Halloween Collaboration with Indonesia Beauty Bloggers

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Iyeesss.. I know Halloween has passed now, but i'm personally still caught up in all of the fun hahaha...

And i didn't have time to post about this last minute-but-still-awesome collab with my fellow beauty bloggers any faster, i hope y'all don't mind!
Different looks and feels from all the bloggers
So it was Jess Ie that first got the idea to do this collab, i was in Singapore when she suggested it and i already posted a few (very simple) Halloween makeups in my Instagram so when she asked who'd like to join, i happily raised my hand haha.

Here's my look, it's definitely the simplest of the bunch hahaha.
It's basically my normal makeup except that i i wore a greenish-greyish-blue lipstick. That's the makeup i wore to Halloween Horror Night at USS and FYI, full Halloween makeup and costume is not allowed. I guess they do not want a mix up between their actors and the guests. But they did offer face painting at the entrance so that's kinda confusing.

I did another makeup that's slightly more gory with fake blood splattered (not very artistically, sadly) on my face (i had a hard time finding fake blood readily available in Indonesia that's not super expensive for one time usage so i used a red lip cream. When i was in Singapore it was everywhere though, started for as low as SGD 2 at Daiso. Contemplated on buying one for next year but worry about it drying out so i decided against it), i think it's a bit similar to Bella's look so Jess chose this one instead.

What's the story behind this look? Nothing, i just wanted to wear the blue lipstick-that's all *LOLOLOL*. I also bought this purple devil's horn with black furry at Cold Storage (if you don't know, that's one of the most common supermarket in Singapore) and when i plopped it on my head... I think the whole look just gelled together-unintentionally.
The pink circle lens definitely helps too. Anyone care for a review?
I look at the look and i feel like a cross between Morrigan and a female anime devil. 
What i am wearing :
-Clariskin BB Cream
-Pixy UV Whitening Two Way Cake in shade Natural Beige
-Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer
-L.A.Girl 10 Color Eye Palette (kindly sent to me by kutekmurah.net )
-Mineral Botanica Blush On in shade Scarlet Rose
-Daiso Eyeshadow as highlighter
-Acnes compact powder for nose contour
-LA Splash Lip Couture Waterproof Matte Liquid Lipstick in Vindictive
In case you missed my Insta Stories (which i am kinda addicted to now, it's just so easy to update there), hunny actually bought me an Oppo phone, F1s or something-it labels itself as a "selfie phone" and that's what i'm using it solely as *LOLOLOL*. My Iphone front camera simply sucks and hunny is using a cheap Xiao Mi phone until he can find a replacement for his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which never came *poor baby*, my Iphone has also started developing internal memory problems and i am getting frustrated. I don't usually agree to get a second phone (i tend to lose one whenever i have two *touch wood* *choi choi choi*) but i am desperate for a nice selfie phone (I am way too lazy to import my photos from my camera to my phone okay) and the quality of Oppo's camera is just... AWESOME. No regret, no regret
This Oppo phone's camera just gives me the sharpest, clearest photo but with the extra glow  (FYI, i don't really use the "Beauty" option coz most of the time i don't need it #ahem). Hunny showed me another selfie phone (can't remember the brand, Zenphone or something) which was insane-it gives my eyes crazy enlarging effect-which i so don't need when i wear these crazy circle lenses-it actually gives the same effect as Purikura does! Now that's not something that i am interested in *LOL*
Imma spam you with endless selfies coz i love how this simple look turned out, and because the lighting in my parents' bedroom in our Singapore condo is da bomb. Look at my highligter. I can't  believe i just jumped into the wagon like a month ago or so
It's really time to color my ombre, but i sort of like how ashy white the faded color is. Btw, i didn't gather too many attention with my blue lips in Singapore, people started to stare at me and whisper once we reached Vivo City but that's mainly because they are mostly tourist. Sigh. I want to wear this to the mall in Surabaya but i really can't deal with the stares
Evil stare. Which is how i actually look if i don't control my face. I have a strong RBF, people
But over the years i've learned to control it hahaha. Look less evil here, yes?
Check out the other bloggers' looks too, maybe you can save some inspo for next year! 
IG : amandatorquise
IG : gadzotica
IG: jessica_ie
IG : limaszi
IG : meilinda_aline
IG : hincelois_jj
IG : phieselphie
Until next time!


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  1. thank you udah mau join! Ce aku pilih ini soalnya mnurutku ini lebih keren dan cakep(?) xD
    Baru sadar similar sama ce bella habis baca ini xD

  2. such a cool and creative makeup!


  3. Mindy... mukamu mulus dan glowing banget!
    Rahasianya apaa siih? *kepo hahahaha