#Pink Favorite Things #9-#13

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Hi peeps! #Pink here :D!

Now we get on with my favorite things #9-13! Are you ready :D? Here they go.. (sorry for my shopping reports lovers hahahaha no shopping this time :p)

#9 : My Bedroom
 The blue car plastic bed is my baby boy's napping or sleeping space, obvi. In case you're wondering!

Welcome in! This is my bedroom :). Do you like it? Well, I do! Honestly I am very un-fussy when it comes to decorating. While we were preparing this new room (we’ve been occupying this room for about two years I guess, I cannot be sure. My brain simply cannot store dates, phone numbers, names, etc while it cannot get rid of other stuffs. It is very picky and I cannot control it haha!) I let my hunny  took care of the whole deal, communicating and telling our interior designer (who’s very capable and gave us a great deal, Mr. W. Highly recommended :) ) what we wanted and never actually even bothered to even look at the pictures of our future room. In some areas I simply cannot be bothered, I simply don’t care… you cannot make me care zzzz (my hunny never stop trying to make me care about stuffs, and obviously he fails coz I simply block him out)

 View from my bed

I only told my hunny that I wanted the room to be very “minimalist” and cozy. Also as neutral as possible. I guess I felt bad for making my hunny lived in my old Barbie room (it had a bubble gum pink walls and white Princessy furniture. And it was completely filled with stuffed animals and my photos. LOL. The décor was never renewed since I was in elementary school hahahaha, told ya I do not care) for 3 years or so :p. The rest was chosen by him and I think he did a pretty good job haha

My room is huge…. As you can see for yourself (the first time Mr N entered this room he was very startled, he asked whether we plan to play soccer here LOL). It is cosy and has a very calming aura, for me lah (coz it’s my room, right!). It is my sanctuary and I love spending my time in my room. Unless I am going out (people who know me IRL know that I go out a lot, probably 4-5 times a week) I spend majority of my time in my room. Probably 18 hours out of 24 hours. LOL. I know I know, I’m such a hermit crab :p. Whenever I’m abroad (or in other cities) I’d miss my room terribly (I hate hotel rooms :(, and that’s horrible for a traveler like me coz I travel quite a lot) and sometimes if the hotel room’s not up to my expectation whenever I close my eyes I picture myself in my own lovely bedroom. Hehe. It’s all in the head, baby!

 Secret passage to the bathroom and walk in closet hahaha

I’ve always been a bedroom person. Ever since I was a little girl. I’d hide in my bedroom all the time. And I hate visitors (my parents’ visitors, I love it when my friends come over!) since I am essentially a really shy person (underneath all the craziness outside. I swear!) so whenever my parents’ friends comes around I’d refuse to leave my room. It is still the case right now actually! LOL.

#10: My Walk-In Closet
#Undecided mentioned my walk in closet before… and okay okay, I surrender. Here, let me show you my fugly (but lovely!) walk in closet :

 LOL. So, one of the prices I have to pay for not paying attention to my hunny whenever he tried showing me the plan-pictures of our rooms (I just wave him off and say “do whatever you want, I don’t care. Stop bothering me!) is… well, not getting the walk in closet of my dream. LOL. I originally pictured a full, U-shaped, rows upon rows of never-ending racks and shelves and cupboards. Instead I got… a single, one-sided (although pretty long) I shaped *sobs pitifully* closets. I was stunned when I was first presented with it. And the next second I shrieked “WTFFFF, you expect me to cram every single one of my stuffs THERE??? WTF you crazy ah??? It won’t even be enough for like, 20% of my stuffs!!! WTF WTF WTF!!!!”

Yes, I know it wasn’t entirely his fault (but isn’t he supposed to know me enough to know what I wanted? We’ve been together for so long! A classic line of man VS woman, LOL), but do you really expect me to be reasonable? Haih, if you do then you have a very high opinion of me LOL (TOO high). Anyway, he asked whether I wanted the designer to build more closets, but it’ll take MONTHS and we were anxious to move in the new room and it’ll cost a lot more (Told ya I’m stingy) so in the end I just never bothered. I hauled (actually the workmen+my maids+driver etc did) my old extra cupboard (that was purchased coz I ran out of space in my  old room) and another old cupboard that belonged to my elder brother and his wife (they’d moved out long before) and crammed them all inside. 

So, my walk in closet is more like a storage FML, and the cupboards all kinda miss-matched, but I really don’t care. It can be super hot (although I have an air conditioning system inside but on very hot days it still feels like a friggin oven) as well, but who cares! All of my adult life I’ve dreamt of my very own walk in closet (yes yes I am obsessed with Sex And The City) and I finally have one! A Frankenstein version probably but I love it nonetheless!! I can spend hours inside, rearranging my stuffs, dollying up, playing dress ups and creating new looks (I put together a whole look at least a day before I go out), etc. It’s just like me, perfect in its imperfections :).

One of the reasons I wanted to set up this blog is because I love reading blogs. The addiction started a long time ago, when blogs are just starting to spruce up. The very first blog I’ve ever read was Xia Xue’s, it was years ago (when she still had a brown hair and wear smoky-eyes makeups LOL). Then life get in the way. I began  working (as you probably can guess by now, I am now jobless haha) and between working and having a family life and at the same time keeping your social life alive I forgot about Xia Xue. Afterall back then blogs are still a rarity and it wasn’t as interesting as reading fashion magazines.

Then a few months ago (oh yeah I picked up my old hobby  of reading her blog only months ago) I got so bored at home, doing nothing then I remember Xia Xue. And I tried googling her. And there she is, cuter than ever, with fabulous pink (!!!) hair and a much more beautiful blog. And I got hooked once again, and probably worse, because now there are a lot of awesome blogs out there. From Xia Xue I began reading Qiu Qiu www.bongqiuqiu.blogspot.com, Audrey www.fourfeetnine.com and Cheesie www.cheeserland.com. They are my favorite 4 bloggers. I also like Sophie Willocq.www.sophiewillocq.blogspot.com

 This is Xia Xue, her photoshopping skill is beyond belief!

The obsession with their blogs prompted me to start my own, since I’ve always loved writing (and yes, like #Undecided I do write fictions too. But I cannot seem to finish any of them FML. So I figured the best form of writing for me right now? Definitely blogging) and I think having a blog would be awesome. But I’m such a chicken I need a partner in crime, that’s why I dragged #Undecided into the picture. LOL.

I think Xia Xue will always be my favorite blogger, she’s so awesome. And her photoshopping skill is MAD. So jealous. And her life so fascinating as well.. I hope our blog can be a teeny tiny bit like hers someday :D *dream big*. I have yet to see a blog like hers by an Indonesian, so… why not.. maybe we can fill the slot? :p..

#12: Twilight Saga

I told you all from the beginning, I am a Twihard (so maybe it’s true what they said about Twihards being mostly pre-teens and their moms? I am not a teenager and obviously not so old that I have a teenage kid as well, but you get the picture). Unlike most Twihard, i watched the movie before I read the books. And I think that’s better coz by then I already fell in love with the movie and by the time I finished reading the first book I was a true blue hardcore Twihard (no complains about how the movie wasn’t as good as the book since I watch it first. Cannot say the same about the second and third movie though :(, but I love the fourth and fifth!!!)

Like a pre-teen, the first moment Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) stepped into the screen, my heart stops. OMG OMG OMG *srieks like a banshee*, why is that guy so cuteeee??? Hehehehe. And his character made me fell MAD in love with him (Edward Cullen, not Robert Pattinson haha). And then I began collecting the books. And read them four times back to back. Yes, all four books. Until I pretty much memorize the contents LOL.

I believe having celebrity crushes is actually healthy for your real relationship. It’ll prevent you from wanting to have an actual affair ROFL. Why would you, when you can have a perfect love affair all in the comfort of your own imagination? Like, Edward is such a perfect guy. In the books. But in real life? I’d probably got over him in a few days and tried to box him or something (arghhh stop controlling me, you freak!!!). LOL.

My obsession lasted for quite sometime, a few years at least. Now I’m not as obsessed as I used to, not because I’m getting too old, but it is just time haha. It was one of my longest celebrity obsession (other  than Backstreet Boys which lasted all through my adolescent days) and my days was simply prettier when I have an imaginary boyfriend. *Sigh* I need a new one soon, I’m getting bored again.

#10 : Cam-whoring
I am not a photogenic person. Really. Back in the days when digital photos are still unheard of I used to cringe and recoil whenever I see my photos. I almost always look FUGLY. *sobs pitifully again*. And then there was this trend of taking your photographs taken professionally in photo studios, and as a true blue fashionista I also had to take my pictures taken. Lots of them. But in every photo shoot, when they produced like, 10 photos of me, there will be one or two that is presentable. FML. Zzz zzzz.

And then the digital era arrives. Mobile phones started featuring a decent camera and I started learning to take pictures of myself. And even though my photos are still not as good as I’d hope it to be *well you cannot change the fact that you are not photogenic I guess. But I console myself by telling myself it is better to be prettier in real life than in pictures then people won’t say “oh you look so pretty in your photos” LOL) I take best pictures of myself (oh and #Undecided does too. She’s like my personal photographer. Only she can take my pictures nicely. Oh and Candy from Candy Photoworks is my fave professional photog, I will probably only let Candy take my pictures for professional photoshoots haha), my hunny is totally crappy. And he’s offended every single time I told him so. FHL.

Especially since I start using Blackberry and realize you can take pictures of your whole outfit (I love taking #FOTD!!) in the mirror and you can control the angle and stuffs (do I sound like a control freak?). And thennn.. I finally found the right setting on my modest Sony pocket camera to take pictures of myself using the mirror (After more than a year owning it and bitch about the quality of the pictures it took “OMG why so bright, stupid camera! I did not want to use flash, you moron!” but never actually bother to try to set it differently. LOL) so… my cam-whoring just got on another level. Be afraid, people… be very afraid…


Okay so that’s number #9-#13 of my favorite things, super random right (hope you guys don’t mind, we’re  very random and crazy peeps LOL) haha! Laters babes!

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