#Undecided's Wedding: part 2

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Hello Loves, #Undecided here and as promised, here's the 2nd part of my 1st wedding party in Surabaya. 
Mr. and Mrs. Nugraha

I told you last time that my wedding party is a mixture of Western and Eastern traditions, and now on the 2nd part, we'll tackle the Eastern, to be exact Chinese (ugh!) traditions. I need to tell you that since my wedding party was extremely simple, I opted to take care of the whole thing myself, but naturally I needed all the help I could get and I cannot stress how lucky I am because I have my bffs (because seriously they did all the work!!). 

The party people were:
1/ #Pink and her hubby, The Matron of Honor and The Best Man
The Matron of Honor with her big handbag with stuff to get us both through the day
Bride and Groom with The Matron of Honor and The Best Man
2/ A, The Event Organizer
Honestly, I cannot believe that I don't have any photo of A from my wedding ready right now *self slap*. I'm trying to contact Candy Photoworks to get some photos of me and her and I will update this section ASAP, k!

3/ G, The Cinciu Supervisor (and G's hubby whom helped carried all 3 boxes of heavy souvenirs from my apartment to the venue, thank you thank you!!)
The Cinciu Supervisor, handing out our misua
Okay, so now that you've "met" my fave people of the day, let's get on with business.

As you know, hubby's mother is very Chinese. She insisted on following the "instructions" she got from her well... for lack of a better word, "spiritual guru (?)". But since her daughter in law is nowhere near being cooperative *ahem*, she caved and finally agreed to waive everything but the meeting hour, so after getting our makeups done, we rushed to the apartment to get the whole thing started.

It's customary that The Bride and The Groom and their respective families don't see each other before the meeting time, so we each got ready at two different apartment units which happened to be side by side (#28 and #29), so I'm pretty sure that we had broken this rule at some point LOL.
My mom and dad, helping me with my veil
Hubby's dad, helping him to get ready
The custom was for The Groom (and The Best Man) to say goodbye to his parents and then off to his Bride's home to ask for her hand and bring her back to his home (yes, I actually know this sh*t LOL), but since hubby is from out of town and there's no way in hell we could pull that stunt off within a day (fully made up and all), we had to settle for the fake drive LOL.
Hubby's team - all ready for the fake drive
Then at the Bride's place, the Groom's squad will be met by two representatives (a married couple, usually the uncle and aunt of the Bride). The Uncle will then draw a red (yes, it HAS to be red) umbrella, put it up over The Groom while The Aunt showers him, over the umbrella, with yellow rice (uncooked ya, please don't throw cooked rice your hubby's way LOL). Remember that The Aunt can only throw 3 handfuls of yellow rice. No more. But of course, for photo taking purposes I'm pretty sure my aunt thrown more than 3 times LOL. Tradition Smhradition. Pffttt...!!
Hubby was met by my aunt and uncle - notice the umbrella and the yellow rice?
Moving on!! Hubby was then escorted by my uncle and aunt to my door. He could only enter with his back towards me. I was waiting with my back facing the door. It's customary that our backs meet first (I wonder why). And then with some force he was pushed my way and I cannot tell you how much I held on to the wall because hubby weighs well... twice I weigh, I'm sure!! I don't want to headline the next morning's paper, mind you (imagine this: "A Bride Crushed by her Groom during Their Wedding Ceremony" - not cute, not cute at all!!).
When our backs met - check me out, I'm inside the mirror!! Love this photo!!

The next steps are pretty self explanatory, so I'll just shut up and let you guys enjoy the photos:
First The Groom lifts The Bride's veil

And then he kisses her forehead (quickly, Candy, I don't want my bangs flat!! LOL)

The Bride corrects the miss-positioned corsage on The Groom's suit

The Groom puts a ring on it!!

Look at my pretty manicured nails *love!!*

Us eating our misua (look at hubby, he looks hungry LOL)

So okay, I need to step in and say something now. See, we each got a bowl of misua (some Chinese noodle cooked with chicken) with one whole egg. The eggs were boiled plainly. The tradition is for just The Groom to eat (well more likely swallow) one. I knew this fact. Like I KNEW it because I've been to so many weddings, I've seen this plenty times before. But somehow during my own ceremony I was forced by everybody (peer pressure!!!) to swallow one as well. And I did. I don't know why I did *facepalm* *self slap*. It was horrible!! Very difficult to swallow without the help of water. Never again!!
Hubby and his whole egg - me and mine, still smiling, just minutes before everybody was forcing me to swallow it whole!
The tea after the horrible eggs
The glutinous balls - pink and white - pretty, no?
After we met, it was time for the newlyweds to meet The Bride's parents.
 The newlyweds vs. the parents

The custom is for the newlyweds to offer wine for The Bride's parents - this is to show appreciation and in return the parents give them money and blings *kaching!!*
Money inside the hong bao (which translates to red pocket) - what's inside was actually an atm transfer receipt hohohohohoho
The blings
Happy faces (yes, because we're richer now!!)

Have to stop writing now. I hope y'all enjoy the photos!!
I will post the 3rd part soon and it's the fun one: the wedding reception.

(with the help of poor #Pink who has to upload all the photos *poor me still doing matron-of-honor duties long after the wedding's done...)

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  1. hmmm...after this(my dear brother"eko's wedding ")I understand why you want your wedding more simple(finally understand)
    expecting for the part 3..LOL

    Joe chen