Unboxing : Mineral Botanica Magic Beauty Box (Studio Series)

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Hello hellooo!

Have you heard that Mineral Botanica is releasing their new line, Studio Series? Well, i heard about the plan a while ago and was waiting eagerly for the launch (i love Mineral Botanica! And my review of their lippie is actually one of the the highest viewed posts in this blog of all time! So i'm guessing a lot of you like them too ^^)!

About two weeks ago, i received this surprise Magic Beauty Box from them filled with Studio Series products. I was not expecting any package and was taking a power nap when hunny walked in bringing this box, i was like... What's that? Proceed on eagerly tearing it open and when i saw what's inside... My sleepiness disappears >.<.
Personalized Magic Beauty Box from Mineral Botanica
It was replaced with uncontrollable excitement. It was so uncontrollable that i couldn't stop myself from taking everything out, before i could take any pictures (so there's no picture of the them still wrapped in the paper that came with them >.< i did manage Instastoried it :p) That's very rare because i usually have a pretty good self control and my OCD-ness would make me grab a camera before doing anything else-not this time, my friend!
I mean, which beauty junkie can control themselves when they see these beauts in front of them???
Let's have a closer look on each product and get a sneak peek on the products they have in this Studio Series line!
Mineral Botanica Studio Series Face Creamy Foundation
I got the shade Natural, which is at least 2 shades too dark for me *yes, i am a vampire*. I've tried this already and honestly haven't figured out how to make this work, i am so not used to solid formed cream foundation (i prefer to stick to my liquid bases) but i think this will work nicely if combined with serum/liquid primer. The coverage is quite high tho!
Mineral Botanica Studio Series Creamy Eyeliner
I got the shade 004 Deep Blue which is a dark, navy blue. I never had any cream eyeliner before (i tend to stick to my marker type of liquid eyeliner for my lid and pencil liner for my waterline), i am a bit scared to try this *new things make me nervous, i am clearly not very good with changes*, but i definitely will give it a go!

Then i also got FOUR lippies *SQUEAL*, KYAAAA!!!
Mineral Botanica Ultra Pigment Matte Liquid Lipstick
OMG, local brand is now super trendy! Mineral Botanica not only jumped on the matte liquid lipstick wagon, but they also come up with the "IT" product : metallic liquid lipsticks! I am super in love with the shades that i got, 012 Dubai (sexy bronze color, i tried it on earlier today and i LOOOVEEE it!!!) and 002 Electric Blue (well, it's a metallic blue. I haven't tried it yet tho, i will... Soon. And yes, i will definitely wear it out!). I've been wanting a blue lipstick for a while and haven't been around to buy any, and they sent me just the color! What a wonderful coincidence!

And how amazing it is that they decided to bring those unique and not very "normal" colors out??? I am super duper excited! I saw another blogger that got sent the same press kit (with different shades) and she got a GREEN one! I definitely have my eyes on that one too! I can't find information on the complete shades of this Ultra Pigment Matte Liquid Lipstick yet, but i can already tell that i'm gonna be obsessed!
Mineral Botanica Studio Series HD Gloss Liquid Lipstick
I got the shade 003 Neon Pink-which name is self explanatory. As much as i find myself got swept into the whole matte lipstick hype, i still love nothing more than a plump, glossy lips-i haven't gotten the chance to try this yet but i think i will love it! 
Mineral Botanica Lustrous Silky Lipstick, which is super luxurious looking (and feeling) with rose gold metallic packaging and satisfying magnetized bullet
I got it in the shade 004 Vogue, an orangey-red shade with gold shimmer in it. It is GORGEOUS too!!! I've been wearing this very frequently lately, enough to form an opinion on it and it's a gorgeous lipstick-inside and out *teehee!*.

Then i also got these :
Mineral Botanica Eau de Parfum
I've tried two of these perfumes and i love both scents, they are also very long lasting! 

As i already say, i already used quite a few of the products. While i can't say i am in love with the foundation, i am crazy in love with everything else! The lip products... I am obsessed with! And i also really (really) like the perfumes! 

Thank you so much Mineral Botanica for sending me these beauties, i am beyond excited and i cannot wait to get my hands on more products! Which one of these would you be adding to your collection?

I will definitely review every single product that i got in this box, but you can help me choose which one to review first! Leave me suggestions on the comment box below, thank you ^^!
PS : i just got super shocked when my housed rocked quite violently (and i was screaming at my hunny, who couldn't even feel the movement and thought i was being crazy), apparently there's a pretty strong earthquake happening, stay safe everybody!

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  1. warna lipstick nya itu ceeh yang super outstanding .
    pengen cobain asli > <

  2. packagingnya keyen2 yaaa :))) pengen dapet juga hahahah :p
    pertama kali main ke blog ce mindy nih ^^ salam kenal yaaa :D
    salam blogger ceria wkwk


  3. Duh naksir sama eau de parfum, di tunggu review ya :)


    1. Aku engga sengaja mecahin parfumnya T.T tinggal dikit sih tp aq jd ngga bisa review hik

  4. love the lustrous silky lipstick
    salam kenal :)