Event Report : BloBar X Lilo MUA Instant Beauty

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Hello hello ^^...

If you follow me on Instagram (it's @mgirl83, btw) then you'd know that i've been sharing about this event quite frequently over there last week, BloBarXLiloMUA Instant Beauty!
With Merrie (one of the owners of BloBar) and Cynthian (you should know her by now, rite!)
Blobar isa hot, hip and trendy hair salon which first started in Jakarta and finally opened a branch in Surabaya (Ruko GWalk F/1, Lantai 2, Citraland, Surabaya), i think it's quite recent-just this year probably. I've heard about Blobar for quite sometime before, especially because they are very well-known for doing bright, colorful hairs (unicorn hair? It's definitely one of their specialties) and you know how fond i am of colorful hairs. 

I personally think BloBar's aesthetic is very close to my own style and preference so i was quite excited when i was invited to their Instant Beauty event as one of their hosts (special thanks to Cynthian for hooking a girl up :p).
They had 9 hosts but i only met Cynthian (ofc i met her, we picked her up in her house specifically because i still refuse to go to events alone *LOL*) because the Instant Beauty event was held for 3 days and the other hosts came at Friday and Saturday while we opted to go on the very last day, Sunday.

We were running late (oops) because i didn't anticipate the traffic to be so bad on a Sunday noon (usually it's very quiet) and BloBar is located on the other side of the town, super far away from our place (well, for Surabaya standard anyway).

BloBar is located on the second floor of a shophouse, it's not very large but decorated in a girly, simple style that makes me feel instantly at home *LOL*.
Since the place is quite small, they can accept probably 7 persons max at one go, it's wise to book an appointment if you want to go there
I'm not sure what the inner room is used for on a daily basis, but for this event it was transformed into a beauty room.
Where you can play with two of their sponsors' products, Emina and MakeOver at this room, you can also purchase their products if you see anything you like or get a free touch up here as well as getting consultation from Lilo on how to choose falsies that suits you and she would also help to apply them on if you want
LOVE the mirror, Cyn kept on voicing her desire to take one home *LOL*
Btw, all of the pictures in this blog post is taken by Chandi Photography and some with my Oppo (yep, didn't even bother bringing my camera *LOL*). You can definitely see which one is which coz all the artistic, super clear and sharp ones are Chandi's while the fugly and messy ones were mine *LOL*. Full credits to Chandi, go check out his Instagram page if you are interested in hiring him for your events.
Er. You can see how flat chested i am in this pic T.T
Spotted : Goodie bag from Emina. You get to choose between Emina (which consists of travel sized skincare kit) and MakeOver (eyeliner). By the time we got there, they pretty much ran out of the MakeOver ones because well, people prefers makeup ofc. I have 4 MakeOver eyeliners already so i didn't mind getting Emina's goodie bag
Emina's latest product, lip matte cream! I fell in love with the brown one and will be making a purchase soon
MakeOver also has lip cream (that costs twice as much as Emina's, but it is bigger sized), i heard they have like 8 or 9 shades in thing range but sadly there were only three testers available for us to swatch
Heavenly Blush is also one of their sponsors, i think we're supposed to be getting some in our goodie bag (some of the bloggers got them) but there was a lot of mix up and confusion, Cyn and i didn't get any in our goodie bags *LOL*. I wonder if the goodie bag was not pre-packed? Coz they seem to be forgetting a lot of things *LOL*
Swatches of Emina Lip Creams
And those three are MakeOver's
BloBar was kind enough to let me invite my fellow Surabaya Beauty Bloggers members to attend the event too, quite a few of them did come but since the space and hair stylists are all very limited, we got all different schedules. I did met a few of them (shout out to Tiff, Iin and Redha!) and took pics with them ^^.
Tiff was the first to arrive and we took this cute pic ^^
Then i got my hair washed and styled
You can choose between curly/straight/braided hair style, but my stylist immediately pushed me for a curl *LOL*. I mean, i did want a curl, but it'd be cute to have a little braid too somewhere. I didn't want to be fussy tho and i wasn't going anywhere afterwards anyway so i said okay...
I look absolutely bloody mental in some candid pics that Chandi took, but sometimes i look quite subdued like this pic here *LOL*
Cyn got a cute braid that i think really suits her well
Err. Yeah. I always laugh like a maniac in real life
Although most of the pictures in this blog is more of this type. It's all a facade, i tell ya..
Tiff looking very excited
The styling result. It's definitely time to trim my stupid bangs again... Btw, i love my hair curled, i just don't have the patience to curl them meself (or go to the salon)
My God i look stumpy, short n stout next to uber willowy Cyn. FYI, i am not skinny by any mean (dammit i'm not even slim *LOL*), but i look more normal when i am alone/take pics with similarly built people. Cyn is just... Uber slim, one of the skinniest people i know so.... 
Love this pic. I really want to learn photoshop to erase that double chin tho
More pic with Merrie, thank you for having us ^^
Thank you Tiff and Redha for coming!
Although i didn't get to meet my other fellow bloggers, i want to thank them all for coming and supporting me as one of the hosts so i am putting their pictures here :
Regina, Yessica and Anggi. Regina and Anggi (and Iin) are our newest addition to the community, in case you're wondering why you've never seen them before
Gadis and Limas
For some reasons i cannot find Nessya's pics in BloBar's album (she told me there was a celebgram busy taking pics and totally occupied the cameraman *LOL*), this is the only one i could and she is a blur background T.T


Thank you Redha and Iin who purposefully came early so they could meet me ^^, kiss kiss! ....Then there's Jess *LOL*
What's inside the goodie bag. There are also a lot of vouchers and a magazine tho. The thing that i am most excited about is definitely the falsies since i am warming up to falsies now
Thank you BloBar for having us, despite minor details (and how Cyn ended up with severe allergic reaction, super swollen eyes and all *LOL*)-we had lots of fun having a girly date while pampering ourselves.

Til next time!
Merrie helped me took this pic. I think Chandi took fantastic pics, but ladies always know other ladies' angles better *LOL*

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  1. ahh seru sekali yah acaranya. Dimakeoverin gituuu.. Anw, i think that emina creamatte are quite similar with the makeover obne. Maybe bacaus ethey are from the same company? haha. LOL

    1. Oh yaaa, aq blm nyobain sama sekali tp aq uda beli 1 creamatte nya emina siii hahaha

  2. Thank you for coming dear Mindy :D
    Hope to have you again in BloBar!