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Hi guys!!!

How are y'all doing? Today's a very special day, why you may ask? Two important things happened today! First, greet #Undecided happy birthday!!!
Latest picture of the birthday gal and moi!
Hehe, i tried looking for a recent solo pic of hers but i couldn't find a normal looking one, i do not want to face her wrath *not on her birthday*, so i settled for this one we snapped at G's bday luncheon "after party" LOL, she looks really cute here so i believe she'd approve!

Happy birthday again, BFF! Love you soooo much! I can't write down everything i wish for you here because it'll be a couple of page long hahaha in short i wish you health, happiness, luck, joy, marriage bliss, wealth, and everything else you could ever ask for! Haha!

Yeah, i actually almost forgot her birthday WTF, i originally planned to wish her at the stroke of midnite, but yeah... it was ambitious. Last night i didn't remember anything and was busy watching RM with hunny FML, this afternoon i was looking at something and i suddenly was jolted, OMG!!! #Undecided's birthday! LOL. She actually told me she was touched i didn't forget LOLOLOL.

Second important thing that happened today? My Baby Boy graduated from Kindergarten today HAHAHAHAHA. Yes, that's a milestone, i feel like it was only yesterday he was just a teeny tiny little newborn, and suddenly... He's almost in primary school! My God i am old!

Baby Boy started school three years ago (when he's not quite 3 yet, he skipped PG1 and went straight to PG2) and every year the parents had been forced to attend (severely overpriced) graduations *LOL*. But this year the graduation actually meant something for us because, well obviously because he's one of the graduates! I remembered there's no such things back when i was little hahaha, i had one real graduation and that was when i graduated from University *LOL*. But i must admit, kiddies graduations are really cute, and watching those kiddies marching in their graduation gowns is a very special moment for their parents.

And since time has really changed, if back when i was a kid myself, all the farewell parties and "graduation" of the sort were always held in school halls, today's kids' graduations takes place in five starred hotels or ballrooms *LOL*. Three years ago it was in JW Mariott's Hotel, last year at Hotel Mojopahit and this year it's held in The Square Ballroom.
My mum and dad attended the function two years ago but refused to go last year, so naturally i thought they also wouldn't want to come this year, but apparently since Baby Boy's casts as one of the leading role in this year's play, they want to come and i was scolded for not getting them tickets. PFTTTTTT. Typical. Anyway, the invite said 5 PM, which in my three years experience (they'd hold two functions every year, so i've been to six of those, i am entitled to say that i'm experienced, okay?) means it'll start at 6. But of course, the paranoid grandma freaked out since 4.20, haish!!!

And of course, i was right! We arrived at 5.10 and the ballroom wasn't even halfway filled yet! WTF. ZZZZ. Had to wait for almost an hour, plus we got seperate seats (since graduates' parents got special seats in the first four front row). Hunny and i were seated at the very front row! OMG! I felt so out of place zzzz *i'm not your typical mummy, i don't feel like i belong to a mummy group... I dunno what to talk to them of!!!* and awkward... Good thing is i get to see everything very clearly and it was easier to take pictures *LOL*. 

#Undecided were concerned when i told her where i we were seated, because as you know, hunny and i are tall people *LOLOLOL*, i feel so bad for whoever shortie parents who sat behind and whose view might be severely blocked by gigantic us, sorry ah! Hahaha... Not i asked one :p.

We were given a year book and look :
Super relieved when they finally started! They showed pictures of the graduates in the huge screen...
The MCs are obviously, the teachers. I found their outfits to be super cute so i snapped this picture.
Hahaha... #Undecided was a bit speechless when i sent her this pic :p... She told me that the tutu skirt would look cute on me hahaha... I want one! The teacher in blue's a native China woman, and she always wears the most different (i'd say a bit weird but i don't want to be rude :p...) kind of clothes on those functions haha, but i think this is the first time i saw them wearing tutu lah haha.

There were some dances and stuffs, but i didn't take pictures since my camera battery's not full *forgot to charge it last night*, but then there's this Toddler class fashion show and it was too cute not to immortalized..
The little girl in matching outfit (purple skirt) with her mum was the best, very cute hahaha... kept on posing :D. I heard from Baby Boy's nanny some of the mums in this school's a model, maybe her mum's one of them? She sure looked the part hahaha
Yeah, i'd die if they ask me to do that. DIE. And maybe move my kid to another school before the D Day hahahaha. Please please please don't ever ask me to do that *LOL*. I hate being on stage, i'll die. Seriously.

Moving on! There was no graduations for PG students back when Baby Boy was in PG, but starting last year *right after he finished PG* they have! GRRRR, i'm a bit pissed about it...
PG2 graduates
And finally! The play that Baby Boy was in started. I coaxed Baby Boy to tell me his role in the play a few weeks ago (he's the kind of boy who dislike telling people his roles or anything about the play he was in basically, i think he likes to surprise us? Hahaha), and i was quite shocked and a little bit offended when he told me he's casts as... Zhu Bajie zzzzz. You know, the Pig in the famous story "Journey to the West".
Yeah well... i know Baby Boy's chubby like his mommy, but there are chubbier kids (lots!) in his class! A bit offended because i felt like they were insulting him of looking like a pig or something *funny how i wasn't offended when he was cast as grasshopper last year or as the lead in Ugly Duckling the year before that*, but everybody consoled me *my mum, #Undecided, etc* that Zu Bajie is cute and a lead, and that is a very good role.. #Undecided also added how Zu Bajie is good with ladies and yeah... Baby Boy's a little bit of a playboy hahaha. 

And yeah... he was really cute hahaha...
Sun Wu Kong, the Monk and Zhu Bajie a.k.a my Baby Boy
Zhu Bajie waiting for his next turn at the side of the stage
I am biased but i think he's the cutest Zhu Bajie ever!!!
Seriously, everybody roared with laughter whenever he appeared zzz... I guess he looked really funny, plus the role's supposed to be the comedian in this play, totally fitting his image as a goofball *he's the class clown zzzz*. Again, i know i'm biased since he's mine, but i think he's very good in this kind of things! He's been casts for leading roles in two out of three plays within three years, so i guess in a way it's true, isn't it? At least the teachers thinks so ahahaha.
The little boy playing Sha He Shang (the one with beard) was also super cute!
Then out of nowhere, appeared little sexy dancers hahahahahaha...
They were prancing around with Coco Lee's song hahaha, oh yeah the play's in Mandarin, the lines had been pre-recorded with their own voices, and it pains me to say... Baby Boy speaks Mandarin much better than English..
And then.... Zhu Bajie ran in and hit on the girls...
Sun Wu Kong reprimanded him for being cheeky :p.
Then the war scene against the ghosts..
Everybody roared with laughter again since the ghosts, who were supposedly from ancient time, came out holding guns and worse... One of them was holding a (magic?) wand LOLOLOL...Harry Potter got in the wrong play???
The Buddha also super cute eh? Hahahaha
Finally succeeded in getting the sacred texts hahaha
A job very well done, Baby Boy, i am one proud mama! 

Thank you for Edgar (Sun Wu Kong!)'s mum who took this picture backstage and sent it to me :D.

There was another (English) play and some dances but i was saving the battery for the graduation...
Baby Boy was the last person in line
Groupies? Hahaha
Singing and dancing before the ceremony, aren't they adorbs???
I kept on distracting myself by taking pictures and checking my BBM because i am such a cry baby, i was always choked watching him performing and even seeing other kids graduated last years, you didn't want me to start bawling, did you???

Hmm, yeah, i'm gonna spam you with his graduation pictures, please indulge me!
The girl on his left is his ex-girlfriend hahahaha really!
Throwing their hats hahaha
One complaint... The parents were out of control! I couldn't count how many times the MCs begged them to back the hell down!!! They kept on coming up to the stage to take pictures, and later when they were escorted back... they sent their kids to go up! WTF zzzz. Didn't occurred to them that the people sitting behind them also has kids upstage and everybody wants to take pictures of their kids too! GRRRRR!!!! Parents, BEHAVE!!!

And at one point, another annoying incident. One obnoxious dad shouted very loudly "SIT DOWN!!!!" to the people in front. OMG!!! I know it's super annoying and i was pissed too, but shouting like that in front of everybody in the middle of a kiddies function? That shows what kind of person you are. Obviously not a very educated one. 


Then we took pictures with the graduated boy!
With mummy
and Daddy
With doting grans :D
They actually provided food there, but.. well... the line was crazy and thankfully we didn't line up, because we made Baby Boy's nanny line up for food *for herself lah* since we paid IDR 800.000 already *kiasu mah* and we're not eating there and she said everything was finished already, she only got herself rice and some soup. LOL. 

Same thing happened every year, but this year's the worst lah. Last two years we still got food, last year only hubby ended up with no food *coz he lined up first to get food for me and Baby Boy, and then went back in line for himself*. I am not asking to be fed or anything, but seriously... If they want to have this kind of functions, and they expect us to pay a lot for it... The least the school could do was to make sure they had enough food for everybody.

Thankfully the ballroom was in the same building with Ranch Market (upscale super market) and Eat n Eat (an old Singapore inspired style food court) so we just went down stair to grab dinner at Eat n Eat instead.
Lots of Baby Boy's friends' parents did the same. I told you Baby Boy's a bit of a playboy, he's changed "girlfriends" four to five times already *ROFL*, and he claimed that his current gf's called Jacelyn. She was eating there with her parents as well and they shouted to each other "You're my girlfriend!!!", "You're my boyfriend!!!" OMG, kids these days hahahahahaha. Baby Boy also kept on teasing and going to her table *face palm* OMG, they were really dating hahahahahaha.
Baby Boy and his current gf hahahahahaha
So, that's how i spent my evening! LOL. Of course, a post like this wouldn't be complete without OOTD and FOTD of the mummy, right? Say yes!!!
I am having my period, severely watery and bloated huhuhuhu
Blue minidress (came with the belt) : FO/store in Ps Atum, Black Roses Bib-Necklace : BerryBenka, Red Glossy Bag : AJ | Armani Jeans
The bib-necklace price was almost twice the price of the dress *LOLOLOL*
I actually planned to spare at least two hours to get ready (including shower and washing my hair+drying'em) because i wanted to practice putting on falsies again, but then i overslept *didn't get enough sleep the last three days...* and woke up much latter than i intended... I ended up with only half an hour to do my make up *not to mention my mum constant shrieking asking me if i was ready yet WTF* haish... Thankfully, i actually managed to finish my make up within that time frame! Including sticking falsies *re-used the same Olga Lydia falsies from D'eyeko* and all... Am i getting better??? Better keep my trap shut, dun want to jinx myself and make whatever false goddess angry and decided to make me unable to stick it properly ever again!

Pictures taken after we got home, my creamy peachy pink lipstick's completely gone already hahaha
Only put one color of eye shadow since i had no time, it was purple to match my nails hahaha
Tried my best to look mature and mumsy
I always have hard times choosing clothes and make ups for school functions like this, i mean... i don't want to embarrass Baby Boy by looking frumpy, at the same time i hate people starring at me and that always happens i dunno why FML, so i always try to bury my gyaru style whenever there's school functions and try to make myself look older. I think i looked mumsy enough, don't you think?
Snapped this picture in the bathroom while waiting for my mum hahaha
Oh, i spent yesterday prettying myself hahahaha. What i meant by prettying myself is... I Veet-ed my feet because i'm wearing a mini dress today and i don't want people to see my hairy legs hahahaha... Then i finally scraped off my gel-manicures *yes, it's been there since April hahahaha, i even modified it a bit, will show you in a different entry :p*, shaped my nails and paint them. here's my NOTD :
O.P.I Mariah Carey Liquid Sands in Can't Let Go
I'm gonna stop now, hope you enjoy peeking into another side of me : mummy side hahaha...

Sorry for the distorted angle, my mum's shorter than me and i was wearing a 10 cm heels so... this is the result hahaha

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  1. happy birthday buat #undecided!

    dan selamat buat baby boy ya on his graduation! :)

    ya ampun gurunya bajunya heboh banget ya. hahaha

  2. congratulations buat semuanya~ yg birthday dan graduated hehehe *borongan salamnya*

  3. Hahaha, anak jaman sekarang masih prechool udah dating dong! Pake acara panggil2an bf gf segala. kayaknya jaman gue dulu maw ngomong sama lawan jenis aja pake gemetaran segala. hahaha. kocak ih

  4. selamat ulang tahun buat undecided..hehe..wah, anakmu lucu yooo...smile terussss...so cute!
    awww..iya, keliatan ya itu tats..jadi malu..hahha,,