OOTD+FOTD for G's Bday (+mini review on D'Eyeko Olga Lydia False Lashes)

11:10:00 PM

Hi everybody..

How y'all doin' today? Hopefully better than me. I feel horrible today, i believe this is #Undecided's fault *because we have a cosmic connection like that, when one fell ill the other will soon follow hahaha*. Feeling super bloated and gassy, nauseated with horrible headach too, hopefully that's just PMS... 

Not just that, but also because the world seemed to test me too today, first hunny and i went to the bank to deposit some money into my account, i didn't go down because i was in house clothes. I counted many times and i gave it to hunny, then he came back and asked if "this amount" was correct? I was shell-shocked, because it was a lot LESS than what i gave him! Were panicked and frantically looking for the missing amount of money for quite sometime, was so sure it vanished into thin air somehow, then suddenly hunny found it dropped somewhere in the crook of the car *____*. Seriously.

The miserable day continues, my beloved mummy decided to be EXTRA naggy today, haish... Trust me, i love my mum to death and #Undecided can testify that i am one of the most filial daughter ever, but sometimes... She drives me crazy really. First she made us go to the ATM to pay one of her credit card, once we got there we realized, she didn't write the credit card numbers down so had no choice but went back home to get the numbers. Then we went to the ATM again and paid it. Once we reached home, she said she gave us the wrong credit card account to pay because that one we just paid wasn't the one that was due for payment today! GYAAAA MUMMY!!!!

Then she called us non-stop. As you might already know from past entries, we live in a huge house, and we installed in house telephone system to connect with each rooms. She called our extention about 10-15 times in a duration of 2 hours, for some weird and trivial things OMG OMG. I got fed up and turned off the phone, then she sent a maid to our room to tell us to pick up the phone! Then she called three more times to yell at us because we turned the phone down LOLOLOL, FOL.

Now, i originally hesitated to write about this because, well.. people can be judgmental sometimes. And i've encountered those judgmental and holier-than-thou people often. I've read those type of people make judgmental comments on other people's blogs and i have to be frank, i do not appreciate those kind of comments. I will never make stupid, annoying and judgmental comments on other people's blog and i hope everybody in this space would return the respects i've offered by doing the same here :). I read one annoying comment in one of #Undecided's post *LOL* (the one about respecting a woman's wish to or not to be a mummy straightaway after getting married), coming from a guy *double LOL*, seriously, no womb, no comment! HAHAHAHA.

I was concerned if people would mistake my slight annoyance at my mum sometimes as being unfilial or being disrespectful, because that is far from the truth. Then i thought, hey this is my blog, my diary *although open for everybody to read*. Everything in this blog is about my life, and i've always tried to be open and truthful from the start and i'm not gonna stop now just because i am afraid of some "possible haters". LOL. I'm not gonna pretend to be someone else and make up a "better, sweeter" persona just so people would think i am someone else.

I'm going to continue to be true to myself and write whatever i want to write as long as it's not gonna hurt other people (except people that i actually want to hurt... HAHAHAHAHA). Don't get me wrong, i LOVE comments and always oh-so-excited when i saw notifications of new comments, even constructive criticisms are welcome, as long as it's not judgmental/sounds like the commenter's feel like he/she is better than anyone. So please don't stop commenting, dear readers :D.

WOW! That's a super long yabbering that's got nothing to do with the point of this entry ROFL, but you expect no less than that from me, yeah? Always gotta get the rants part out of the way before i can concentrate on the fun part hahaha. Right, moving on now.

I'm assuming everybody's read our entry about our BFF's (G) birthday luncheon? If you haven't... WHY???? Hehehehe... It's our latest joint entry after a long hiatus so please do click on the link and check it out, okay! Anyway, those who have read it would already know what i wore that day (of course, considering the amount of cam-whoring pictures plastered in that entry), but of course... I wouldn't be satisfied if i haven't go on and on in detail about everything that i wore right, down to the make up...

SO! Decided to write one full entry especially dedicated to my outfit and make up for that day! Hohohoho.. Here's the OOTD :
Turquoise Flower Headband : a gift for purchasing something else-online, Baby Blue Floral Minidress with Lace : random FO, Lace Inner : online, Brown Skinny Belt : Magnolia, Baby Pink Flowery Flats : Sungei Wang, KL.
You wouldn't normally get to see my footwear because i take my OOTDs in my walk in closet while most of my footwear i wouldn't wear inside the house because, well.. Like most Asians, we do not wear shoes/sandals (unless it's specifically used for inside the house only) inside our home. This time's an exception because the pink sandals are new. I LOVE my sandals, aren't they pretty??? I would wear my thoroughly cleaned older shoes too, but i don't keep lots of them inside my walk in closet, only some of the most special ones.

Pictures above were taken before i left the house, but as usual because i was in a hurry *G BBM-ed me asking me where i was, she was already at the restaurant by then!*, i didn't remember taking pictures of my bag and accessories, so i took it later, so the make up might be fading a bit already *it's been 9 hours!*.
Brown bag : A's little sis' online shop
Pinky Flower Stud : Gift from G
Pink Bling ring : an online shop called Aurora, i think it's now defunct
China Floral Thin Bangle : Gift from G, Gold and gemstones bracelet : a jeweler in Banjarmasin
I went back to my Gyaru roots for my make up this time, i tend to put on Gyaru make up whenever i go out with my BFFs or my hunny only, when i go out with other friends/relatives i try to put on a more grown up make up hahaha. I guess i feel comfortable showing who i really am whenever i am with people closest to me. Here's my FOTD :
Was inspired by a make up page in some local magazine (i don't read magazines anymore, especially not Indonesian ones, but i had to buy some for my work and later give them away to my boss, #Undecided told me i should read them first *kiasu*, so i did... Bad move, i put in a lot more items in my "Shopping List" after reading only three of them *sigh*) using baby blue and pink eyeshadow, but if the page used matte, bolder colors, i opted for lighter, shimmery, more pastel colors to make it look more girly and wearable. I think the whole look screamed pastelly summer, don't you think?

Here's how i do it, super simple steps because i am incapable of putting on complicated make up, especially eye shadow.

1. Face : BB cream, conceal, powder your face.
2. Eyes : Put on light shimmery baby blue eyeshadow all over your lid, leaving your brow bone bare as to not overwhelmed the whole look. I used the blue color in my Smashbox Tokidoki eyeshadow palette.
Next : Put on light shimmery baby pink eyeshadow in the inner half of your lid. I
used the pink color in my Mika make up palette. Smear on a bit under your eyes too.
Look how dry the skin under my eyes are zzzz, that's the only tell-tale sign of my age hahaha, you can't see it unless you're standing 5 cm from my face though hahaha
Then line your eyes with black liquid eyeliner, i prefer dragging them downward whenever i'm doing a gyaru look because low tail makes your eyes appear doll-ish.
I curl my lashes, but not as tight as i usually do (to create super curly ostrich eyelashes haha) because i decided to take my new D'Eyeko Olga Lydia false eye lashes (that i got from Beauty Treats May) for a spin *finally, one of those falsies actually being used hahahaha*.
The hairs are thin and natural looking, i'm not a fan of the fanned out, slightly cris-crossing style...
I find curling eyelashes too tight interferes when you put on your falsies, they also would look a bit obvious because people might see that you're wearing falsies as there would seem to be two different kind of lashes on your eyes! I used my The Body Shop eyelash curler since they create such a natural kind of curl, not my kind of thing at all, but i actually prefer whenever i'm putting on falsies. I coat my eyelashes with my crappy Maybelline mascara (not the turbo boost one, obvi) because i didn't look forward for them to volumize or lengthen my lashes, just to bring them up to blend with the falsies better.

And then... i spent a LOT of time trying to stick them on. Seriously, i couldn't stick falsies properly if my life depends on it zzz. That's probably also due to the lack of practice, since this is probably the third time EVER i'm attempting to put on falsies myself and only the second time i actually wear them out (the other time i only put them on for pictures taking haha). I couldn't control the amount of glue to put on properly, either i put too much that they clump unattractively or i put on too little that their edges wouldn't stick! It doesn't help that i have an extreme tapered eyelids *and have to intentions whatsoever to alter it using eyelid tapes...*.

I kinda regret choosing that day to practice putting on my falsies *LOL*, i really didn't think i'd suck that bad *this Olga Lydia falsies was slightly harder to put on because of its thin, string band compared to the cheapo China falsies i've tried before*! I needed to practice because i have a cousin's wedding coming up on the 16th, and as usual i don't intend to have a make up artist working on me *i much prefer doing my own make up*, and i want to wear falsies on the wedding, dammit!

I ended up screwing both sides, the inner ends both jutted out and i needed to reapply glue on that part, but my Daiso falsies glue's applicator was wide and i didn't see how i could put the glue on that tiny part only without getting the glue all over my eyes!!! The horror! I stubbornly tried anyway and ended up getting glues on my contact lens!!! OMG! I freaked out so BAD! I quickly took the lens out and wash them rapidly before the glue actually dried! *sigh*.

As result of the whole lenses' debacle, my right eye became watery and i had no other choice but to pull the falsie off and attempted to put them on again. Surprised myself that i succeeded right away *huge sigh of relief*, and somehow the right one finally stuck on perfectly while the left... was far from perfect. It wasn't stuck properly at all and i kinda mess it up a bit with the extra glue *sigh*, L later pointed out that one of the lashes actually went down while the next went up, that must be because i stuck a part of it UNDER my actual lashes WTF, stupido hahahaha... Like i said, need more practice! I'd be sure to spare more than 2 hours to get ready if i want to put on falsies from now own then hahaha...
A little review after wearing this falsies for about 9 hours out? It's quite light *because of its real-lashes-like material, of course stiffer and coarser* and comfortable to wear! I hate falsies because i dislike the feeling of having them on my eyes, i feel very bothered! And even though i'd still much prefer not wearing them, D'Eyeko falsies were actually much better than any other falsies *stuck by make up artists* i've worn before. I felt very minimal discomfort while wearing it.

Downside is, i think it looks too natural that it wasn't very obvious i was wearing falsies *for myself lah, dunno if others noticed it rightaway*, i mean... I'd want a very luscious looking lashes, the va va voom kind if i have to go through all those mess to get them on! And i dunno if it's my crappy technique of application, but the falsies made my eyes look sleepier and now as big as they'd be if put on my signature ostrich mascara-ed look. It did made me look less cartoonish than usual i guess haha... I think i looked... calmer? Like a dainty, sweet girl that i am (NOT) hahahaha.

Overall i quite LOVE D'eyeko lashes for its quality (it can be re-used, quite sturdy so i'm guessing it can be used more than 3-5times?) and although i might not purchase them myself (IDR 50.000 for a pair is quite steep i think), i'd be much more welcoming if i see them in my beauty boxes hahaha.

Continuing on with the make up : I then lined my waterline with black pencil eyeliner, halfway only, connecting the end to the black liquid liner on the upper lid. In a true gyaru style, i blinged my inner water liner with super blingy white crayon eyeliner (i went a bit crazy once before and my son actually asked me what's wrong with my eyes, why was it white *LOLOLOL*).

3. Put on soft pinky blushes on the apple of your cheeks, don't forget to smile!

4. You can't see it in the pictures *because as usual i forgot to apply the lippie before i take my pictures* here (but you can see it in the luncheon entry), i put on a fuschia lipstick from Etude House, but i used it as a tint and lightly colored my lips as not to overwhelm the whole look because i already put on so much eye make up. 

That's all for today, folks! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings/outfit/makeup/how-to/little review post!


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  1. Hi! Just Found your blog yesterday when googling for pencil eye liner. Love your blog. Have been reading it nonstop. Esp. Love your shopping haul posts.

    Btw what's the brand of your pencil eye liner and blush? Looks really good on you.


    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment, you totally made my day :D. Uh oh, haul posts? Is that a cue for me to shop more? LOL...

      My pencil liner is actually unbranded! I bought it in a make up set sold in Sogo Department store, i think it's something like Coastal Scent :p. The blush on in this entry was ZA's :D.

      Thanks for reading, dear :D!

  2. LOL let's shop more. The similarity between us is that we are more willing to spend $$ on a couple of drugstore/korean make up products compared with one high end branded product. I often spent my monthly allowance from hubby in chic princessa in just a week. hahaha.

    Have you tried the revlon balm stain? Beauty bloggers + FDers (female daily forum users) rave about it. Some colours are sold out already in Jakarta.

    Keep writing!


    1. *sigh* yes.. i just placed an online order in wet n wild's website coz i dun want to let the voucher i got from BT to waste LOLOLOL. Yeah right!!! High five, girlfriend!!! I love chic princessa to death LOL!!!

      Revlon Balm Stain? The kissable balm stain? Not yet, i'm dying to, but i'm going to Malaysia and Singapore in two weeks, i always buy TONS of make up in Watson's and Sasa *double sighs* so i thought i'd try to shop a little less for now (says someone who actually just shopped online) LOL...

      Thank you babe!!! Keep reading and commenting too hihihi :D

  3. earringnya cakeeepppp....ngilerrrr