#Undecided's Birthday Celebration

1:45:00 PM

Hi everybody! #Undecided here, and I am officially 30 years old now. Yes, I'm old *sigh*, but I will start telling people that I'm 25 from now on. LOL.

This is another joint entry, and we're kinda pushing this one because #Pink will go abroad this errr... Wednesday *taking a wild guess LOL* and we really didn't want to wait until July to share with you what happened last Saturday.

Yes yes, my birthday celebration!! :D

Remember I said I wanted to make this year's birthday celebrations extra special because all of us turn 30? Well it's safe to say that mine was a job well done. And it's all because Preggo (A) was craving for Ayam Goreng Sri LOL, we were like, why not just go there for my birthday party!! It's located in Tretes (some mountain area in East Java) and we had never held something like that before, so it should be interesting.

And it was!! Strangely we all looked extra skinny in the photos!! LOL. 
But yeah, the 30 curse continued because we all dressed down for the occasion. Well actually I dressed like a school teacher (FML) because I wanted to wear the top I bought from Rosemary Online as a bday gift from me to myself. Originally I was going to pair it with some hot pants but then hubby was like, "Really? That? To the mountains? Isn't it going to be cold up there?" and I was like, "WTF you're right!" and changed into my jeans. LOL.

LOLOLOL yeah, but G did wear a hot pants, didn't she? I did too, but of course i would never in a million years wear a hot pants without layering it with a pair of tights *thunder thighs are not for public consumptions...* so i was safe! It was quite cold that day, mostly because it was raining *well, it's been raining non-stop around here lately, this morning i woke up to a cray cray thunder storm!*.

Anyway, the day didn't exactly start smoothly (starting with #Undecided's car getting a flat tyre and they had to go to fix it, therefore a slight delay in the departure time. Continued with a packed road in some parts, lots of trucks hogging even the high way *sigh*, needless to say we BBM-ed each other with complaints and curses along the way hahaha) but it only went uphill from that, i can safely it was a total success! Had sooo much fun that day.

Oh you're right, #Pink!! I almost forgot about that stupid flat tire!! Here's the culprit:
Hubby and I were screwed - yep pun intended LOL

I can safely say that I'm getting better at this blogging thing because I didn't forget to snap the photo to show to you guys before throwing it away LOL.

OK, continue, #Pink!

LOL, Okay #Undecided... So, I was the last to arrive and they had just begun to eat, so i *naturally* jumped in myself hahaha... I am a very good blogger *pats own back again* that i didn't forget to snap some pictures while we were busy munching away hahaha.
OMG look at the table LOL
Closer look at our table LOL LOL
As always girls sit on one row and the boys on the other - just like Kindergarten LOL
Baby Boy and his nanny
No pictures of the food, sorry, they all attacked the food like hungry hungry hippos *not me, i ate gracefully HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WTF* so... yeah... You can probably see the empty plates in our table lah hahaha... With that kind of pace, you shouldn't be surprised that brunch was done in a flash! Obligatory birthday girl pictures with her pressie next!
With one of the pressie from #Pink
With the pressie AND #Pink LOL

When we asked hunny to take our pic, he went on and snapped the ceiling for some reason WTF *___*. It's a pretty unique *as in antique* ceiling so i'm including it here :p.
Ayam Goreng Sri's ceiling 
A supposedly candid pic of #Undecided unwrapping her gift *LOL*, G immediately posed when she told her i was taking a pic :p WTF
Yeah, that's what i got her, a bright corral Mango wallet *that's been reduced by IDR 100.000 a week after i purchased it, eff you MANGO!* and some clothes

Love the wallet, #Pink!!! Thank you *kisses*. Anyway, I wanted to bring the pressie I got prior to the party along because I needed #Pink's help to take the photos of them (I tried - they all looked fugly regardless the several attempts I made LOL) but then I forgot!! So I have no choice but to use them anyways LOL... Excuse me for the poor photos, okay! 

These two are from A, G and Av - thanks you guys *kisses*
a Starbucks tumbler (which the moment I saw it I knew it was Av's idea because we both are hardcore SB fanatics LOL)
a super cute yellow sling bag (love it!!)

And then this one is from hubby's parents and his sister
a super pretty dress - LOVE!!
The dress is too small though... But the designer (the one and only Rendy Hapsanto - yep, the one who designed my wedding dress - to those who want to read more about it, please go to part 1 and part 2) will fix it as soon as I send it back his way LOL. Oh the hassle when your fave designer lives in a different city hahahaha... But it's WORTH the hassle though, trust me, he's THAT good!

But I digress... Moving on... After lunch, we snapped some more photos.
Obligatory group pic
Obligatory preggy photo was unsuccessful *like usual, the first few's always unsuccessful LOL, especially that day since the preggo was wearing black!
Nailed it!

As you can see, the views in Ayam Sri Resturant's very green and refreshing. There are also a little playground for kids. Baby Boy abused Aunty Biting (that's #Undecided LOL) for a little bit, dragging her here and there without any actual purpose hahaha, i snapped some pictures of them, it also serves to show you more of the restaurant's views.
Seriously that boy just dragged me here and there and kept saying: "don't step on the grass, iie!!" And obviously I obliged LOL
This time I managed to pose hahaha...
Dunno what they were talking about but i thought they looked like a lovey dovey couple so i snapped this LOLOLOL :

The preggo lady also craved for a rujak or rojak in Teretes as well, since we just had a meal *and a big one at that!*, there's no way we can fit in another food into our tummies straightaway! #Undecided and her hubby wanted to go to this German Shepherd  kennel and we all tagged along to kill some time hahaha. It was extremely foggy on the way from Teretes to Terawas!
Baby Boy rode with #Undecided on the way and managed to grill her about what FOG is. LOL.

I totally underestimated the kennel and thought it'd be some fugly, dirty and stuffy place *have no idea where that image came from, probably because the only image or an animal place thingy was this animal hospital we went once to get our rabbit checked and it's... well... fugly, stuffy and dirty!*, but it's actually a HUGE place with nice buildings and interesting design.
View from the second tier *the koi pond*
The gazebo
Now that's the view from the kennel area
The kennel - there are 2 rows of kennels - the other one is on the back of this side
See the gate? That's the entrance... Love the view!
The vast green area is where the dogs train everyday - yep, they (and their trainers) run 10 laps on daily basis.

Mostly we sat around in this huge gazebo, chit chatting and cam-whoring *we are the ultimate experts here, all four of us hahaha. The worst and most fussy is definitely G, who kept on complaining on every picture we took FHL!*. Here are some of the pictures of us around the gazebo.
That's G's hubby hahaha
Cam-whoring session interrupted because #Undecided dragged us to the Koi pond, with the scariest, BIGGEST kois i've even seen WTF.  #Undecided's the expert in this kennel thing, i'll let her explain more!

Come on, #Pink! The koi fishes are not scary LOL... They're beautiful! 
Need to hike pretty steep *for the preggo lady* and slippery paths to get to the koi pond
See the worker rushing while carrying a HUGE koi, super heavy! #Undecided said with the water inside the plastic, it's probably around the same weight as Baby Boy *LOL*
We bullied G to climb into the gazebo above the koi pond hahahahaha
Then she complained when i only snapped one picture after all the hassle she went through *LOLOLOL FHL* so i relented and snapped one more

Then we made her snap pictures of us with the koi fishes
Again because she usually took horrible horrible pictures so we need to have options right... but somehow this one she snapped the pic WITHOUT the fish FOL...
Then we told her to capture more of the surrounding, but result's nor different than before WTF and still NO fish hahahaha
#Undecided also told her to zoom in the gazebo and snapped one picture
Preggo holding on to The supposedly-clumsy-#Undecided. We clearly didn't think that decision through that day LOL.

It was drizzling real bad and #Undecided's hubby pulled up his tee to cover his head, #Undecided told me to snap a pic of him...
#Undecided said he looked like one of those Teletubbies *LOLOLOL*
We began walking back down towards the gazebo and i realized my shoes were all smudged and caked by dirt! I complained "My new shoesssss!!!", and #Undecided said "Come on bb, when are your things not new?". In my defense, my bag's not new! And the satin baby blue tank top underneath the embroidered poncho (that was a gift from #Undecided for being her matron of honor haha) was really really old, it was my mum's from years ago!
Me and G with our umbrellas, hey i just realized i was holding a much bigger umbrella than her! Totally suitable for our builds *LOL*. G's almost 20 cm shorter than me FYI :p

Preggo looking super cute
The cage on the right housed a peacock!!! Forgot to take a pic of the peacock unfortunately
Us walking back to the gazebo from the pond
Went to see the cages later, the dogs were very loud and kept on barking ferociously from time to time *LOL*, Baby Boy kept on shushing and complaining *LOL*
Vamos, Anna, and Diva (Diva just gave birth to 5 pups)
G and #Undecided went to pet the puppies (this is the other side of the kennel - see the gazebo peeping on the right hand side of the pic)... They didn't look like puppies because they were so huge!
But they were very playful and attention seeking, was very excited to see them and wanting to play with them
Didn't even bark once!
Went back to the gazebo and saw Baby Boy and G's hubby on identical poses, had to snap a pic!
Then A took camera from me and snap a front angled-one hahaha
One more
#Undecided downing coffee they served us, we needed it!
Playful Baby Boy
Then i snap more and more random pictures. Getting sillier by the minute LOLOL...
Peggo and her hubby
Preggo's hubby practicing on being a daddy hahaha
Then Baby Boy seek G's hubster again haha
Chatting engkoh2 hahaha
Hello us! Wah, preggo's sitting position..
When i pointed out how #Undecided always hide behind a person's abck while taking pictures even though she's already the skinniest amongst us, we decided it'd be fun to hide behind preggo!
We kept on trying to make G sit on the floor around the chatting guys so she'd look like a devoted maid, but she refused so i made her acted like A's maid and gave her a massage instead :p
Me feeding G my ice cream necklace hahaha

This is one of the reasons as to why this bday celebration is extra special to me, because finally I managed to drag everyone to one of my favorite places ever! Haus Herman Kennel is what I call this place (mental note: make sure to ask hubby the real name LOL). Hubby and I love it here. A normal visit would be with one of our dogs and to spend the whole day there. The owner is hubby's friend (well his dad, but hey...) and there are around 36 German Shepherds (maybe more if we count Diva's newborns in) and literally hundreds of koi fishes. It doesn't hurt that the weather is always so cold and cozy... In short, it's hubby's haven LOL. He dreams of having a place like this of our own one day *fingers crossed*.

Anyway, it was then 3pm and we had to move along. After some coaxing we finally managed to drag hubby (yes, he wasn't ready to leave just yet LOL) to our next destination: the rujak place in Tretes. We got lucky because the rain and fog finally let up because it was quite cray the whole time we were in the kennel (hence the umbrellas in our photos LOL). But the luck stopped there because the rujak place was closed by the time we got there FOL.

I was quite worried that it was closed because it was quite late in the afternoon (then it'd be hubby's fault because he was busy culling koi babies!), but apparently it went out of business (I think!) because the stall wasn't even there... Lucky that preggo was easily appeased by other food stalls there and we ended up having so many things (again, what diet?! LOL).

So we're going to bombard you with photos taken in the stall, mostly of #Undecided modeling for almost every single one of the foods hahahaha :p. And cam-whoring pictures are a must, obviously..
I had to tie my hair up because it was getting too frizzy FML
Uploaded this one because i looked decent here
And this one because Hunny looked nice in it hahahaha
Kacang kuah! Literal translation would be... soupy peanut? LOL
Took this picture of #Undecided and the satay
But then she was like "Eh wait!" and i captured that exact moment MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
This is what she meant to do hahaha
One more with the bakso we split, yes all five of us *including Baby Boy*, then we ordered another one because it wasn't enough and in the end Baby Boy ordered five more of the meatballs for himself!
The yummy bakso haha
Us in one long table...
G and #Undecided's hubbies all the way over there, like a driver and the tour leader LOLOLOL, because TLs and drivers cannot eat together with the tour group's members right :p

Asked #Undecided's hubby to pose and as always he didn't disappoint LOL
We went to Surya Hotel twice to pee huahahaha, first before eating at the stalls, we almost left our cars parked there but hunny said the security guard kept on staring at us, probably getting ready of throwing us out WTF. A surprised me while we were in the toilet, she suddenly suggested for us to impulsively stayed the night there! I dunno what possessed her since she's not usually a very impulsive person haha... I was torn in two because it really was tempting, we were having so much fun and what's be even more fun but extend the experience throughout the night? At the same time i freaked out a bit since i have a cousin's wedding to attend the next day!

Despite our uncertainty, most of us were actually game haha... We even talked about buying sleeping wear etc because obviously, none of us brought anything with us! The guys *especially G's husband, who was very enthu-much to my surprise because that guy's supposedly in a lot of pain LOL, he just had a minor tooth surgery the night before, he couldn't even ate rice and had to packed some porridge!* were game to, except... A's husband! FHL! LOL. So the plan went kaput :p. I am very tempted on organizing a mini vacay to Teretes for a fortnight for the 10 of us sometime soon!

Anyway, second time peeing in the hotel was after the...errr... heavy snacking, this time i was tempted to snap some pictures, i was intrigued by the heavy fog and wondered how it'd translate into a photograph haha. I dunno whether it was the fog or because my camera's in dire need to be replaced, but the pictures were very blurry zzz... 

Seriously, we had sooo much fun, just hanging around and eating endlessly like that. Somehow when the four of us are involved, we would come up with the most ridiculous things, like how when we hiked *yes, the paved street was super uphill* into the hotel's toilet, we suddenly came up with the idea of getting villagers names for ourselves WTF. Names like Poniyem, Atun, Ngatiyem or whatever popped out of nowhere *we were trying to match the first words of our names into the villager name WTF* and we laughed so hard we were out of breath by the time we got to the top.

We also had a lot of laugh during the snacking time, gossiping because apparently that day, an old friend (a pretty close friends, actually. Closer to some of us than others) from our junior high school got married, and he didn't invite any of us! We're so insulted! HAHAHAHAHA, no, not really. It's just really hilarious for us, we're pretty sure he's damn scared of his now wife, good luck in that marriage, my friend! LOL.

Oh this entry is too long already, I'd better wrap it up. Thanks for reading it to the end everybody. I had a blast sharing our little outing to the mountains with y'all and I'm sure #Pink does too.

Until next time.

#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. once again happy bday to you!
    jadi kangen ama tretes... ayam goreng sri masih ada gak di tretes? hehehe

    1. Thank you, Arman! It was a happy birthday indeed. LOL. Masih dong, tapi Ayam Goreng Sri itu di Pandaan. Yang di Tretes tu Hotel Surya hehehe.

  2. Found your blog from gig :D salam kenall ya ~


    1. Heheehe salam kenal :) keep reading yak xo!