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4:37:00 PM

Hi Everybody. #Undecided here! I hope everybody is having a good Monday. Mine is surprisingly pretty good so far despite the fact that I've been having some mild vertigo attacks (damn it, it's back) due to the prolonged sleep deprivation LOL. I guess when you've been having so much fun, mild vertigo attack is nothing :D

Anyway, as promised, I'm writing a quick entry to update y'all about how Kalista and her training goes.
Miss Kalista

Originally we wanted to enlist her on her 1st obedience test this September, but apparently the test will be held on early Sep which means she won't be 12 months old by then (yes, it is mandatory that a German Shepherd is 12 months old before they can take the test). Kalista's birthday is on Sep 18th, so it means more boring basic training for her FHL hahaha... 

Anyway, this video is taken on July 14th 2013 - only around a month after the previous video I posted here was taken. And as you can see, Kalista has finally managed to follow Miss Jenny around obediently and takes orders OFF LEASH, I'm so proud of my baby girl!!!

On a lighter note, I also have an update about our dog walk. As you know, a while back when our dogs resided in my mom's house, we would take them for a walk around our block every single night. I miss those days really. But the good news is that we're finally restarting the routine. For now twice a week, you know, on weekends, but we'll see if we can keep this up and make it a daily routine like before. And the cherry on top: we got hubby's friends who just got themselves a German Shepherd (see the story here) to join the weekly walks!! 

Our goal, well beside the obvious of walking our dogs (plus to get girls' phone numbers - pardon our friends, they're young hahahahaha), is also to show people that big breeds (especially German Shepherds) are NOT scary. And the obvious choice to be our little club's mascot is Jerome, which albeit his looks (some say he looks scary LOL), is the nicest loveliest dog there is. 
Scary really?! This face!? LOL I don't think so!

And one more picture of him, just because :D
Jerome - my handsome boy - at 10 months old

Again, this is an open invitation. If you want to walk your dogs with us, just drop me an email and I will hook you up.

Let's go!!

Kalista, Jerome, #Undecided and Hubby with our step daughter Giza :D

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  1. just want to ask ._. ce #undecided ikut anggota Perkin?

    1. If by "anggota perkin" you mean we have kennel name untuk breeding, then yes :)