte, but it's not that glossy either, just leaves the right kind of moisturized, supple looking lips look.

I am not very good at describing colors (or scent) as you know, but this color is quite unique for me. It has some brown it it, some orange in it and also some red hint-it's not super dark, but it's not blindingly bright as well. I would say if you want to start wearing darker shaded lipstick but is not that brave to rock that vampy colors yet-this can be your training color. I personally find this shade to be perfect for fall season and i love how it warms my face up but at the same time brightening it up (geez, i hope i make sense) as well! I wear this lipstick a lot lately and it's just perfect for those days when you're too lazy to put on a lot of makeup but still wants to look polished and "made".
Just like the pressed powder, the lipstick has no scent (which i like. No scent is 10x better than those crayon-scented lippies, or those which has old lipstick smells *even though they're a very fresh batch*) and it just feels luxurious on the lips. I'm a die hard drugstore lipstick lovers, but from time to time i like to wear products that makes me feel posh too haha.

As it is a creamy lipstick, it does transfers-quite badly. Staying power is great, but you'd definitely need to touch up after a heavy meal. It leaves a tint when worn on its own, but it'd be a patchy mess after you eat. 

The shade looks very red in the pictures before, however i did manage to capture a few pics where the true shade shows up better :
This is the closest shade to how it looks in real life. Look how radiant it makes my face look, and it was one of my minimal makeup days!
Both the powder and lipstick also works super well for more formal looks, i would definitely wear the duo when i go to parties!
LOLA Colour Intense Lipstick is sold at IDR 208.000 (currently on sale for IDR 198.000), again-not the cheapest lipstick around but like i said, you can feel that it is very luxurious and high quality. I definitely do not get any problem like dry lips or whatever after using it, it's just lovely!

Over all i really enjoy LOLA products, from the presentation down to the performance, i just love them! I would definitely recommend their products for those of you who are looking for a classy looking and feeling makeup products that are not as generic as drugstore products but do not want to spend too much (i know they are not exactly cheap, but their pricing is still much lower compared to high end brands) on them.

Would i purchase them with my own money? I am drugstore lover through and through, but i do too like to splurge once in a while and LOLA products are the kinds of products i wouldn't mind splurging on!

Thank you Zataru for the chance to try out these awesome products, if i manage to tempt you guys... Head to their website now :D, there are a lot of other brands available too-navigating the clean and professional looking site is a breeze and placing my order there is a total breeze.

Btw, it's Harbolnas (which is short for Hari Belanja Online Nasional or National Online Shopping Day *LOL*), did you buy anything online today? Zataru also has offers for today!

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