#Undecided: a new first for hubby and I

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So you know how in a new relationship you'll experience some firsts with your significant other? First date. First holding hands. First kiss. First fight. Well this is #Undecided and it's my story about one the firsts that happened in the 9 month of our married life.

No, this is NOT our first pregnancy. Sit down, mother in law.

As you know, we had quite a hectic week when hubby's Grandpa passed away, so naturally both of us were dead tired once we touchdown Surabaya *sigh*. But no rest for the wicked (yes, we deliberately missed one morning mass on Sunday and we're being punished LOL) as workload awaited. I had to resume working my boring 8-5 job and hubby was swamped with all the tasks that piled up during the week he left behind. Plus, his relatives from Solo were visiting for a holiday (yes, with kids and all) and he had promised that he would accompany them when they're in town.

Long story short, we both got sick. But lucky for my, my job requires me to sit behind a desk. Unlike hubby's. So his condition began deteriorating. On Tuesday he went to see our regular physician (Dr. Nany) because he had such a high fever and it was going to be a long day for him, he needed the boost (yes, injection LOL). Dr. Nany was quite surprised because he was burning!! She gave him the shot and prescription and told him to get a blood test if until Thursday the fever persisted. 

Thursday came. Fever persisted as predicted, but hubby being hubby refused to go to the lab because he was busy working. 

We then had a long night on Friday because we had a delivery of two German Shepherds (one 1.5 year old female and one 6month old male) from Trawas Kennel and there was some major traffic jam so they only arrived around 10pm. Even though it was late, we couldn't just leave as soon as the dogs arrived safely, no no no... We had to introduce them to their new owners (yes, hubby is my personal Dog Whisperer) because with big breed like German Shepherd, we needed to make sure that they were being handled correctly - especially because the female dog (her name's Giza) is fully grown and (according to the kennel boys) has quite a temper LOL. 

Anyway, it was then around midnight when we finally got home and I could tell that hubby was so tired, he slept right away. And the next morning we were supposed to go see our own dogs but he just couldn't wake up!! He slept the whole day - only waking up for the food and meds I forced on him. I left to assist Miss Jenny to get Ocha (her Golden Ret) to the vet around 4.30pm, stayed there until Ocha is tended to until around 7pm, had dinner, shopped in Hypermart (for soaps, this and that - you know, for the kennel), and got back at 8.30 something and found him still sound asleep.

The next day I insisted that he go back to Dr. Nany but he said he wanted a new physician, and one of his friends suggested that we go see Dr. Hendra Gunawan (an internist). He gave him another shot (which hubby said hurt like hell LOL) and insisted for a blood test. 

Monday morning a lab technician came to our apartment. Drew some blood, saying that the result would be sent to Dr. Hendra's clinic. We went back to see him around 7pm and the result is: typhoid fever. 

Yep, hubby is down with typhoid fever and he needs a week-full-bed-rest. In a hospital. People, this is the FIRST time ever that one of us has to stay in a hospital. Yes, with IV and all!!!

Poor hubby and his IV and hospital bracelet 

Gahhh.... I hate it that my hubby is sick, but worst of all, I HATE HATE HATE how his mother reacted to the situation. Get this people, she asked him to go back home so she could nurse him back to health.

*pause for breath*

A. He's a 29 year-old man. 
B. He's a married 29 year-old man. 
C. He's married TO ME!!! 

My reaction when I overheard his phone conversation was me hissing at him: TELL HER TO FUCK OFF. Yep. That's exactly what I said. Okay, I think I need to elaborate because #Pink would totally murder me if we should lose our readers over this comment LOL. 

I am offended, people!!!!!!!! 
*change desk to mother in law*

So much for elaborating, #Undecided. LOL. So let's try again!! 

Yes, I'm offended, people...!! How dare her?! Did she really think that I cannot take care of my own husband?! Did she really think that low of me?! I who pride my intelligence over my other (stellar) qualities LOL LOL LOL. Sorry sorry I couldn't help it... This is just ridiculous. Actually I am not as pissed right now typing this thanks to the plenty bitchin sessions with #Pink and A and G and Av, but seriously I was super angry. I honestly think that she stepped over the line this time. 

I am more than capable to take care of my own hubby, thank you very much. And I have my family and friends here whom are more than happy to help! And hubby also has friends here. We're OKAY! I am not trying to keep her from her sick son, she is MORE THAN WELCOMED to come and help, but asking him to go back home in his condition was just ridiculous. Hubby needs his rest. Since when is a-6-hour-car-ride-from-Surabaya-to-Sragen considered resting?! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

Anyway, hubby will need to stay in the hospital until Sunday. Dr. Hendra said it's necessary so that the bacteria is fully treated by antibiotic and there is no relapse in the future. I cannot wait until he's home. It's weird to sleep alone now. But I guess I miss his laughter the most. Sick hubby is too quiet for my liking tee hee... 

Get well soon, hubster!! Muah!

Oh and one more thing: THANK GOD FOR INSURANCE. Yep, only 3 month ago hubby signed up for insurance and now we don't need to even worry about the money for his recovery. So for those of you skeptics out there, seriously get one. It is that important. 


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  1. Oh dear Pauline,
    Our similarities are getting freaker and freaker. I, too, am not so close with my (future) monther in law, probably because our big differences and her tendency to "own" my (future) husband.
    so.... I UNDERSTAND.
    HOW DARE SHE!!!!!
    (hahaha, I certainly don't help) :p

    1. Hahahaha... it's crazy how similar we are, right... but I have a bad news for you May, that (future) mother in law of yours will only get worse once you said I DO to your (future) husband! I don't even feel like having a kid now thinking that she might want to own him/her as well!!