#Undecided's Fave Things: #6 - #8

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Hello everybody, #Undecided here!! I hope you guys are taking care of yourself and staying warm. I mean I love it that the temp has dropped significantly, but my shower water is now ice cold (no kidding!!) and I’ve been sneezing nonstop, it’s not even funny grrrrrrr...

So anyway, still in the spirit of December, I’m going to share my next fave things. Some of them are personal fave this time (#Pink doesn’t share my obsession with one “thing” in particular – so I will write about it first – just to annoy her muahahaha *evil laugh*). Here goes!!

#6 on the list is Indra Herlambang. Yep, a person, not a thing. For those who live in Indonesia, I believe he needs no introduction, but in case you’ve been living under a rock or in a swamp somewhere, Indra Herlambang is one of Indonesia’s famous presenters. He’s currently the senior (note, I didn’t use the word “oldest”, Kak Indra, in case you’re reading this!!!) presenter on a local celebrity/gossip news, but he moonlights as a writer – an awesome one at that! I am seriously obsessed with this guy – it’s borderline embarrassing (for #Pink) LOL.

On my defense, however, I have written two essays which were inspired by him so at least my obsession is not in vain, right (yeah, keep telling yourself that, #Undecided... anything to justify your craziness LOL). I have made him read both (he liked them – and I was literally on cloud 9 when he said so!!)


And now I’m going to make y'all read them! Be a lamb, and click on these 2 links, will you! *grin* 

Now you know why he made the list, but if you need more convincing, follow him on Twitter (@indraherlambang), buy his book (Kicau Kacau), and you’ll see! He’s the perfect combination of brain and an awesome sense of humor! And oh, he also happens to be an awesome dancer! I’m so looking forward to his sophomore book (which I will definitely review and share with you). It will only come out next year (I can’t wait!!) but I know for sure, reading it, I’ll fall in love with him his writing all over again.

Okay, before this entry turns to one love letter from a stalker to a stalk-e, I’m going to take a cold shower (wait, what?!) and move on to my next fave thing (#7). Oh, it’s another person: Rendy Hapsanto, and he’s one super talented designer. I met him when I had to browse for wedding dresses. I was honestly quite worried because I had to go and get my wedding dress in Solo. OK, I need to clarify something before you Solo people start sending me hate-mail. I’m a very simple girl. So simple, my everyday outfit is jeans and tee. I am terrified of big-fancy-over the top dresses with rhinestones and gems. And I surely as hell wouldn’t want to wear that sort of dress to my own wedding!!! After a quick browse, my fear was justified. Wedding dresses in Solo are... well... (for lack of a better word) cabaret-ish. Definitely not my cup of tea. BUT I got soooo luckyyyy because I found Rendy Hapsanto *teary eyed – dramatic* and eventually became his good friend. His designs are what I would call perfection. It’s something that happens when simplicity meets elegance and comfort at a very reasonable price. He just gets what it is that you want and translates it into a dress. 
my fab wedding dress

closer look at the detail *LOVE!!!*

I can go on and list all of his accomplishments, but it’s going to be long-assed list so I’m just going to give you the highlights: Rendy just made the list on High End Magz’ The Masterpiece of 20 Indonesia’s Top Designers and this one is his piece – aptly named “The Sexy Knight”

He has also dressed 2011’s Miss World, Ivian Sarcos, during her visit to Indonesia in early 2012.
Rendy Hapsanto and Miss World 2011
and that dress was featured in Harper's Bazaar Indonesia - no, the clown is NOT him!!

Besides designing dresses, back in his hometown (Solo) he also provides decoration for events (weddings, birthdays, etc.)

I highly recommend him if you happen to reside in Solo and are looking for a designer and decorator for your special day. For details, you can message me or visit his Facebook page: Rendy Hapsanto and follow his Twitter (@rendyhapsanto). 

Moving on to #8: The Voice – a singing competition like no other. Why? Because you are judged based on your voice (hence the name of the show) and not on how you look (unlike several other singing competitions, yawn!!). So basically to audition a person sings to the backs of the four judges (Adam Levine *yum*, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton *double yum!!*). Yes, to their backs!!! During the Blind Audition the judges don’t get to see the people’s faces therefore they’re judged solely on their voices! If a judge likes what they hear, they push a button and their seat turns towards the person auditioning. There are times when all four seats turn and then it's up to the hopeful singer to pick which judge to be their mentor. Fun, isn't it?!
The Blind Audition

The 3rd season is currently airing on AXN, and this week reveals the Top 3 contenders (FYI, all my faves are IN!!!), but if you want to check it out, you can browse on YouTube – every performance is there, from the blind auditions to the judges performances to the finals. Just type in the key words: The Voice Season 3. I promise you, you’ll love this one! Well if you don’t enjoy singing competition, we can just hold hands (hypothetically) and drool over both Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, right?! 

No? Need more convincing? (gee, you guys are tough customers!!) OK, I'll leave you with the two people that will definitely be in my dreams tonight. Toodles!
Hotness overload
Seriously, I rest my case.....

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