Unboxing : July 2013 Vanity Trove

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Hi, y'all!

As you already know, i just got back from a two weeks long holiday, during my holiday a few beauty boxes arrived, but of course, i couldn't see and open them before i return to Surabaya. So, yes, it's slightly late *but not too late because most of them arrived pretty late in June anyway*, but i of course have to share with y'all the unboxing of my beauty boxes. 

What we're going to unbox in this entry, like the title suggested, is Vanity Box' July (actually i totally thought this was June's box, apparently like magazines they named their boxes ahead of the month they arrived in, so the previous post of May VT should be June VT instead WTF) box. A little peek into what's inside :
Yes, it's super duper packed! In fact, before i even tore open the plastic wrap, the first thing i noticed was how heavy this month's VT was! Definitely the heaviest beauty box i've received so far *LOL*. As usual, let's start from the outside...
The usual, VT's signature white and pink pull-out box
Greeted by their booklet, the theme for June's box' Seaside Beauty
I love how VT's box's always neatly wrapped! The other boxes was neatly wrapped as well on the first box and quickly deteriorates into a complete mess already on the second box! Second layer revealed a pile of vouchers and fliers
Brazillian wax voucher for Pink Parlor, can't be used even if i want to (i don't, can't imagine the pain of a brazillian *shudder*) coz there's no Pink Parlor branch in Surabaya, and a voucher from Kay Collection that is featured in every beauty box in June *LOL*, plus fliers from some brands that was featured in this box
Yeah, again not interested in any of the vouchers. I haven't even used the first Kay Collection voucher that i got from Lola Box because i completely forgot to bring them on my trip (can only be used in Jakarta, what's new...), i also got another one from Beauty Treats (which i will be unboxing next), what the hell am i gonna do with three Kay Collections' vouchers???
First thing i noticed was those three full sized Vaseline lotions obvi, and i remember thinking to myself "no wonder the box' super heavy!"
Okay, i must first say that June Vanity Trove took me by surprise, i was severely underwhelmed by their first two boxes (where you can see here and here), i was warming up to their second box better than the first, and i actually LOVE this third box, so third time's a charm totally applies here! As you may already know, i was thinking of not renewing my subscription on VT, even almost skipped this July box, i'm sure glad i didn't!
Now that i already make it clear that i love this box, i'd like to get the negative parts done first. If you look closely on the picture of the contents above, you'll see that the lipstick was separated from it's cap. A closer look :
Can you see how some of the lipstick color's smeared on the cap? Only little dots, but still..
I dunno what's happening on June, but this is the second time i got a ruined product after the horrible mess of Skin Aqua in June Lola Box! (Oh! Lola Box already sent me a new set of perfectly sealed Skin Aqua. I also began using it on my trip and so far i am loving them, review can be expected. Rosemary said they should sent me a new box altogether since everything was so messy from the Skin Aqua spillage, and i also read foreign blogs where beauty boxes would send a new box, even with bonuses for their customers that received a less than perfect box, but of course... that didn't happen *LOL*). That's a Ristra lipstick by the way.
Ristra Lipcare Sticks in 36 Sparkling Ruby, full sized
That is so sad that the lipstick's kinda disfigured *although not too badly* because this is actually one of my favorite items in this box! You know how i love getting make ups in my boxes, especially the full-sized one!
Can you see it? Yeah, i'm so unhappy, i snapped pictures from every angle *LOL*.
Like i did with Lola Box, i tweeted VT immediately, but unlike Lola Box' swift customer service, i never hear back from VT. Tsk tsk VT! One point Lola Box, zero VT in the customer service department!
I just checked with the booklet and quite surprised that this lipstick's worth IDR 55.000! That's quite pricey for a local-branded lipstick! I totally thought it'd be around IDR 25.000-IDR 30.000 like Pixy or Wardah haha.

Like i said before, i am actually really happy to get this lipstick, and i quite like the shade as well (although it's a lot like my ruby Oriflame lipstick...), if only it came in a perfect condition, i would be ecstatic! I actually was anticipating a SilkyGirl lip balm (because that was what's in some other blogger's VT), but after seeing the price (SilkyGirl's worth IDR 19.900 LOL), i think i prefer this lipstick *LOL*. Plus SiklyGirl is a brand i am extremely familiar with *i went crazy and bought four of their soda pop sticks in JB...* whereas i probably would never purchase Ristra on my own, so it's a good thing i get to try this brand from VT.
Continuing on, as i am the kind of person who likes to get the unpleasant out of the way first (if you ask me if i want to hear the bad or the good news first i'd always opt for the bad and get it over with), let me continue with the next item that exactly over the moon by getting.
Natvia 100% Natural Sweetener
Seriously... Sweeteners? *muffled hysterical laughs*. WTH. No, i'm not happy getting a freaking sweetener on my beauty box, don't even see how it's related. I only drink 3-in-1 instant coffees at home, i dunno what to do with this. Probably give it to my dad? I dunno. Not happy with this one, next!
Kay Collection Pefume Bottle (Roll Type)
You know i also have mixed feelings about beauty tools  in my beauty boxes. I don't mind brushes and some containers (i'm SICK of puffs though!), but this one... yeah, i'm not very excited about it lah. I don't really like re-bottling perfumes around *OCD thingy, i feel like i'm wasting and disfiguring the perfume somehow WTF*, so... i dunno, i might use this for travel? But i've been using solid perfumes on my last two vacation and probably would continue doing so.
Okay. Done with the bads! Only getting better from now on..
Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control (8 ml) and Shaping Facial Lift (no info on the size, one sachet)
Yeah, i'm not exactly happy with sachet samples, but at least they're from Clarins *even though i am getting bored of getting Clarins stuffs inside my beauty box, at least they are Clarins instead of some dowdy, cheapo brands LOL. I know, i'm a box of controversy* and cellulite battling and face shaping stuffs are a good thing that will definitely get used :D.
Definite highlight of the box, three full sized Vaseline lotions
Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair 190ml
Vaseline Healthy White Night Repair 200ml
I also got those two for free from Disdus (my hunny always pays attention to free giveaways in Disdus, so far we got a Citra body lotion, two mini sized Pepsodent tooth pastes and now these Nivea body lotions, the Nivea ones are the biggest sized products we got for free from Disdus) so now i have two sets of those Vaseline lotions *LOL*, should lasts me a while.
Vaseline Healthy White Perfect 10 Serum 180 ml
I also already have this serum, bought it on a promo in Hypermart sometime ago *LOL*, in got free stuffs from purchasing this serum and another Vaseline product. Those three full sized Vaseline lotions are my second or third (i cannot decide, the Ristra lipstick should be my second fave item but since it's slightly ruined i think i'm demoting it to number three *LOL*) fave in this box! And the last item's my fave :
Pond's Flawless White Whitening Expert BB+ Cream SPF 30 PA++
A full sized Pond's BB cream! How can i not put this on the top of my fave list! If you follow this blog religiously, you'd know i already purchase this BB cream sometime ago because i can never resist a new BB Cream (like how i made my mum hunted down Garnier BB cream last time and it's now actually already available in Indonesia! WTF), now i totally regret buying it, but i didn't know beauty boxes would soon be available in Indonesia, let alone one would feature it in a full size, right! It's retailed at IDR 69.900, so getting a full size in this box is quite great!

FIVE full sized products (from three different brands) in one box, bravo VT! I am impressed! This is hands down my fave box ever from them, and guess what.. VT's box' my fave box in June! Lola Box was a total dissappointment, BTI's platinum box' quite better than the gold one (of course, considering the price difference), but VT's definitely my ultimate fave! That's a lot because the first two months VT's at the bottom of my list on beauty boxes! That totally tipped the scale, and i think i WILL renew subs for next month!

I know that beauty boxes are mostly for deluxe samples, but you can not blame me for being happier with one box than other because they featured a full sized items, right? Also you might notice my personality (un-branded minded personality LOL) from my reviews, how even though this box' mainly featured drugstore (Vaseline, Pond's) and local (Ristra) brands, i am happier because they are huge compared to their previous boxes with superior brands in sachet samples? LOL. Yeah, i'm cheap. 

What i also began to love about VT i already mentioned before, they are consistently neat with their package so unwrapping their boxes is always a delight, getting a messy, strewn around box is not exactly exciting you know!

Of course, when i see the other products that is available in this month's boxes i cannot help but wish i could exchange some products with the others *LOL*. The Natvia sweetener i'd exchange in a heartbeat (but then again it's probably a filler product), i would also be happy to trade the Kay Coll's collection bottle and Clarins sachet samples with anything from this list : Cow Brand Shizen Gokochi Green Tea (it's also full sized though so it's probably stretching it wishing for this item *LOL*), Angelwinks' falsies (guess what, i actually love getting falsies on my boxes now that i am actually using them-for events only but at least they are used!), Gold Diva or Tous L'eau vial, SilkyGirl lip balm (but like i said, i already got the lipstick so i definitely won't get this), Oriflame Pure Skin or Very Me.

Judging from the list, i really like a lot of the items they carries this month! 

All in all, i am quite happy with July VT, would even say i'm ecstatic if only the lipstick wasn't ruined! How about you, do you like your July VT? Or you hate it? After all, one woman's treasure could be another woman's trash!


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