Europe Trip Diary : Day 10 Part 2 (Venice, Pisa)

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Hi guys!!!

How's your weekend? Mine's super fun so far, but also super busy. June has been a super busy month for me so far *sigh* *part of me is glad because at least i'm not bored, the other part (read : the sloth) isn't too happy because i don't get to laze around much hahahaha*. No, the busy part's got nothing to do with my part time job, my three months long super fun part time job's done and i believe i've done a great job *pats own back*, some leftover projects from that part time job will be finished next month, but i basically don't have any job related activities this month.

Why am i so busy then? So much events this month! Yesterday we went to Teretes to celebrate #Undecided's birthday, it was sooo much fun! We need more full team outing like that, #Undecided! Then, one of my cousin (a male one)'s getting married today. Being out of town yesterday meant i couldn't attend his... we call it Widodaren, which is a teeny tiny bit like a bachelor/bachelorette party, only it's held for close friends and family to have a private and family oriented dinner and get together, obviously no stripper there hahaha!

Sundays are usually reserved for lazing around and me refusing to leave my bed before late afternoon, but today... yeah.. well, in a few hours i'd need to go to a hair salon with my mum to get our hairs done *sulk* *i kinda hate salons*... And i spent last night trying to somewhat organizing one of my closet-of-shame (if you're a new reader i'd need to explain that closet-of-shame is what i call my massive collections of new clothes, yes they takes over a few cupboards...) and at the same time choosing outfits to bring to our upcoming family trip (in three days!). I am loving those clothes organizer thingy, i need a few more. So i am still quite (very) tired right now... 

I wanted to sneak in one more work-out sesh before going to JB (preferably swimming, i'm in love with my new work out place's swimming pool... Might blog about it sometime in the future) so i was planning to do it on Monday (because no more time, right! We're leaving on Wednesday, i'm also planning to get a gel manicure on Tuesday-wanted to do it before the wedding but again, no time, so jam-packed kyaaaa!!!!) late afternoon *because it's an outdoor pool, and this is a tropical country-but in Surabaya it's been raining non stop for months already* but then my sis (i BBM-ed her asking my niece Bb to swim with me-she's always keen on working out with her fun aunty hahaha) told me my mum's organizing dinner for our family with relatives from Banjarmasin (we're originally from Banjarmasin, South Borneo), so i guess i couldn't go swim either zzzz.

And i still haven't manage to draft any scheduled posts *FML*, so this blog's in danger or being on a hiatus for two weeks or so *sigh* *i hate this*. I think i'm starting to freak out, there are so many things i need to take care of before the trip and i don't think i have enough time *i haven't even got the shoes for the trip! YES YES, important! HAHAHAHAHA. Found the perfect high top sneakers in hot pink-even built my trip accessories around it-but procrastinated on buying it, but when i finally tried purchasing it a few days ago, they ran out of my size! FML! Still want to check on their other branches in other malls, but what to do if there isn't any on my size left? HUHUHUHUHU).

Okay, enough freaking out, that's the latest update on my week/month/whatever hahaha. Yes yes, do no fret, this is that European trip entry lah, i just can never get into the point before getting everything that's occupying my brain out of the way first, and you know i'm the long-winded story teller so you should already be used to this hahahaha.

(Note : Stupid internet just died, my hunny was still in his hibernation and i couldn't rouse him WTF, so i tried to do a bit damage control over my 6 days old-already kinda fugly O.P.I Mariah Carey painted nails, liquid sands type of polish are so bad in staying power department zzz... Anyway, just after i manage to forcefully woke him up, the stupid internet's working again, WTF. I hate Indonesian internet zzz!!!)

Day 10 was one of those days when we went to two different cities within one day, we went to Pisa next!
But first, still in Venice, we stopped by the same Chinese restaurant as the one where we had our dinner the night before for lunch. All of the other members went in, but since me, hunny and L didn't want to have lunch there, we waited somewhere else. Immediately spotted a cosy little cafe just beside the Chinese restaurant! We went there to have some drinks and wait for the others :)
My cappucino...
Hunny's super thick hot chocolate
Look at the consistency! I don't think this qualifies as a drink really, more like a dessert i think!
L's white wine
Was captivated by their cute sugar packaging...
One more :D
The weather was so soo nice, therefore we opted the outdoor table. L commented how the weather in Europe's so nice, even when someone's smoking around us we wouldn't be bothered by the smoke. Unlike in humid Indonesia, where one person smoking *even outdoor* would almost choke us with their smoke zzzz...

The cafe itself was so pretty and the outdoor lighting was perfect, we cam-whored endlessly hahaha...
And then some more...
OOTD style :p
Even climbed on high chairs to cam-whore some more!
Okay, end of crazy cam-whoring session in random cafe in Venice hahaha... Oh, before we move on, i forgot to show you some bags i got (in Venice) earlier, it was supposed to be uploaded together with the rest of my Venice shopping haul but i completely forgot hahaha...
Random tote bags for my employees and Baby Boy's nanny hahaha... It was super cheap, EUR 10 for 3 if i'm not mistaken! Not bad at all! Italy did have the cheapest souvenirs compared to the other countries we went to in this trip!

Also wanted to show you this cute licorice candies...
It looks very disturbing, yet strangely cute hahaha
My mom loves licorice very much, and it's almost impossible to find proper chewy licorice sweets in Indonesia, that's why i went a little crazy and bought quite a lot for her. I used to be very disgusted by licorice's taste, but now i think i developed a taste for it... Not that i'm crazy over it like my mum! But i can consume it without wanting to puke and kinda enjoyed it hahaha...

After they were done with lunch, we hit the road again! As i said before, we're going to Pisa next. I know all about the leaning tower of Pisa, but seriously, my geography sucked so bad (after the whole Venice thing), i didn't even know that it's called Pisa tower because... well because it was located in a town called Pisa! LOLOLOL. I totally thought that's just it's name :p.

We reached Pisa in late afternoon and caught the shuttle bus to the tower.
Oh, we were repeatedly told before the trip *by various people* to never ever wear knock off branded items to Europe, so imagine my surprise when we were greeted by a LOT of knock off designer bags sellers in Italy! Eek kept on joking about wanting to buy Gucci bag for his wife and her cousin *me lahh* but from those sellers hahaha :p.
Seeing this unique letter box hunny just had to...
We arrived at Piazza dei Miracoli briefly.
The place was full of people mostly posing with all kinds of style like you can see in the picture above haha... By the way, L said she was severely disappointed by the tower, she was expecting it to be way bigger and grander *LOL*, i guess it was a pretty modest-but very unique nonetheless-sized tower. We could see people in the tower but we obvi didn't have time to went in, the queue was quite long. 
What else to do but cam-whore with one of the most famous tower in the world (and the other buildings around it haha)??
L was in her usual mood, making us do weird poses *___*, i didn't want to pose weirdly please! Way too embarrassed lah. She wasn't, kept on climbing and acting like she's holding the tower, etc... The most i would do were these..
Holding on to hunny who was... errr... holding the tower *LOL*
And acting emo hahaha
Okay, one last pic of hunny and i :D.
You could see that all of the buildings were on the left side from the cobbled street, and on the right side..
Those were all little souvenir shops. Most of them already closed because it was getting late when we arrived. Once we were satisfied of cam-whoring, we began shopping hahaha..
Bought those miniature Pisa tower and one of the whole Piazza dei Miracoli
I was attracted to a baby pink jacket, but wasn't so sure of getting it *i have too many jackets already...*, when i finally decided to purchase it, the stall was already closed :(. Saw a Caucasian girl wore a hot pink jacket with gold lettering on it and it was very cool, so when i saw a stall selling it, i just got to have it *LOL*. The seller was once again a Malay (or an Indian, i don't remember), i bargained down the jacket's price from EUR 18 to EUR 13. Later i realized that it was made in Italia, not even made in China! Score!

I took a picture of the jacket together with some tees i bought earlier in Venice.
The blue and white striped tee became our family tee! Bought one for me, one for hunny and one for Baby Boy *Baby Boy's not pictured, already sent down stair to be washed haha*.

Went outside the complex to the meeting point and cam-whored some more haha.
Desperately looking for a sign that stated we were in Pisa tower but found none hahaha...
We missed a shuttle bus that zipped passed us while we were still walking toward the stop, so we had to wait a bit more..
Eek were standing so i asked him to snap this "Stranded in Pisa" pic hahaha.
Finally the next shuttle bus arrived and we quickly hopped in! Next destination was : dinner... Yes, at another Chinese restaurant lah haha. Remember earlier Kikie told us one of the member's celebrating their birthday today? Totally thought it was just a ruse to get us to join lunch, but towards the end of dinner Kikie went in with a birthday cake and sang happy birthday..
He went around, and everybody was confused, whose birthday it was??? It was... KIKIE's! LOLOLOL!
Everybody *okay every female* gave him a kiss, but somehow when it was L and i's turn everybody got a bit excited ROFL... Kikie had to reminded them "Hello, they are people's wives okay!" Hahaha. He's so nutz he even tried to capture the resturant staffs *in almost all of the Chinese restaurant we went to in Europe, they'd have some young-and very good looking-staffs* and gave them a kiss too, totally frightened the poor girls hahaha.

OMG, no wonder he was wearing new *and very flamboyant* clothes and shoes, even bought a new branded belt the day before! LOL. Poor Kikie. If we had known earlier we could've bought him a little gift or something.

After dinner it was quite late, and we headed to the next hotel. It was... The WORST hotel throughout our stay *___*... Seriously, it was so shocking because we just left the best hotel in the morning, and welcomed by the worst one in the evening huhuhu... The hotel's called Hotel Galilei, it was old, but i wouldn't mind old as long as it's clean okay!

As soon as we arrived in the hotel, even in the lobby i already smelt a urine-like smell ewwwww.... And the smell was worse in the room! HUHUHUHUHUU!!! I was so stressed out and almost couldn't sleep, for the first time in our trip i had to take some sleeping pills because there was no way i would be able to sleep otherwise!!! Hunny said it's most probably the damp carpet that made the room smelt so bad :(...
It was quite dirty as well lah, haish... I was so disgusted i actually slept with a socks on so my feet wouldn't touch the carpet when i go to the toilet during the night *yeah, i go to the toilet like... at least 3 times at night... If i couldn't sleep it'd be more like 20*.
Here are the pictures of the room, but seriously, it look so much better in the pictures!
Look at the comforter *shudder*
The bathroom was actually a lot better than the room, at least it wasn't smelly!!!
And hunny chose that day to forget to bring his backpack from the bus! He's like... the most forgetful person on earth. I mean... how can you forget to bring your BACKPACK??? That's so weird! And since our toothbrushes were in that backpack, we couldn't even brush our teeth that night! And him having to wait for the driver in the morning also contributed us on being quite late for breakfast the next day, so annoying!

That's the end of Day 10, the last full day in Europe is next.. I'm not sure i'd have time to write it before my trip though hahaha...

Toodles for now!
In our matchy matchy Venice tees :D


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