G's Birthday Luncheon

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Hey hoooo everybody!! It's officially June now and I'm ecstatic!!!

Yes, it's Monday today but I'm in such a good mood, it surprises myself LOL. I have so many things to look forward to: hubby's BFF's wedding tomorrow, public holiday on Thursday, Hario's wedding celebration on Sunday, aaaaaand.... my birthday on 11th!! Yep, June is my absolute fave month, I don't even mind turning 30 LOL...

Oh btw, it's #Undecided. This is another joint entry, but once again I'm in my office and #Pink's home - we're writing this one in turns. LOL. 

Anyway, speaking of turning 30, yesterday we celebrated another birthday, and this time it's G's (her bday's actually on April 27th, but #Pink was in Europe back then, and as soon as #Pink returned, G and her hubby left for a honeymoon in Australia! So the celebration was postopned until last SUnday!). As you know, I had a plan of making each and every one of our birthdays this year crazy special (you only turn 30 once, right!!), but yesterday was another big fail (for me) because (once again!!) it was low key. LOL. So much for planning, #Undecided *facepalm*!! LOL LOL.
LOL yes, but what's important that we had lots of fun catching up, all four of us (because W is so far away she can't attend) together which is rare nowadays because we're all so busy with our own family lives, now that we're all married *old women*, sigh...

The birthday girl (or, should i say... MATURE woman *Wahahahahaha i just totally cracked myself up, calling any of us mature is...well, stretching it :p, we so gonna be forever young inside even when we're 70 and wrinkly...) was *again, like A previously* in no mood to dress up, i think she was one of the most dressed down person (other than the always in lazy-pregnant-lady mode, pregnant A) in her own birthday celebration. I wonder if it's the 30 curse? It's like the first time all of the birthday galz refused to dress up (except in G's case actually, she was that way too last year) and set a dress code. We'll see if the curse continues with #Undecided. 

The birthday celebration was not even held at dinner time, but much more relaxed lunch time at a Chinese restaurant *choked* called Moi Garden. I thought i was gonna have to pour coffee all over myself to wake myself since the luncheon's at 12 *LOL* *extremely not a morning person* *especially on weekends*, plus i had to get more than one person (me) ready, since Baby Boy's nanny still at her village *sigh*, thankfully i wasn't too sleepy yesterday, somehow.

Here's a picture of the giggly birthday girl with her hubby
One more with her oh-so-HOT mummy too 
If #Pink wasn't too sleepy, I was... LOL... Actually I was feeling a little under the weather, I have kerokan marks all over my right arm. A little backstory, #Pink and I decided that we would go color coordinated and SOMEHOW I picked "blue" just because I wanted to wear the bag she got me from Europe. Big mistake. Blue is my least fave color (until today yaa.. I cannot say so for future references, people, I might like it someday!), so I only have one blue top, and it's a racerback tank. I had my outfit prepared aaaaaaaaand Saturday night after picking hubby up from the airport I felt serious pain on my right arm (due to constant exposure from the car's AC because it was quite warm that night) and I knew the only way to fix it was to do that kerokan procedure. I literally was in a lot of pain but I spent hours contemplating whether or not I should do it because I didn't want to look like an abused wife the next day, right...

The pain won.


I BBMed #Pink telling her about this in the morning and she actually reminded me that we were going to take lots of photos for the blog, but I said that I would always pose on the left - covering my right arm, which I did. Muahahahahaha... So no!! You will not see them!! *grin*
#Undecided with her new bag hahaha, oh with her hubby too of course
Yeah, she was lucky i wasn't in one of those annoying moods of wanting to humiliate her by making sure i took a pic of her arms *LOLOL*, also she said "We're only going to Moi anyway" but we actually went to the mall later, hahahaha.  Anyway, G, her hubby and mum arrived on time *of course* *LOL*, and they had to wait quite very long until the next person arrived, and surprisingly... it's #Undecided and hubby! Hahaha... Me, Baby Boy and hunny arrived later because somehow hunny took a wrong turn in the very familiar route @___@.

They were already eating when i entered the restaurant, since there's no nanny today i obvi went into mummy-mode straightaway and feed him, while #Undecided immediately went on "entertaining aunty" mode, to distract him and stop him from being bored. We make a good team, eh #Undecided? Haha..

Yes, Baby Boy's 5 (turning 6 next month), and yes he can feed himself of course, but he's spoilt *blame the grand parents*, and the only thing we could feed him was noodle and he has very limited teeth (thanks to way-too-much-milk at night) so i had to chop them off very finely okay, we dun want him to choke don't we!!! (PS : He just lost another one earlier today *sigh*, new teeth please grow soon!)

Here's some happy faces snapped around the dining table.
A's husband, A-the-pregnant-lady, a friend of G and A's, and AV-a collage of the three of them, sorry for the backlight...
Yup, hunny, Baby Boy and i also dressed up in blue, when we say matchy2 that means all 5 of us ahahaha
Hunny and Baby Boy looked crazy in this pic but we looked nice so had to post it anyway hahahaha
While in this one, hunny and #Undecided were fighting for a space *why??? So MANY space!!!*, hence hunny's blurry face and our amused expression :p

The lunch went quite fast because most of us were hungry (hubby and I were famish because we didn't have breakfast - it was a Sunday, so we slept in until around 10 am or so, no time for breakfast LOL) and right after meal, it was opening the presents time. 
G tried making her husband pose with some of the dresses #Pink got her, but he was too embarrassed and refused wholeheartedly. #Pink then jokingly said that my hubby wouldn't mind and automatically he started posing gleefully with them LOL. Wearing them like an apron and all... He's such a silly dude that guy :D
Even the uncle behind him turned around to see what the whole commotion was about and laughed at him hahaha, OMG i guess we were super loud then -____-

#Undecided's hubby just arrived from out of town the night before and he came bearing gifts for us hahaha, #Undecided insisted it was part of the pressie, and made her pose with the box of pastries!
Spot the stylish girl behind G? LOVE her pants. Too bad with my body type i can never wear such pants haha

Anyway, those clothes i threw in for G, but our main pressie was this Next watch (from #Undecided and me, and our families of course)
We chose this because it has blings surrounding its face, and with G... well, she loves her blings! You know i love shiny, glittering things, but G's 1000x worse than me, she's somewhat in... err... dangdut category already hahahaha... Oh, funny story when #Undecided and i were purchasing this watch at NEXT, there was an aunt who saw the watch we were clutching, and as soon as we gave to an attending SA, she grabbed it from the SAs hands and tried to take it for herself! The SA had too soothe her and told her that they had stocks in their storage, WTF aunty! Oh that's not the funny part, the funny part was when she asked the SA "What's the brand of this watch?". OMG LOLOLOLOL, the SA said "This is Next store, ma'am, everything in this store's Next's". ROFL FHL.

And finally, we believe it was necessary to pose with G's hot mom. It doesn't show on the pic but she wore a short skirt that day. LOL. 

Isn't she HOT? Seriously. Most women half her age doesn't look that good! Too bad it wasn't very apparent in the photo, but she's got a banging body, that one! She made all of us looked round and frumpy most of the time hahaha... I dunno if G would kill me by writing this, but... she's single and available, anyone knows any cute SINGLE uncles to set up with this gorgeous lady? Hahahaha...

More pictures, here's our men
Whoops!!! We forgot one VERY important man!
And of course, obligatory BFFs pic-now-turned-obligatory-pregnancy pic :

And this one's hunny and #Undecided's hubby, when we asked them to take our pic, naturally they took a selca of themselves. Everytime.
Can you see A's tummy? You should, but in case you couldn't *i'd recommend you to get your eyes checked though, i'm worried...* then this one we deliberately took to show you the TUM!
I also snapped some more pictures to show the ambiance of the place and our table, but as always, G's mum was camera ready!
*LOL*, i was trying to take a candid picture but it was a big fat FAIL. But this one of the other side's better :
Last photo taken around the dining table was of G's thigh. LOL. So random right. But she had these scratches thanks to her dogs, and I just had to snap the photo. LOL. She recently just moved to a new house with her husband, leaving her 2 dogs behind. I guess they missed her. LOL.
I didn't know there were those scratches and poked G's thigh whole-heartedly while calling her LOLOLOL
As #Pink said, we went to GM right after lunch and obviously Baby Boy wanted to ride with his fave uncle, but before we jet, we said goodbye to preggo and made him pose with her.
Baby Boy can't wait to meet his new baby cousin!
Yeah, A's super in lazy-pregnant-lady mode nowadays, she never really goes out anymore haha, mostly she just go out to eat and go home straightaway.

Eventually #Pink rode with us as well. Her hubby went to get his car because he parked it quite far from the resto - yep, famous resto, lunch hour, traffic jam, it was madness LOL. On the way we played Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines and Baby Boy danced and sang along even though it was the first time he listened to that song :D He always requests for songs whenever he rides with us, he's definitely YOURS, bb!! LOL.

LOL i know bb, i was there when the gynae pulled him out of my vajeje! LOLOLOL... Sorry ya, hope nobody found this offensive, if you're a frequent reader you'd know that we do not have a sensor in our mouth *or in this case, fingers*, if anyone was... Just click the x button up there to close this page okay hahahaha...

At GM, first destination was : to get COFFEE! LOL. #Undecided couldn't function anymore without her coffee, and since we have different faves, we head to Starbucks first to get hers and move to Coffee Bean later because they have better seats *LOLOLOL*. OH! Just after parking the car, we entered the mall using the lift and when i saw mirror, i just had to..
Snap a selca. I do not know how to blur out that dude behind us hahahaha

I was in a very snap-happy mode that day, i couldn't stop snapping picture, so...
Jumping from Starbucks...
to Coffe Bean

The seating in Coffee Bean became really weird because the long tables we frequented were occupied, so we had to add a table at a very awkward angle!
Yeah, and some uncle was manner-less enough to snatch one of our unattended chairs!! Uncle, you're old, what are you teaching your kids if you yourself didn't have enough courtesy to ask us if the stupid chair was taken or not!! Just because we're younger than you, you think it's okay to just take our chairs? Ugh!!! I hate manner-less people!!

*rambling over*

Moving on. 

As soon as Baby Boy sat down and played with his Ipad, he attracted another little boy that was sitting in the table near us.
It's wonderful how little kids makes friends so easily :)
More pictures...
Boys in blue
Why was i putting on a duck face???
#Undecided looking a bit crazy here hahahaha
#Pink dragged me to accompany her to the toilet inside Sogo and she (managed to find the time to) shopped for a clutch (which I approved because it was super pretty). She didn't need that clutch though. She announced, and I quote, "I want this one bb!" *sigh*.

Yes, i remember you said that, BB, but seriously, when does one NEED a clutch anyway BB? When do i NEED anything? If you want me to wait until i need something before i could shop, that would be long after i'm cold and burried bb!!!

After that when we were browsing the Colorbox' section, hubby called and telling us that LL was waiting for us in Coffee Bean. LOL. What a coincidence, she was also in GM!! And obvi, some more photo taking sessions took place.
Fugly background but at least we looked pretty, noh?
BTW, i'm not sure that racer back tank's considered blue bb! Isn't it mint-green? Anyway, L just attended a party before coming here, isn't her dress pweettty?
New addition, must snap picture...
Hubby and I had to leave earlier because he was quite sleepy (and I wasn't feeling well). We also had another dinner party to attend because his BFF's mom from Taiwan wanted to see us. Soooo... that was it for me, folks! :)

While i ended up catching up with LL, i haven't seen her for months! And since we're both such girly girls, i couldn't help noticing how pretty her gel manicure was!
Must check with L whether she has similar gel polish, i also want!

And seeing we're both was decked with arm (and finger) candies, i couldn't help but snap these pictures.
Hahaha... I love my BFFs to death, but none of them are as girly as me (like L is), so it's really nice to have someone i can discuss clothes and accessories with, or in this case... Snap this kind of pictures with :D.

I dunno how long we stayed in that Coffee Bean, more than two for sure WTF, that happens whenever you're with your friends right, you don't even realize it's been hours you've been hogging that space already *LOL*, thankfully Baby Boy was so absorbed with his Ipad games *as well as G's hubby, who was as absorbed as Baby Boy with his games hahaha, but was ready to entertain Baby Boy too anytime hahaha thx Uncle V!* so he didn't mind sitting there for so long while his mummy and daddy (because hunny's quite close to L's hubby too) yabbered non-stop with their friends!

Of course, must reward him for being such a good boy, so we took him playing at Timezone for a little bit, we tried the new 4D video game that totally gave me the shock because it swung around super hard, no wonder they double strapped us into the chair!!! 
No, of course that's not the 4D video game LOLOL, just some random pic i snapped, too bad LL's hubby suddenly moved out from the angle!

Also ended up playing a huge air hockey, L and i teamed up against Baby Boy and hunny, and guess what... they beat us horribly -____-. It was super fun though, the air hockey spit out tons of little pucks from time to time that toally freaked us out that we hysterically tried to get them in the opponent's goal *LOLOLOL*, some super silly fun, now i remember why hunny and i used to be super crazy about those arcades that we'd spend hours in them whenever we're at a mall! We should try those games out sometime, #Undecided!

Parted ways with L and hubby, then we went to grab dinner and did a bit of shopping at Guardian.. And i managed to scan the prettiest stuffs in Magnolia, but didn't have time to shop.. Some other time! 

And that's how our Sunday went down! Understated like #Undecided said, but so much fun for me :), wouldn't mind more of this kind of understated Sundays for sure hahaha...

So, that's all for now! Hope you enjoyed having a peek into how our day! Toodles!
#Pink and #Undecided

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