Eye Stories 11 : L.A. Girl 10 Color Eye Palette in shade Nightlife (SPONSORED)

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Hey y'all!!!

I can't believe in almost four whole years of blogging and countless product reviews that i wrote, i have never reviewed an eyeshadow before. If you ask me why,  i also don't know the answer! I certainly love eyeshadows and i do wear eyeshadows quite often (at least whenever i go to events and parties lah :p. Definitely not nearly as much as i love lippies), i am not an expert whatsoever though-please keep that in mind. I don't own Naked palettes or anything from that class and my standard in giving an eyeshadow a rate is probably a lot different from other bloggers' due to my not-so-mainstream taste :p..

Before i yap even more nonsense, i should probably show you which eyeshadow palette i am going to review today (although the title has obviously gave it away) :
L.A. Girl 10 Color Eye Palette in shade Nightlife
This palette was kindly sent to me by Kutekmurah.com , if you're looking for affordable makeups with various available brands to go crazy for choose from-then this online shop is the place to go. I personally believe they have one of the best prices in the current local market for most of the stuffs.

Now, about L.A. Girl, it's a US drugstore brand that's been gaining more and more popularity in Indonesia because of their vast choices of products (often being dupes for more high end brands) and their super affordable prices. Ofc, once it arrives in Indonesia it's nowhere near as cheap as the original price in America, but if you choose the store you're purchasing it from wisely, you can get a good deal. Again, i strongly recommend kutekmurah, not because they sent me products but because it's true. I've been their loyal customer for a long long time before they started sending me products.

One of the most interesting (for me) products that L.A Girl has (other than their crazy selection of lippies) is their eyeshadow palettes. They have quite a few different ones and they always have wide shade ranges too.

10 Color Eye Palette is obviously a palette that consists of 10 shades and i got the shade Nightlife :
L.A. Girl 10 Color Eye Palette in shade Nightlife, which has gold-ish, bronze shades selection as well as purples
This palette, which is sold for IDR 80.000 in Kutekmurah, is quite small. It is 11.5cm in length, not even as long as my outstretched palm. In pictures they might look long and massive, but it is not. It's very compact and lightweight since the casing's material is made of thin plastic. Packaging wise, it is not very impressive *LOL*, it does feel quite flimsy and i am afraid it'd shatter if you ever drop it-so be gentle and careful!

It has a clear plastic "window" at the front of the palette so you can see the shades you got inside, that's nice especially if you have a few of these-you do not need to remember the names or open the lid just to identify which palette you are holding. I personally don't find the packaging all that interesting or particularly appealing, but i the eyeshadows peeking from inside is a different story altogether! 
You can find information on ingredients at the back. And yes, it is made in China-just like most of your cosmetics, even the much more expensive ones
It comes with a dual ended, long-ish sponge tip applicator that i don't really use haha. I prefer to use my finger if i really want to pack the color up, and brushes for normal application and blending. Each shade is quite tiny, definitely smaller than most eyeshadow palettes squares that i have, they are approximately 1x3 cm each
I think the color selection in this palette is a bit odd, almost a total opposite from one end to another, but that's not necessarily a bad thing for me since that means you can come up with various different looks with one palette. An everyday, subtle look to a much bolder, colorful one
I gotta be honest with you, when i saw the eyeshadow i thought it's going to be hard to get a color payoff. I think seeing the pictures you can already see that the eyeshadows looks like it has quite a gritty texture, but it's actually more pigmented than i thought it's going to be. It's not super pigmented, or whatever, however for most colors, you do not need to swipe too hard to get the color. You do need to work harder for the lighter shades (like the super pale gold and pale shimmery gold), but it is to be expected. 

Although the surface does feel quite gritty and hard when you swipe your finger of them, it doesn't translate to the application. When i apply them on my skin, it feels smooth and light, no gritty texture whatsoever. 

It is quite obvious that this is not a matte palette, all of the eyeshadows has shimmer in it. You might be worried about chunky glitters, but that's not an issue here-they are very shimmery and reflective, but not uber glittery or whatever.

The lighter colors are quite powdery (in the photos you can see some gold powders at the applicator container) but the bolder shades aren't. Even so, i do not find a lot of fall off at all when i use them, not even from the lightest shades. I never had any need to swipe off any eyeshadows from my face with this palette.

Let's see the swatches, shall we!
The golden section. The bronze (second from left) is the most pigmented, only needs two swipes for vibrant, bold color. The gold and the orange are also quite pigmented while the pale golden and yellow are the weakest in pigmentation
The purples, which are a lot more pigmented (all shades are all as pigmented as the bronze color other than the blue-ish purple, second from right)
If you're a Korean/Japanese makeup style lover like me, you don't wear a lot of super loud shades, and super pigmented colors scares you-then you're definitely going to love this palette. All the shades, even the most pigmented ones, are quite subtle and soft-in the best possible way. Each shade of this palette can be worn individually, like when you just want a hint of color on your lid-and you can just swipe a shade and go out looking cute (this is impossible with matte, bold colors. Well, impossible for me, not necessarily for everybody ahahaha).

If you're very into Western style makeup with loads of contouring and always use 5 different shades on your eyes for depth and definition, then i don't think you're gonna like this palette. I'm not saying that you won't get a use out of it, but you'd definitely not going to be able to use only this palette and be satisfied with the result. It can be used to complement other palettes, but not on its own.

I tried using as much different shades from this palette as possible  and created this soft but colorful eye look :
I used the orange, purple, and blue-ish purple on the lid, pink in the inner corner and pale yellow on my brow bone
You can see up close and personal how soft the shades are (and i was being quite liberal with the application)
I thought the two sides of the palette color selection didn't make sense, but after i used about 7 shades from both sides, they actually work together nicely 
Like i mentioned earlier, i also like to wear one shade only on days when i am too lazy to put too much effort on my eyes. I brought this eyeshadow palette to my short escape to Singapore and i wore them everyday (except the last two days when i was too tired to even put them on). I would only wear one shade that compliment my outfit's color everyday. In this pic i was wearing the bronze shade, which is very warm and pretty-super autumnal and it looks super lovely paired with a dark lips
But most of the time, i use two to three shades for a simple look. Here i am using the pink (one of the most pigmented shade) all over my lid, purple on my crease and pale gold on my brow bone
This shade is definitely quite versatile and i love playing with the shades, i love palettes which i can create endless looks with! 

There are 10 options for this eye palette (how appropriate) and they all have the prettiest shades (i admit i am a sucker for rainbow colors, so if you're a strictly basic color lover then you might not share my enthusiasm) ever!
I'm drooling all over Colorsurge, Prism, Delighted and Afterhours!
I think this is a decent, nice palette-especially if you love light, shimmery shades like me. For 80k, i believe it's more than worth the price.

I would recommend this palette for people who are after affordable palettes with vast range of color choices and don't mind shimmers. I would not recommend this palette for shimmer phobes *LOL*, people who are looking for matte eyeshadows and wants very bold pigmentation.

Would i purchase this palette with my own money? YES. In fact i will be buying more shades, didn't i already listed four shades that i have the strong urge to own :P?

Don't forget to check out kutekmurah.com if you're interested in this palette, i'm not sure you can find other shops that offers such a good price for it. Just be warned, you might end up with a lot more than you initially planned once you start browsing >.<.

I hope you enjoy my very first eyeshadow review, coz i have another one coming up real soon!

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