11 Random Things about #Pink

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Hi everybody! Now that you’ve known me a little better (thanks to my bff’s long-assed entry *nudge nudge wink wink*), it’s time for some more introduction to her world. Here goes, kids: The 11 Random Things that you need to know about #Pink (yes, 11, because it’s my fave number :p)

1/ To say that #Pink has a lot of clothes is an understatement. She has a massive collection of girly girl stuff (not just clothes!!!) inside her giant-assed walk-in-closet (or what she prefers to call: “closets of shame”). She hates it when people open and take a peek into her closets (which is exactly why I keep doing it whenever I’m there LOL). She has rows and rows of unopened shopping bags! It’s a mystery to me as to how she remembers her purchases and keeps track of everything she owns.

2/ #Pink shops like there’s no tomorrow. Seriously. This is mostly why I cannot let her wander around malls by herself for she will go cray and buy everything that she sees. 3 weeks ago we went to the mountain for a little weekend getaway and somehow she managed to do some online shopping behind our backs! The good thing is, she doesn’t splurge...MUCH. Oh well...

3/ Her attention span is of a 5 year old. Or a hamster.

Behold: #Pink's worst nightmare
4/ #Pink is terrified of bugs. 
Wait, scratch that, she’s terrified of animals in general. It’s such an amusement to watch her squirm at the sight of my Golden Retrievers or to chase her around with a bug in my hand (yes, sometimes we forget that we’re OLD and still chase each other around). She will cover her ears (she worries that those bugs will crawl up her ears to her brain and nest there – yes, she watches too much movies), and starts screaming and running. Hilarious.

5/ Just like me, she is appalled of men who wear too much make up (with the exception of one Edward Cullen). So no, we don’t find those Korean so called boybands whom prance around in sleeveless tops and skinny jeans hot. And so shouldn’t you! Talk about a major ew!
6/ I’m not sure if it’s just our luck, or maybe fate, but we ended up with guys whom are the exact copy of each other. True story. 

7/ #Pink is one smart cookie and I’m lucky that she is. I don’t think I can stand being around a dumbass LOL. We have the same wavelength, you know, all those crap about finishing each others’ sentences, reading each others’ mind, and knowing what the other will say before she actually says it. We’re not psychic, but if we can learn the craft, we would love to :)

8/ She loves The Kardashians. Well, I do too. We think Kourtney is pretty and Khloe is just awesome. And oh, Bruce Jenner is the best dad in the world. We always cry watching Keeping Up With The Kardashian, don’t judge us, LOL.

9/ If I have to put my finger on one stellar quality that she has, I would have to say that she has the biggest heart that always forgives but a head that never forgets (the ultimate combo!). And she’s very protective of the people she loves. If one should try and mess with one of her friends, she would literally raise an army to demolish that person. This is one of the reasons why I love her to death because I know that I can always count on her no matter what. She will not think twice to stand beside me whenever I need her help.

10/ But seriously, don’t judge her. Because what you see is just the surface. If you don’t know her that well, she will not show you who she truly is. She can look indifferent (and sometimes shy, and then bitchy), but the reality is she gives a rat’s ass. She does. 
No, not THAT ass!!

11/ She’s a type of person who uses her head a lot. She is very reasonable, and has a somewhat manly view of a problem. If you’re looking for someone to help solve your problems, you go to #Pink. She will make sure that you don’t just mope around and actually do something about it. She will urge you to eventually fix it. She hates people who moan and consider themselves as the victims of every situation. And I cannot agree more.

There you have it, kids. Thanks for reading it to number 11. I hope I didn’t bore you because that will embarrass the Gemini inside of me coz a Gemini is supposedly never boring *gee, what a tall order!*

Lastly, I would like to send a shout out to #Pink: I love you, bitch! Stay the same coz you’re awesome! Xo.

PS: I'll remember to snap a photo of her closets of shame the next time I go to her house and post it here so you guys can see that I DID NOT LIE. 

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