Calling all SURABAYA Beauty Lovers!

3:44:00 PM

Hi, y'all!

How's your weekend so far? Fab, i hope? Mine's... It's not even starting yet, just stayed at home the whole morn-late noon (trying to get some nap but failed miserably, Baby Boy trying to get into the room not-too-quietly, hunny's phone keeps on making noises-ARGHHHH, and my mum calling my room incessantly, it's driving me INSANE!), plan on going out later in the evening when, as a night owl, i will naturally be more energized and awake *LOL*.

I guess another thing that keeps me from resting was this thing that keeps on circling around my head, i have a task i need to finish so... I don't think i can have a good rest before actually finishing it, that's why i am here right now, in front of my lappie, DOING IT! LOL. Yes, i mean this post.

First, background story of course. You might remember, a few months back i told y'all about my new part-time job. It's now time to reveal what it was (of course, family and close friends already hear about it). I actually was hired by a company that plans to bring Collection (it's a cosmetic brand from the UK) to Indonesia. I was hired to be their special consultant and my job mainly revolved around research to help them understand Indonesian market better.
I have completed the three months job last June (and boy, how i loved that part time job hahaha, although it stresses me out sometimes because i'm an obsessive person and i've never work for anyone else before) but there's still one more task left for me to complete. That is to conduct a mini focus group where i have to round a group of girls (of 30), sit down with them and let them try out all of Collection's errr... collections hahahaha. See what they like and dislike, what shades are most suitable for most Indonesian, etc. 

When they told me to do the mini focus group, i thought i was going to have to do it alone *and i was super lost*, i have no idea what to do to be honest with you! But then they informed me that one of their marketing manager would fly in to do the mini focus group with me, yay! (She would also bring the product samples for the participants to play with, you might also already know that Indonesian custom-pffffftttt-wouldn't release it and demanded us to pay taxes even though it was already clearly stated that they are all sample products with no commercial value, and in the end completely confisticate the whole parcel and claimed it "Belongs the country" because we didn't retrive it for too long. HEY! It takes time to try to get all the ridiculous documents you asked for, alright! PFFFFFTTTTT!!! They were too afraid to send the samples for the second time, and rightfully so since the first one never reached me!)

And that's why... I'm writing this entry! It's actually an invitation and announcement, all rolled into one! All the Surabaya ladies (that fits the criteria) are welcome to join us in our mini focus group! What are the criteria? Really easy! As easy as one, two, three...
1. You must be female (aged between 16-25, we aim mostly for college students and first jobbers)
2. You must wear at least one type of make up (say, lipstick. Or eyeliner. Anything, really!) on a daily basis.
3. You must have a make up pouch, because we'd ask you to bring them to the focus group (but if your make up pouch is only filled with super expensive, premium branded stuffs then actually you do not fit the criteria *LOL*, we're looking for more of an affordable, mass market cosmetic users you know, Maybelline-Revlon-L'Oreal stuffs, and Korean or local brands, those stuffs that can be purchased without burning a hole in your pocket-because Collection's products are very affordable too! So we have to invite people that would fit the  target market we're aiming for, right...)

The event would be held on July 20th (Saturday, because i made some research, nobody agreed to show up if the event's held on weekdays since everybody would have school/work!). We have two sessions but the second session (mainly because some of the girls are still working half-day on Saturdays, or have classes. Or maybe they are just not a morning person like me haha) is already fully booked. The first session's still wide open though (by the time i'm writing this, 11 slots are still open, so hurry!), oh i forgot to mention, there'll be 15 girls in every session.

Here's the detail on the location and time :
The Boardroom
Surabaya Plaza Hotel 
Plaza Boulevard, Jl. Pemuda 31-37 Surabaya 60271 Indonesia
Session 1 : 10 AM-11.30 AM

There will be refreshment and snacks, and i've persuaded the manager to bring goodie bags for every participants (free make up! What's not to love?). It's, of course, completely free and don't worry, you won't be asked to do anything that's too hard or whatever! Just play with the cosmetics samples, chit chat with us, and show us your make up pouch (so we'll know the kind of stuffs Indonesian girls use in their daily life), and that's about all!

If you're in Surabaya and have not signed up for this, what are you waiting for? Drop us an e-mail with your full name, mobile phone number and preferably (if you have), your Blackberry pin so i can add you! I don't know if it can be considered a bonus, but you'll be meeting me and #Undecided (who's being a total sweetheart and agreed to help us out for the day, love ya BB!) hahahahaha. Here's our e-mail :

So, if you fit the category, or you know someone (or a few) who does, please help us persuade them to come! Haha! It'll be so much fun, i promise :D!

Looking forward to see you girls in person there!

PS : More good news, #Undecided's hubby will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow morning, yay!


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  1. YAY! cannot wait, to, see you there ce!
    that will be fun, i promise, you never know how crazyyyyyyy girls will turn into once the topic of the convo is all about makeup and what's inside their pouch. riot alert! x

    1. See you there, Lin!!! I can't wait too hahahaha :D

  2. Huaaaa wish I were in Surabaya bebski *sobs*