Our Week in the Hospital, #Pink and #Undecided Style

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So hubby is out of the hospital!!! Yay!!!! Okay, I know this is like more than a week AFTER the actual “going out the hospital” happened, but things have been so hectic lately we just got time to write this entry on a Wednesday night while we’re having a meeting to discuss our Taiwan trip’s itinerary. Multitasking, baby!!

Anyway, this entry is solely written to show you what happened during our visits throughout hubby’s week in Siloam Hospital. Obviously #Pink and her annoying husband accompanied me there on daily basis (hey, how else would I have so many photos, the photog of this blog is obviously #Pink LOL) and I LOVE them so much for that (don’t tell #Pink!!).

Hahahaha, #Pink here! And of course we did, it’s not something we even had to think about, it’s automatic, baby! Guess what, when it involves the two of us, even hanging out at the hospital turned out to be quite fun! We even had a special spot in Excelso, where we had dinner two days in a row *and made friends with the waiter LOLOLOL*.

The first two days, #Undecided hubby had to stay at a twin sharing room because the VIP rooms were full. I intended to snap pictures of him for documentations only *because nowadays I cannot NOT take pictures of everything OMG*, but then almost everyday we took pictures and I thought, let’s turn it into a blog post! LOL!
#Pink and #Undecided with the patient hahaha (i think i look a LOT like my cousin L in this picture somehow)
I honestly had never seen such a naughty and cheerful patient ever, he's supposed to be sick, right??? He was too happy to look sick *LOL*. I snapped a lot of pictures of him, asking him to look sick, but...
Did he do a good job of looking sick you think?
Not in this one, certainly!
I don't think being sick made him lost his appetite at all, in fact #Undecided went and asked the nurses why he had to have IV stuck on him and when they replied "for nutrition", #Undecided was like "What nutrition??? He's so gluttony, been eating non-stop, don't you think he's got more than enough nutrition already?" LOLOLOL. But then she went and da pao (take home order, or in this case take room order?) food for him some more. I thought sick people should stick to whatever diet the doctor put him on to make sure they won't get sicker, but then again in Indonesia they probably only provide one type of food for all patients, no matter what their sickness are (i don't know this for sure though).
Look at him, super happy munching away on his sandwich from Excelso hahaha

He just couldn't lie still for a sec! Look at how he's laying, while talking on the phone! 
Don't be surprised, i know in some countries using mobile phones is forbidden in the hospital, not here hahaha
That was the first time hunny and i saw them after getting back from our JB-SG trip, so i brought souvenirs we got them to the hospital. Hunny bought #Undecided's hubby (should we come up with a moniker, please #Undecided? Typing #Undecided's hubby is pretty tiring just to point to a person!) a cap from Cotton On (my fave store!) and he actually put it on and asked me to snap pictures! (on second thought, i think #Undecided and i put it on him to try it on, but he was the one who asked for his pictures being taken!)
No, of course he wasn't happy with one snap.
Take 2
And three *LOL*
The pictures all taken on the second (he was admitted late the previous night so we didn't go there) day, G and her hubby were also there.
OK, by now you should already know that my hunny cannot stop pulling weird faces when i try to snap pictures WTF
One thing about this hospital episode, you know I am a HUGE horror fan, right? And that resulted in-me seeing crazy things everywhere? So it started when we only stepped out of our car and hunny pointed out a lone room nearby the parking lot (where we had to pass every time we go to and from the hospital’s building, and we leave the hospital like at 10 or 11 PM every night!), it’s called Ruang Kamboja (or Frangipani/Plumeria Room) and, by the way I am describing it, you should already know, it’s a morgue. FYI, in South East Asia, we link frangipani scents with ghosts, because the flower is commonly found in cemetary. So whenever we smell a frangipani smell in the middle of the night out of nowhere.. You know what to do! RUN! So yeah, the name definitely suits the purpose. And sends shivers down every Indonesian spine. LOL.

LOL. Yes, it’s a morgue. Honestly, I’ve been in a morgue before (not so long ago when hubby’s Grandpa passed away) and it was quite okay, nothing scary. But somehow with #Pink, we got so dramatic and it was 10 times scarier LOL. Damn it, #Pink!! 

If the morgue was the highlight for #Pink, the highlight for me was hubby being caught smoking in the restroom by the nurse LOL. I honestly cannot understand hubby! You know how he was supposed to be sick and all, but he just couldn’t stay in bed resting!! He would move around between his bed and the other bed whom is assigned for the person accompanying the patient (this is obviously after he was moved into a VIP room). Or sitting on the chair. Or moving around the room dragging his IV holder here and there. Even worse: when G’s hubby was visiting, they would go to the parking lot and smoked. And yes, WITH HIS IV STILL ATTACHED ONTO HIS HAND!!!!! *sigh* *facepalm*

Yeah, I really was obsessed with Ruang Kamboja, I think I mentioned it in every sentence when we were there. And it’s not only intriguing for me, because one night we passed it and there was a nurse off duty sitting in a chair outside the room and another (on duty) nurse passed and kept on disturbing her “OMG, you scared me! Are you the woman of Ruang Kamboja (as in a ghost ok)?”to which the off duty nurse started cursing her LOL.”Why, you are about to enter Ruang Kamboja next?” (as a dead body lah) and of course the off duty nurse cursed her even harder “WTF! Your mouth! You want me to sew it shut???”. LOLOLOL. See, even people working there are quite scared of that place!

And about #Undecided’s hubby, really… I’ve never seen anyone so restless in a hospital room! He just wouldn’t stay still for more than five minutes! Here are some proof :
Looking restless in the bed
Next minute he will be on the chair already
Munching away at whatever he can get his hands on
And well.. since he's vacating his bed, we went in and invade.

Hunny invading his bed
this is from another day, but still, we invaded his bed LOL
Oh yeah, we made the patient took our pictures hahahahaha... And... we got crazier.
This one's still pretty normal, right
This is getting bizzare, hunny was pretending to suck on the oxygen tank there LOLOLOL
And crazier still
As you can see, we probably had way too much fun. And so much noises too, we kept on thinking that someone would kick us out soon!
Hunny, who couldn't stop pretending to be the doctor
This is taken from another day. He'd immediately grab the chart and start yapping and "examining" the patient WTH
#Undecided being a doting wife LOL
another proof...

And whenever i see mirror...
Selca happens
He stayed there for… 5 days? And we ended up watching lots of funny TV shows too, and we were introduced to a game show hosted by Steve O called “Killer Karaoke”, anyone ever watch this show? It’s hilarious! Disgusting at some parts, but definitely hilarious. Not a game show I’d ever consider joining though hahaha.

And one day, I wanted ice cream. Out of nowhere. I guess that’s because when we went up, we passed by a store selling ice cream, but when we finally came down (after my endless whining “I want iceeeee creammmmm”), the store closed already!!! ZZZZ!
Just moments away before #Pink started trashing around demanding for ice cream
Oh that was funny. G’s hubby (he’s like the most boring Gemini I know really) insisted that it was late and he urged G to go home soon, but G wasn’t ready to go yet (we were having too much fun I guess – yes, in a hospital. Bizarre, yes LOL). Then we dashed out to buy ice cream but just like what #Pink said, the store was closed the moment we got there FOL. #Pink was whining and to appease her we decided to go out (to the nearest ice cream parlor: Zhangrandy) to get the darn ice cream, but then the moment we passed Ruang Kamboja and to the parking lot, #Pink’s hunny realized that………he forgot the stupid car key and had to go back up to the room. LOL. He even had to lie to G’s hubby because if only he knew that we were going out to buy ice cream at Zhangrandi, he would freak and ask G to go home instead! LOL poor G… 

#Pink said: ask, #Undecided?! More like drag, i'd say! Kicking and screaming!

Anyway, hubby then called me to ask where we were and what took us so long, he was quite surprised that instead of getting ice cream at Indomart (this is the lie #Pink’s hunny fed G’s hubby LOL) we actually did a “dine in” LOL. 

So it’s settled then. G’s hubby = the most boring Gemini I know (yes, this statement is repeated for a purpose. And hopefully G reads this entry HA HA).

Below are the photos we took in Zhangrandy:
MMMM banana split, yumski!
Oh this is an important thing (which I almost forgot). On the 3rd night hubby finally got his VIP room ready. There are 2 beds in the VIP room – but since I had to work I obvi couldn’t stay there, right.. but then I finally managed to be a good wife and stayed with hubby for 2 nights on Friday and Saturday *pat myself on back* LOL. Poor hubby got some of the nurses pitying him because he had to stay alone for 4 straight night hahahahaha (I kept telling him: wrong wife, baby!) 
#Undecided and her "wife-duty" bed
That most of the time would be invaded by hunny, making him self at home
Is this what they call Bromance?
Yeah, i think so
#Undecided's poor hubby also had to had his IV moved THREE TIMES! His hands just started to swell and if they leave it there he'd develop a fever. He kept on bargaining and whining, trying to stop them from moving the IV (the first time it happened, i wasn't there to witness it, but the second time i was there and apparently the big guy's scared of needles *LOL*). He kept on bargaining "Tomorrow, let's just do it tomorrow", hunny and i were about to go home but we had to stop and wait until it was finish to make sure he went through with it!
Didn't really have to ask him to act scared LOL
okay this one's quite posey even for #Undecided's hubby LOL
the nurse said, "take a deep breath, Sir"
the needle is going in

okay this is his genuine expression LOL
aaaaand done :D
#Undecided's hubby looking miserable with his fresh IV in hahaha

All in all I'll have to say that even though I'm super relieved that hubby is out of the hospital, I do have several other things that I'm thankful for: Excelso cafe; Cable TV (for without this I believe hubby would have insisted demanded to check out of the hospital much sooner LOL); and last but not least the uber important: INSURANCE.

I've said it once but I'll say it again, PLEASE PEOPLE, GET YOURSELF INSURED. You know how much this week in hospital costed us?! IDR 14,000,000 something. You know how much we paid for it? None! Prudential Insurance (no, this is NOT a sponsored post) even "paid" hubby IDR 1,000,000 a night for all 6 nights he spent there (yes, they paid for his hospital bills, and they still gave him IDR 6,000,000 in cash! LOL). Bless the day he decided to get himself insured and bless his insurance agent/friend/business partner Boss Re (you'll see him on our Taiwan Trip entries later as his family will join our little trip! Can't wait!!) for offering us the insurance in the first place.

So there you go guys, our week in the hospital, #Pink and #Undecided style. For a change, we're leaving you with 2 photos of our guys (yes you noticed it right, no Baby Boy as he wasn't allowed by his Grandma to visit at all LOL).

#Undecided's hubby and #Pink's hunny

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  1. Hhahaha, this looks like a very long adult sleepover. XD
    Very entertaining though.

    1. Hahahaha yes it was quite fun. Poor hubby though LOL. Thanks for reading, May!