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Hey guys...
How's everybody doing? I feel a little bit like a zombie at the moment.. Wanted to take a nap but #Undecided just BBM-ed me and asked if we should blog about her birthday, i've no more time so i agreed, then she asked me to give her thirty minutes to finish her work so i'm stuck here waiting for her, so i decided to blog the unboxing of the newest beauty box i've recieved.

Yesterday (OMG, i just realized yesterday was Sunday, does that means their courrier works on Sundays? But then again it might arrived on late Saturday and only yesterday my employee managed to send it to my home) while i was getting ready for the wedding party, my maid came into my room with June Lola Box. I was pleasantly surprised because i was skeptical that i'd get any of them before i leave for JB, so it's very nice i at least got to see one of them!

My excitement over the box was slightly *or majorly...* marred by the condition of some of the products inside, more about it later. Here's a peek into the box :
Can you see how the box's quite messy and dirty? Yeah, that's the condition of the box as soon as i opened it :(
The box it arrived in and the overall outside packaging was okay, that's why i was taken aback when i saw the condition of the products inside..
Was actually excited when i discovered a different *and better* design of this month's box (compared to last month's)
You can't see it clearly on the pictures above, the box's actually a shimmery light grey colored. You know, me, shimmers, sparkles and glitters are buddy buddy right haha...
By this stage i was already suspicious because i saw that blue wrapping paper in total disarray, it just sat there looking crumpled on top of the products whereas usually products in beauty boxes came wrapped prettily inside the wrapping paper and made me feel like i'm unwrapping a present everytime *which only adds to the element of excitement*.
This month's theme's seemed to be about travel, there's a big, postcard like card with travel checklist on one side and the list of products featured in this month's box on the other. I quickly scanned the list and had to painfully swallowed my disappointment upon reading it *LOL*, the contents seemed to be quite... errr... boring and no sign of any make up products whatsoever -____-...
Vouchers of J.F. Lazartigue and Kay Collection and a flier of Sampar products. Again, not exactly jumping up and down in excitement because the vouchers can only be used in Jakarta! That would definitely goes to the bin for non-Jakarta residents, right! Fortunately i am going to Jakarta on the 25th, and i know Kay Collections stocks some interesting Japanese make up/make up tools, so i might be using it (IDR 45.000 off for minimum purchase of IDR 200.000). Not so much for the J.F. Lazartigue's one since i hate going to a salon and don't really purchase branded hair care products.

So far the only vouchers that excited me was the Wet and Wild voucher from May Beauty Treats, but that totally became a disappointment too! I tried using it, went as far as getting their confirmation e-mail stating they'd contact me as soon as the products i ordered is ready, that's more than 10 days ago and i've got no further confirmation or whatsoever from them. I've e-mailed them asking about it just now, and we'll see if they'd even respond to that.

Okay, let's get on with the stuffs inside. The first thing i noticed was :
Skin Aqua set (containing UV Moisture Gel, UV Mild Milk, UV Whitening Milk and UV Moisture Milk), but they caught my eyes for all the wrong reasons unfortunately :(. Not only i already got the exact same thing from May Beauty Treats so kwaaa kwaaa...But also because most of them spilt out all over the box, dirtying the other products and discolored the box itself :(!

Look at the condition of the pouch! I tried cleaning it but it didn't work :(, i ended up with lots and lots of products on my hands and after i washed them off i was left with a very unpleasant after smell :(...
Look at the rest of the stuffs, i just realized even the ribbon that must've supposedly wrapped around the wrapping paper just strewn around like in the picture below.
Can you see the discoloration on the box? I guess that's because the lotions that spilt out rubbed against the blue foil packaging of Orlane perfume and transferred the blue die to the box!

A closer look to the ruined box
Even the wrapping paper was shredded from contact with the lotions hahaha
The condition was really bad, i must say... I checked the Skin Aqua and realized three out of four bottles were completely empty, only one still got some lotions in it. I was super gutted of  and immediately tweeted Lola Box telling them about the condition of the Skin Aqua set. Much to my surprise, they tweeted me back almost instantly asking me to check my e-mail. They asked me further about the condition of the rest of the products and proceed on  telling me that they will be sending me a new set of Skin Aqua on the next day (today, while i'm writing this)!

So yeah, i was immediately consoled and i must say, i am very satisfied with their fast response and how they readily find a solution so that their customer wouldn't be disappointed. Props to their customer service *actually, their co-founder herself e-mailed me!*, i am tremendously happy with their services! Now we'll just have to wait for the new set to arrive, unfortunately i wouldn't be here when they arrived (this is a scheduled post-yes i eventually discovered how to schedule a post, stupid me it's really easy hahahaha i'd be in JB by the time you read this!), but once i get back i'd update you guys!

Moving on to the next item..
Clarins Smoothing Body Scrub For a New Skin (8ml) and Tonic Body Treatment Oil (2ml)
Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control (8ml)
Like usual, in every beauty boxes i've received so far there'd always be a brand that featured more items than the rest. This time it's Clarins for Lola Box. I think Clarins is very actively involved with beauty boxes. I do think this is a very good thing since Clarins is a very prestigious and expensive brand and i personally might not purchase a lot of their stuffs, so it's always nice that i get to try different products from them via beauty boxes. Having said that, i think the samples are really small, it's actually an acceptable sample size if it's a facial skin care, but since those are body cares... 

Well... In short i think they were wayy to little for body care samples. Especially the scrub, it comes in a very very small tube, i'm not sure that would be enough for one use! I guess it is for specific targeted body parts and not supposed to be used all over your body *LOL*. The celulite control and tonic body treatment is slightly better, but still would only be enough for one use i think. I can never stress enough how one time usage can never pass as a trial period. LOL. 

So, not excited about those.
J.F. Lazartige Soy Milk Strengthening Shampoo (15 ml)
A hair product. Meh. LOL... It's only 15ml, for shampoos, that could probably be used... twice max? Especially for someone with very long hair like mine. But it's stated for dry and delicate hair, i'm not sure that'd suit my oily hair. Would probably use it once and see how it performed, if it makes my hair limper than it already is, i'll make hunny use this. Again... not excited at all.
Sampar Vivid Radiance Serum (3ml)
The most exciting brand featured in this month's Lola Box for me. Heard good things about Sampar and am interested to try their products out. This is very tiny though, but i guess since it's a serum one would only need to use a tiny bit every time so i guess i can get quite some use out of it. Slightly happier with this one (if it's a teeny tiny bit bigger i might be quite happy with it LOL).
Orlane Be 21 Eau de Parfum (7.5 ml)
My favorite item in this month's Lola Box! I always love getting parfum samples, and this one from Orlane was slightly bigger than other parfum sample i got from other beauty boxes (ehm, Britney Spear's parfum in April VT!) so can actually use this quite a lot of times (as opposed as one time *LOL*). I sniffed it and even though i am not crazy over the smell *as in i'd never purchase a full size of this parfum*, it's still pleasant enough and i'd definitely use it and finish it.
Kay Collection Bun helper
OMG. Bun helper. -_____-. MEH. I don't do buns, i don't actually do anything to my hair LOLOLOL, the most i'd do is put on a head piece or stuck some cray cray hair accessories to jazz my hair up *LOL*. I would never be caught dead with my hair brought up, so... this is completely useless for me. I'd be giving it to someone else for sure.

And the last, bonus item :
Luggage tag
So, that's what i got from June Lola Box. I always write honestly and i'm not gonna be any different this time, i am severely underwhelmed by their box this month, especially because i totally loved their previous box.  This i think mostly contributes on the brands they featured *Clarins has been featured too heavily in almost every beauty boxes, and continuously from one month to the next* that were too uniform with other beauty boxes, and also from getting an exact same item with other beauty box (that Skin Aqua, and what's worse was the condition they came in *LOL*, but as they promised to give me another set we'll let that pass!).

Then there was NO make up items at all in this month's box! From reading other bloggers' unboxing entries, i realize there are more people like me who strongly prefer to get make up items than skin/hair/body care products, so not getting ANY at all in a box, that's gotta be a total disappointment. I know it was for me! I know it's not possible to expect them to throw in full sized make up products every time, but one item from a local or a mass market brands should totally make our day already! After all, they asked us to fill in those beauty profiles and asked us whether we prefer make up or skin cares, and most of us *that i know of* seemed to be filling it with make up, so... not featuring any make up at all is like... completely defeating the purpose, doesn't it?

Yeah... What can i say? Body cares, shampoo, a tiny serum and a bun helper. Didn't rock my world one bit. Am only kinda happy with the perfume, i think they gave a generous sized one so that's my only consolation!

In general, i think beauty boxes needs to balance their products more, and at least featured one *or more!* make up item in their boxes so more people would be happy. To be honest, now that i think about it, all of the other bloggers stated they preferred make ups than skin cares from their beauty boxes (there must be the rare ones that prefers skin cares but i haven't stumbled into them yet), so that should mean something!

I do hope Lola Box would step up their box next month, especially because next month would be the final box from my 3 months subscription and would be the tipping point on whether or not i am going to continue subscribing to it :). Also i hope Lola Box would double check their products before sending them to prevent the total fiasco with the Skin Aqua products from happening all over again. I dunno it it's the courrier's fault or whatever, that's one problem they need to investigate and solve ASAP.

That's all for now, anyone else unhappy with their Lola Box this month? Or are you actually happy with it? Please let me know, drop your comments, we always love to get comments from our readers :D.

A look that i rocked for my cousin's wedding yesterday, gonna blog about it too!

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  1. soooo baaaaadddddd -___- sampek kayak gitu lho.. kececeran mana2.. ckckck.. minta ganti aja ci! :p
    btw, itu rambut baru kali ini keliatan d bikin curly :p

    1. Halooo sori lama balasnya hehe... iyah, aq lsg protes trs lsg mah dikirimin gantinya skin aquanya sm mrk, kata pegawai jg udah sampe kirimannya cm krn belom pulang sby jd belom liat barangnya...

      Hahaha, iya cuma di curly kalo ada acara ajah hihihi

  2. Iya aku juga kurang puas tapi di box mu ada JF lazartigue + sampar...
    di box blogger lain juga ada MUFEnya

    ini review ttg my lolabox

    1. Iyah tp sampar nya itu super mini sekaliii omg... yeah, i saw the MUFE product at other ppl's box, so jealous hahaha i'd love to get it. Bukannya lola ini konsepnya semua box sama isinya yah? So confusing...

    2. iyah..agak kecewa juga sama june box..isinya hampir ga kepake smeua kecuali junebox isinya sama persis dengan isi box mu punya ci..katanya sih sesuai beauty profile yg kita masukin di lola nya..tetep aja yang dateng ya begitu lagi...zzzz..

  3. this box is much much better then what I got from BTI -__-
    super very ultra disappointing.. 140K just for 5 items that I can't even use??? So jealous of your box tbh

    1. Really???? That sounds bad... it's a bit like gambling, i suppose haha