Japan Trip 2016 Part 7 : DisneySea

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Hey guys...

I seriously didn't think it'd take me this long to continue my Japan trip post, and i certainly didn't think that it'd take me 10 months to get to half of the trip >.<. Oh well, let's not waste any more time with ramblings, but i gotta warn you that this is a very picture heavy post, the heaviest i've written in a long time!

It's Day 4 and we're going to DisneySea!
Look at how excited i was hahaha
I think you know by know that i LOVE theme parks, i've only been to Disneyland (in Hong Kong) once and it was so magical i almost teared in happiness *seriously* so i was super excited to go to DisneySea. If you don't know yet, DisneySea is very special because it's the only one in the world whereas there are a lot of Disneylands and lots of them are very similar (i am told by my friends that Tokyo Disneyland is pretty much a copy of Hong Kong Disneyland so i'm not very interested to go there :p).

The journey from our hotel in Kamata to Disneyland is quite long, we had a very late night the night before (and i went to bed very very late because i had to comb my Harajuku hair down) and we had to wake up very early so that we could arrive in DisneySea early-we had to stand pretty much the whole journey since getting a seat in Tokyo MRT in the morning is mission impossible-that should explain why i look so tired in the pictures hahaha.
Stole a pic while Stella was getting our train tickets  coz look at it, it's pink... it's got castle on it... How can i not?
Frozen themed MRT!
Stella snapped this pic, arigatou ^^ it's such a sweet pic hehe
We got to sit for once! LOL
Silv snapped this pic of Disney resort while we were on the train
We're staying in Disney resort in our next trip, wonder if we're gonna stay here? CL makes all the bookings, all i have to do is pay for our parts hahaha, i don't even check-i'll follow her blindly i guess :p
The reason why i snapped this pic because i was fascinated at the number of Disney charms this lady had at the back of her wheelchair, and i found multiple people who does this-now we know we're truly in Japan! I've never really seen anyone in other countries i've been to that do this
Group pic first!
And then some narcissistic time
OOTD. Bought the purple Minnie Mouse hat at the very first stall  we found and i wore it the whole day hahaha. Very handy n keeps my ears warm!
Let's start the adventure!
A parade was starting when we arrive, look... They make people line up nicely to watch the parade
See, i already found the second person who covers their backpack with Disney charms. Japanese Disney fans are no joke!
It was early so it was just opened and it's already packed! Mostly with Japanese though and towards the end of the day we saw a lot of Japanese school teens in their uniforms for some reason (FYI this is considered low season)
Like the name suggested, the theme park is marine-themed
The nicer pics are Silv's, i clearly have no real talent in non-living objects photography hehe, i take nice human pics tho!
The weather that day was very nice, it was sunny but super cold *LOL*, we're tropical creatures and super cold temp never ceases to amaze us :p
I swear the only time i wear sunnies all the time is during winter holidays... I guess that's because we don't really stay outdoor all that much in our own country coz it's just too hot outside T.T
Snapped pics of everything in sight because i didn't want to miss a thing
It brings back so many memories and i got me so excited because we will be there again in about 2 months time *screeching in excitemen*
Almost the only time when hunny would whip out his camera and ask me for a selfie is when we're overseas... Not just overseas, somewhere new and exciting (coz i don't remember him ever asking for a selfie in Singapore/Malaysia)
And took pics in every touristy spot possible
Well, i never saw this before! Mostly mommies with their babies/toddler lining up to take pictures with characters but what's so different is how they are so neatly sitting down and patiently waiting!
Stella told us to go straight to the longest queued rides and grab a fast pass-that would be the Toy Story thingy (it's a kiddie ride) so that's where we headed to
And we ended up getting the 21.40 PM time slot. WT... LOL. We plan to go home together with the rest of the group and for that we had to regroup around 9 (i think) so that's not gonna happen! Anyway, it's a laser shooting type of kiddie ride so we ended up not riding it. I dread having to face the queue in our next visit because i don't think Little O would agree to skip this ride!
So we wen ahead to another ride
More selfieee
When we got off the ride, we found a mochi ice cream seller 
And i just had to get these Aliens mochi! How adorableeeee
Maybe a grown ass woman like me should not get so excited with kawaii stuffs like these, but i can't help myself okay
FYI, the price was effing ridiculous so i ended up taking endless selfie with them to justify the price
Last one i promise, and it's not bad tasting at all (nothing that we taste was ever bad in Japan! Really!)

We didn't plan on watching a the show and the gate was already closed to the sitting area but we thought we'd just get a glimpse 
But then we got mesmerized
With all the crazy details on the costume and prop
Look at the fries! So cute! I have a thing for both gigantic and tiny fake foods
Human hamburger
All the human ingredients all stacked up hahaha
We didn't understand a single word they were singing and saying
But that didn't stop us from watching until the end!
All of the show's pics were taken by Silv too coz my Marshmallow doesn't have a zoom in lens and hunny's camera's view finder's broken from the fall earlier on the trip!
I also snapped some pics when we queued up (most queue were up to an hours. Again, this is during off season T.T i cannot imagine the sits during peak season!) with my phone
Disneyland/DisneySea details never cease to amaze me
Honestly Disney ruin theme parks for me, i just can't enjoy other theme parks as much anymore..
Btw, behind the theme park it's actually directly the sea 
Everything is just so pretty...
Stella told us that the food in DisneySea (like all theme parks) are quite expensive, so she told us we can smuggle onigiri or something inside our bag (conceal it with a scarf or something) coz the security would only take a peek in our bag and won't rummage through them-and she's right. We didn't deliberately buy things to smuggle in *LOL*, but we had some leftover onigiris from breakfast that we did snuck in :p. Btw, while i do think most of the food in DisneySea if outrageous, the most reasonable priced food can be found at the Arabian Coast. 

I know i probably shouldn't be telling you to smuggle food in *WTF*, but if you're in a budget, the food price (even the snacks cost a fortune) in DisneySea IS going to wreck it! So yeah.. Smuggling a bit of food is not a crime i think... We ended up buying a lot of snacks anyway coz it's so cold and all you want to do when it's super cold is much on things :p.
They have this area where you can chill and eat your snacks (there are restaurants too ofc) and there were a LOT of birds there.
This is a.... Pigeon, right? All the birds are so chubby and they're super bold. Like, they're not afraid of human at all, they kept on coming and try to steal our food! They eat whatever you toss to them too WTF
Yep, i took selfies with everything that i put inside my mouth when i'm overseas. Especially if it's exp -___-. This is sausage, i suppose! The stick is real bone, btw
The Columbia ship housed two restaurants, if you're interested in dining there
I didn't even remember seeing this spot *LOL*
One thing that i was very excited about in DisneySea is Duffy!
Welcome to his area
I'm a an avid reader of Cheesie's blog (and Xia Xue, Aud and Qiu. It broke my heart when they pretty much "broke up") and i've fallen in love with Duffy (actually ShellieMay but they're essentially the same being, only ShellieMay wears a ribbon WTF) from her blog, i am quite cheap and stingy usually, but i already knew that i had to buy Duffy stuffs!
LOL at hunny's pose
AAAA, welcome to Duffy's home!
Duffy! You home??
The store was super packed
But i love how Japanese respects your space (except when you're in MRT during peak hours) so even though it's so crowded, everybody maintains a respectable distance from each other so it wasn't as claustrophobic as i usually feel in crowded places (Chinese Mainland people has the worst respect for personal space, if they have any at all!)
So it was not a painful experience having to shop there haha
I bought a few ShellieMay stuffs and have no regret!
Decided to hop on this because there's no line *LOL*
The reason why there's no line is because the "remote control" (it's the remote control toy from Toy Story!) ship never stops moving (they all take different courses and have those jerky remote control movements) and it's quite pointless hahaha
Ran into Mr. Incredible
Wildlife expeditions area
I don't like to queue up to take pics with characters (and the trait passed to Little O), i prefer to spend the time queueing for rides but when there are characters roaming around with no line, i have no problem catching them to take pics with. I was taken aback at how eager this little monkey was wkwkwkw look how i was totally off guard when it reaches out
Here's a better one hahaha
Can't help but wonder who's inside the suit? They're very small, almost kids' size! Pretty sure they're not kids tho hahaha that'd be illegal! 
I love how in character everybody are, and how they are determined to entertain especially the little ones
Because they really spend a LONG time with this little cutie, playing with her and all!
Okay, time to move on!
I'm very bad at climbing so i am kinda amazed that i actually did climb for this pic :p
This looks so tropical, it's so weird because the weather was anything but tropical!
Arabian Coast is beau.ti.ful!
Must... selfie... No matter how dark my dark circle had became hahaha
Mermaid Lagoon!
Sooo pweetyyyy
I was exhausted but seeing the colors made me shuffle my feet and made my way in
I think you can totally tell how exhausted i was at this point
Welcome to Triton's Kingdom!
It's basically a playground for the smaller kids, where the rides are even less adrenaline inducing hehe.
But it's seriously pretty
The decor, lighting and ambience just makes you feel like you're really in Ariel's world!
Check out all the details!
Adorable! We ended up buying a T-Rex one for Little O
And yep, we're merchandise ho, and gachapon ho too. whenever we see gachapons, we get excited
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
The architecture in this area is amazeballsss
The Submarine ride is definitely nice, if you're a kid then you'd probably think that you are under the sea! They are so good! Imma see if Little O (who is very skeptical like his momma) buys it
I hope this couple don't mind being in my blog hahaha. I was underwhelmed with this ride because of the cautions, i was expecting a big drop and stuffs... Nope. Nothing much happened hahaha. I kept on being a fool of my own fears here, i almost cried at Tower of Terror because i'm really afraid of being dropped from great heights, i forgot that the rides are much milder in Disney's theme parks
The sight is amazing at night when all of the lights are turned on
I really like doll castles and i insisted to find the It's A Small World ride, we got lost a few times but i wouldn't give up :p
Seriously the Arabian Coast is one of the most amazing  part of the park in terms of decor
I think my energy level is totally depleted and i couldn't even find the will to take out my cam coz all of the pictures in this area came from my Iphone haha
Gotta preserves the memories tho!
Like i said, selfie... selfie... selfie
Yummy turkey leg. I dunno if it's real or just us, but Disneyland's turkey legs are so much nicer than Universal Studio's (Singapore, never been to other Universal Studios before. Plan to go to Univ Studios Osaka tho!)
Amazing show
It was totally spectacular!
Then it was already time to regroup, i was so exhausted i couldn't be happier to be heading back to the hotel! It was such a nice day still, and i really enjoyed DisneySea (would be better if i had more energy though hahaha, i was just already so spent on the fourth day since we always had such a full day. I am not complaining really,  i think Stella wanted us to make full use of every seconds we had in Japan and boy, did we! Pretty much got back to the hotel at mightnight every day!).

I can't wait to go back! Also my Japan Trip series is not finished yet, please look forward to my next post where i'll write about our visit to Kawagoe, a stunning Edo-period castle town!


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  1. disneyland emang selalu menyenangkan ya.. dan gua denger disney sea ini cakep banget... pengen deh someday kesana...

  2. Doakaan sayaa supaya bisa ke DisneySea dan Disneyland :)

  3. Foto fotonya keren banget. Doakan aku bisa main ke Disney Sea dan Disney Land juga ya. Aamiin.