Review : Baviphat Grape Anti Wrinkle Gel Cream

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Hi, dearies!

I just got home from ECC, we met up with #Undecided (and hubby of course) and also her husband's friends who are joining us for our Taiwan trip next week (OMG, i feel like such a jet setter, flying in and out all the time hahahaha... But... Stress time is here again, we haven't received our Taiwan Visas yet WTF!), we were planning out our trip's basic itinerary. It... didn't go so well. We kept on getting distracted and #Undecided's hubby couldn't stop making *lame* jokes, he just couldn't snap out of it and be serious for one minute WTH *____*.

Fret not, we also managed to write a joint entry (which will be posted soon. It's been a while, eh! Anyone missed our joint entries? Show of fingers, please!) and also snapped lots of pictures for future blog posts (#Undecided's dipping her toes on beauty product reviews!!! Something to look forward to, don't you agree?) so we definitely got a few materials for entries!

I myself also have a LOT of stuffs to blog about *mainly my trips... they seems to add up and i haven't gotten my blogging mood back on*, but like i said... This month i am having a little bit of a... writer's sloth. Zzzz. Thankfully, i am a hoarder, and i hoarded... entries. 

This review i wrote a few months ago, and before they expires *LOL*, i think it's time to post it! Reviewing Baviphat's Grape Anti Wrinkle Gel Cream now! (in case anyone not too familiar with this brand, it's one of hundreds of Korean cosmetic brands that's attacking the market right now, and one that i quite like because as a packaging ho, theirs are quite effing attractive for me, alright!)
Nice picture of the product first, courtesy or Mr. Google as usual :p
Do I need an anti wrinkle skin care already? Absolutely! If you do not know me in real life, it might be a bit difficult to guess my age *or is it?*, strangers seems to think I’m barely legal LOLOL, but I’m in fact been legal for a very very long time hahaha. Whenever I ask people to guess my age, the answer varies between 19 to 25 (that’s the oldest as I get. Mostly they'd guess i am in university, or if i didn't have any make up on they might even guess i'm in high school WTH). 

The worst was when an SPG stopped me and my niece at a mall in Jakarta and tried to get us signed up to an English course or something, and she kept on saying “If you already reached the age of 14 please join our course”. Naturally I thought she was talking to my niece (who’s 14 at the time), but then she kept on pestering me and I was like “You’re talking to me?” and she went “Of course!”. OMG.  What do YOU think? If I haven’t revealed my age (or the fact that I am married with a 6 years old son), how old would you say I am?

Anyway, for my regular skin care regimen (not including cleansing and toning, strictly the creams and all) I actually use dermatologist’s skin cares from Dermasense. I never had any serious acne problem but on a rare occasion (it was my graduation day) I went to have my make up professionally done (by that stage I have not learnt how to put on my own full make up, I was still in powder-mascara-lip gloss stage I believe, maybe started to use blush on as well-I am a late bloomer, only started using full make up in my mid-twenties haha) and it left me with *gasp* some major (for me) breakout!!! The horror!!! My mum took me to her usual clinic (Dermasense, of course. And no, I am not sponsored or whatever, I just swears by them, that’s all) and I was introduced to their skin care ( I have my monthly facials here too), am hooked ever since.

So, I’m actually not very adventurous when it comes to skin cares (except for cleanser and toner!) because I love my Dermasense stuffs too much, but I also heard about how dermatologist’ skin cares can make your skin got addicted to them, and how it might give your liver or whatever side effects, so I try to not depend on the dermatologist skin care too much and use drugstore/high end skin cares at least a few weeks in a month. 

But the reason why I bought this was actually not to use as a face moisturizer, I was actually looking for an eye gel. I’m not really into using eye cream so I thought an eye gel would be nicer to use (I tried both eye cream and eye gel before), I contacted my old favorite cosmetic online shop (Para Para Boutique, sadly it’s no longer operating, the owner’s working in Dubai now if I’m not mistaken, she said it’s not closed permanently but it’s been quite long and it’s still not operating so I’m not sure if it’s ever going to be operating ever again, thank God I found other fave online shops, thanks to Rosemary!) and asked her for a recommendation. I was looking for an eye gel, I also don’t know why she suggested this Baviphat gel that’s not specifically targeted for the eye area LOL.
The plastic packaging all squashy already when it arrived

I was really taken aback when it arrived, it was HUGE (100 ml)! LOL. Then I read the name and realized, huh… it’s not really for the eye area??? Then I googled and googled, and I searched whether it’s safe to use around the eye area or not, but no such information was present. I remembered reading in some site about the conspiracy theory regarding eye cares LOLOL, how it’s not actually really necessary and you actually can use your regular face care for the skin around your eyes as well, so I decided to wing it and try it anyway. 

I was also looking to try it (for the entire face) on hunny, because his skin is really dry (all over, you know the sad condition of his skin already), yes including his face. And I saw traces of early wrinkles around his eyes *GASP!!!!*, he’s way too young to develop wrinkles already!!! I tried drug store creams already and it didn’t work, his skin is super weird. I tried a rich and creamy product on his skin and instead of breaking out (like other people when they use something too rich and moisturizing) his skin dried up scarily!!! They started to flake off! He’s a real freak show, that guy!!!

I received a sample of Etude’s Moistfull Collagen Homme Multi Moisture Cream with some of my previous purchases and tried it on him, was very cautious and worried his skin would fall off or something, but surprisingly it works really well on him! His skin’s much suppler and not as parched. I was delighted!! I wanted to buy the full sized product but it’s really hard to find a ready stock at local sellers (and I’m not too keen on joining a PO, joining POs for Etude House products sucks, most of the time they  would be Out Of Stock, pffffftttt), and then I remember I had this Baviphat gel in my stash! 

So, I began using it for my eye area and his entire face. Here’s the real life photos of the product :
Love the super cute packaging!

Super cute packaging, noh??? I don’t understand how hunny had difficulties guessing what fruit it was when I first showed it to him LOL, isn’t it pretty obvious?

You can see they have a plastic separator after the lid which is a very good thing because of the texture (gel, very light) of the gel, without the separator it’d be a total mess! It comes in a tub though, so it’d be a big problem for germ-phobes out there, but as I stated before, I’m quite disgusting LOL so it doesn’t bother me at all. I always use clean fingers to get the product, of course.

The texture is very light, a watery gel, and very soft and quite bouncy for me. I did google some other reviews before writing this and one blogger said hers came with no bounce whatsoever, it’s not sticky and if you put it in your finger and you dangle it it’d drip right off your fingers, mine doesn’t have the same consistency. It is bouncy and it’d stay in your finger if you dangle it, how it’s supposed to be. So I guess the product that the other blogger got had changed in consistency due to weather change, but mine was not. 

We’ve been using it for  quite a while now, more than a month (so I’m qualified to write this review LOL) and so far I quite like this. Probably as a face care more than eye care (I’ve used it plenty of times all over my face too, I like how moisturizing and gentle it is on my skin) because my eye area are pretty sensitive, I felt it stung my eye area a little bit (but I experience the same stinging sensation from almost all of the eye gel I’ve tried so it’s not this product’s fault) and sometimes a little part of my eyes would be a dit dry and flaky, which I’d only realize when I’m applying concealers (but then I applied this gel on that dry area and it’s much better), and I don’t know for sure if it’s because of this gel or not. 

(NOTE : We’ve been using it for months by now, it’s almost finished actually! It lasted us ages because the amount of products in the tube was MASSIVE! And you don’t need all that much for your entire face, let alone for eye ares! We love it still and it works really well! And it doesn't sting at all nowadays, so maybe my skin adapted to the product or it was very dry and sensitive the first time i began using it)

For his skin it’s all good news! It’s no longer (too) dry, much softer and suppler (and he claimed so himself LOL)! Now I can safely say the only skin care product that would do well on his skin is : gel products! I know what kind of stuffs to buy for him already, YAY! And like I said, I use it all the time for my face too, it’s very nice and soft, not very greasy too (you know I have a very oily skin). We’ve been loving it and using it everyday that there’s like, only half of the tub left!

Oh, one more thing that I love about this product is the smell! It smells really really good! I’d snuggle and sniff his face after applying this gel (which is rare, you can ask him. He loves to snuggle more than me, I’m the male here!!! LOLOL). I’m not sure if it’s a grape smell.. because… how does a grape really smell anyway??? I sniffed grapes and didn’t really detect any smell LOLOL *stupid*, but it’s not like the artificial grape smell you’d find from food or drinks. It’s much softer and lovelier *although I do love the smell of grape candies on my lip glosses*.

The smell is really soft and lovely, but for those of you who doesn’t like scents on their face product, this could be an issue because even though it’s not very strong it’s still very noticeable. I don’t normally enjoy too much scents on my skin care (except masks), but I truly love this one!

Another con is probably the huge, bulky packaging. I think it’s good in value (it’s not too expensive, I don’t remember the exact price but I’m sure it’s less than IDR 200.000, I think it was around IDR 160.000 or so) but it’s definitely not travel friendly. Not only because it’s too huge to travel with, it’d also be super messy if you bring it travelling! I’d much prefer a tube version for travelling. That got me thinking, should be searching for a travel friendly face gel now, we’re going to travel soon! (Clearly this is written before our Europe trip, LOL)

All in all, I love this product! Do I recommend it? Yes, for those of you who are looking for a light weight, cooling face care. Not for those who are germ-phobe (because of the packaging) or hate sweet smells on their skin care products. I still continue using it as an eye gel, but I’ll continue searching for better options (I did purchase a few eye care products already, if you read my haul posts :p), I love eye gels more but sadly I think they are not really suitable for me (because gel stings my eyes!!!), but eye creams are too heavy and could make milia seeds develop under my eye area! Haishh, so confusing!

Will I buy this again? Sure, but I want to try on different eye gels first (you know lah) LOL. But this is a very good product lah, Baviphat, I’m impressed! 

Leaving you with an extra juvenile selca of meself :P, nitez nitez!
A bit of a duck face?

PS : I just realized, why did they call it gel cream??? Isn't it supposed to be gel or cream only? This is clearly a gel, why put cream behind it??? Probably just "Korean English" problem?

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