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Hello hello everybody...

How's your weekend? Mine is super fun and super tiring, but as usual-i ain't complaining! I prefer to be busy than bored-although being so busy means i don't get to update this blog as much as i want to (i really do want to, but by the end of the day my energy's totally depleted and i want to nothing more than to lay on my bed, watching marathon of American Horror Story! I am beyond obsessed!). Last week was an array of endless events and meet ups for me, i think i'm gonna have a quieter week after this-only to get crazy again on the next! 

Anyway, i set up a deadline for this review myself but then i am the last one to post *LOL* #theirony. Just a day late, i think i can be forgiven! Today's review come from a local, natural brand Trisia and it's a part of our (Surabaya Beauty Blogger, of corz) collaboration with Trisia.

Trisia kindly sent me their Natural Matte Powder and two eyeshadow kits.
Trisia Natural Matte Powder and Beauty Intense Colour Eyeshadows
You know i really love to support Indonesian brands and have high hope than one day, local brands can be the Queen in their own country and not be seen as secondary to international brands-therefore i am always super excited to try out Indonesian products, especially the ones from brands that i've never had prior experience with.

I heard about Trisia before (which, surprisingly has been around since 1999!) but not too much, and i never tried anything from them before so being able to try these out is totally awesome!
All of the eyeshadow colors that they sent me are very fall appropriate!
Let's start from the top, imma talk about the Natural Matte Powder first.
Trisia Natural Matte Powder , the compact powder comes in a white cardboard box that looks just like an exclusive chocolate bar! Seriously, when hunny brought the package home i literally thought he bought a white chocolate for me! (Fun fact : i don't like chocolate, even when it comes to chocolate bars i prefer white chocolates)
Information on the powder can be found at the back of the box
It contains foundation, but i find it light enough to use with light base. Trisia has three different variant for their TWC : Siky Moist Powder, Natural Matte Powder and Natural White powder. As i have a very oily skin, i am super fortunate that they happened to send me the matte type!
Ingredient list
They have very interesting shade names, mine is Rose Wine (which sounds super scary for a powder *LOL* it sounds more like a lipstick shade to be honest with ya!)-there are also Almond Nutty, Golden Mango, Melon Golden, Pink Peach!
When i first pulled the compact out of the box, there was a plastic sheet clinging to its body
The compact is white with "Trisia" emblazoned at the bottom in silver. It's rectangular and simple looking, basically it looks like a lot of other powders in the current market
Although the shade name, Rose Wine, scared me at first, when i open it up the shade is actually just a normal beige-y shade. As usual with local powders, it's a shade too dark for me (thank God it was just a shade too dark, i got sent products which are 2-3 shades too dark more often than i can count!) and it has a yellow-ish tone (which is not very ideal since i have pink undertone). You get 11gr worth of product in this compact
The powder has a pretty strong scent, it's not a bad scent at all-actually it's kinda floral, but it is quite strong that i immediately smell it since the first time i opened up the lid. Since it is quite strong, i definitely notice the scent even as i apply it-but it doesn't bother me too much. If you cannot stand strong scented powders then you might want to avoid this tho! (Note : I do have very sensitive nose and i smell things from a mile away, Nessya got sent the same products and she thought the smell is very light! You can read Nessya review on Trisia products here).

The texture is quite dry and light, it feels very dry (and rough) when i swipe it with my finger-the sponge that comes with the powder does a nice job of picking up the powder and it feels smooth enough when i actually apply it on my face (no trace of the roughness i felt on the pan). I didn't even realize that this powder contains foundation (before i am writing this review) because most TWC has a richer, thicker texture while this one feels very light. It does make sense though because i did notice that this powder performs the best when used with very light base and can be quite cakey if used with thicker bases!

Even though it is light, it does have a bit of coverage (due to the foundation in it), here are some before and after pics :
On the left i am wearing one of the lightest BB Cream (Maybelline's) that i have (it's so light that it feels more like a tinted moisturizer and i personally find it has very low coverage) and on the right i already set it with Trisia Natural Matte Powder
It totally got rid of all unwanted shine from my face and really set the BB Cream
It does leave a powdered look (d'oh. It is a powder) but nothing too crazy. I had some redness from old acne scars that were still healing on my chin (those hormonal zits are so irritating!), they were still peeking through underneath the BBC but got concealed perfectly once i put on Trisia powder on top
I personally like this powder quite a lot (i would love it even more if they come up with a shade that's slightly lighter and not yellow!), it helps totally mattify my complexion (which is awesome for me), keep sebum at bay (of course i still get shiny after a few hours, but not as bad as if i am using other powders) and it doesn't feel heavy on my skin. Like i mentioned earlier, it performs best when paired with very light bases, thick and creamy base would make this powder very cakey and that's just not a good look!
How it looks with full makeup
This powder retails for IDR 56.500-which is a pretty average price point for local powders-and i do believe it's worth every penny. I would recommend this powder for people with oily skin like me who wants a light but potent powder to set and mattify their skin. I don't think it's good to wear TWC everyday but if i do wear makeup daily (which i don't) then i would easily reach for this all the time because it like how it performs. If you have dry/normal skin, then try out their other variants.

Now onto the Beauty Intense Colour Eyeshadows (which i think is their new product. Can't find it in their own website and other sites that sells their products) :
Trisia Beauty Intense Colour Eyeshadow comes in a standard square, dark blue compact. I personally don't find the packaging appealing, it looks kinda dated and it reminds me  lot of other brands because it's so generic looking. I do wonder why local cosmetics love this shade of dark blue so much?
All of the compact from this line is identical, you have to flip the case and read the shade name to be able to tell them apart (for me this is still not helping because i don't tend to remember the shades from the name only). All the stickers containing information are dominated with blue, it doesn't matter which shade you have-the sticker is still blue haha
I got two shades (which is very much from the same color family) 01 Sparking Bronze (L) and 03 Beautiful Midnight. I personally find the two to be too similar and when  i wore them, i can hardly tell the difference.
Swatches for the shades from 03 Beautiful Midnight
03 Beautiful Midnight contains a silvery white (i personally would love it if it's a little more icy and intense), reddish-bronzy and a charcoal black shade. The silvery white is slightly shimmery and so does the reddish bronze (don't worry, they are not glittery) while the black one is matte.

All of the shades in Trisia Beauty Intense Colour Eyeshadow are very pigmented, the swatches are pretty much one or two swipes without primer. On my lid, they appear very easily nd vividly. They are a bit powdery but i don't find a lot of fall off on my face after using them. FYI, the charcoal black is not jet black (when i use it lightly and blend out, it almost looks brown) but it is quite pigmented and buildable. They are also easy to blend.
Eye look wearing this eyeshadow
Do you notice how red the bronze color is? It is very pretty and vampy combined with my pink contacts (which sadly are R.I.P already zzzz. Supposedly 3-6 months usage but i found one of them torn within a month, this is why i shouldn't have long nails!). I use the silvery white shade on my browbone, inner corner and to highlight my nose. I also used the black shade sparingly and blended out with the bronze and that makes it look brown
Swatches of 01 Sparkling Bronze
01 Sparkling Bronze contains a very light, nude shade (which i don't really like because it's too similar to my actual skin tone-making me look like i am not wearing anything if i to put this shade on its own), a bronze (which looks brown on the pan, but when swatched it looks a LOT like the middle color from Beautiful Midnight, just less reddish) and a dark brown-all three are shimmery.

Like i said, the shades from this kit is very similar from the other one and when i wore them on my eyes i can hardly tell which one i am wearing, because they're too similar!
I used the nude shade heavily on my brow bone but it just looks like my skin, only slightly shiny!
With full makeup. Seriously, can you tell my two eye makeups apart?
I do like these eyeshadows, but i don't feel like i need two of them since they're so similar. If you have a similar taste with me, then pick Beautiful Midnight. The star shade (which i believe is the middle shade) from the two eyeshadow trios are super similar, and with Beautiful Midnight you also get  a white shade for your brow bone (where in the other trio, the nude is not as interesting) and a black one which can look brown if blended but can also be intensified.

I think the pigmentation of these eyeshadows are awesome, the texture is buttery and smooth and the fallout are tolerable. Since i can't find a lot of information on these eyeshadow trio, i can't tell you how much they costs but seeing from their price range, it must be under 100k (their eyeshadow duos costs IDR 40k).

For these two particular shades, i would recommend them for those who are looking for warm eyeshadow colors that are oh-so-pretty for fall style looks, the reddish bronze is simply GORGE. They are mostly are shimmery tho (when packed, it gives your eyes that metallic sheen that's so in trend lately) so i you are strictly-matte-eyeshadows-only kind of person, then you probably wouldn't like this-i on the other hand, loves everything that's shimmery and sparkly so i LOVE them haha.

Overall i am very impressed with Trisia products, i like the powder more than i thought i would and i've been wearing the eyeshadows pretty much nonstop so that should tell you how much i like them.

Would i purchase Trisia products with my own money? Oh yeah. I have my eyes on their Moisture Lipsticks, they have 27 shades!!!

Are you interested in trying out Trisia products? 
Thank you Trisia for the chance to try out these awesome products :)

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