1st Shopping Haul

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Hi guys! This is #Pink! I forgot to tell you in the first entry that other than beauty reviews i will also post a lot of Shopping Hauls posts because... well, simply because i am a shopaholic. I am severely addicted to shopping that even when i tried telling my guy that i wanted to go to a hypnotherapy to cure (or to make it less severe... a teeny weeny bit less is better already) my addiction he replied “it won’t work. Forget it. Go shopping.”. FML. And  when i told #Undecided about this convo her reaction was “of course it won’t work, your will is simply too strong. Your will to shop that is”. Geeezzz, isn’t there anyone out there who has a little bit more faith in me than those two??? *sulking*.

So, this is my latest haul.. i went shopping with my other bff, G, while #Undecided was stuck in her apartment waiting for her maid to clean it FHL. Let me tell you a little bit about my shopping habit, i am a hardcore shopper, quoting Giuliana Rancic “i’m a shopper at heart. It’s a disease, a sickness. I cannot stop”. LOL. But when it comes to deciding whether  i am going to purchase something or not there are two answer. One, i will very quickly say yes and hand the stuffs i want to the salesperson (who are usually accepting it with their jaws dropped, probably never saw someone who touch something for a few seconds and say yes right away, and keep piling it up FTL. Or two, when i feel the price’s not quite there, then i will walk out of the store just as quickly. Pondering and battling inside all the way wether or not i really want it. This inner battle can lasts for days (even months in some cases, yeah i’m that bad) until there is a voice from somewhere telling me “Haihhhh stoppit already, want to buy then buy, stop thinking about it already!!!”. Then i’ll drag my sorry ass to the store half hoping the coveted item is still there, half hoping that it’s gone so i can tell myself it’s not my fault i didn’t have it because it is no longer available. Ya lah i am a little insane.

This is me and G. We took a picture before going shopping but she wouldn't let me use it saying she looked fat in it. ZZZZZ.

Actual  #OOTD

But this G, is another nutcase altogether. She is the most frustrating type of shopper (other than #Undecided coz she is obviously very frustrating with all her confusion. And usually #Undecided will spend  a whole day or more looking for something, and in the end will purchase the very first item she saw. FML) because she will spend HOURS in one shop, holding one item, parading it to herself in front of the mirror, pulling a very serious (must i say, constipated) look. I usually end up sitting somewhere in the store, exhausted, playing with my bbm, letting her do her thing. This will go on for hours (in various shops) and almost always will come to one end : she won’t buy anything. FOL!! So why do i still shop with her? Because i am an awesome friend, that is why! Haha! 

Another thing you should know about my shopping habit? I am an AWESOME deal finder! Seriously! I shop 

Always finding the coolest, cheapest and most fantastic deals ever! Trust me :D ask my friends! So... enough yapping, here’s my haul (sorry for horrible pics, i only take pictures with my bbm or pocket camera and i cannot photoshop to save my life. I SUCK!


This may not seem like a lot but wait until i show you how many things i have inside! This is what is inside of the first bag... Accessories heaven!!!

I actually got myself FOUR vintage looking necklaces, three bangles and a ring. This is a closer look of the bangles 


Don’t worry i won’t wear it stacked like that *LOL* just showing you a closer look at the bangles.

Awesome black ring (i lost my big ass black ring’s stone the last time i went to Solo L and whenever i lost something i over-compensate by buying as much replacements as possible. Zzzz) which was already dirt cheap by the tag that we saw (50% reduced from actual price) made even more cheaper by the additional discount (that we knew nothing of).. should’ve bought in more colors :p.

Look at those pretty necklaces! Awww... i love’em! And i almost bought the rabbit necklace somewhere else a few days ago, without the huge discount! Lucky me!

The most awesome thing about this purchase?  Almost all of them are on a 70% discount! The grand total of the actual price i would’ve to pay if not for the promotion? IDR 533.900 (around USD 50). And how much did i end up paying? IDR 169.620 (around USD 16). Told ya. I’m AWESOME *mwahahahahahahaha*. I am definitely the kind of girl you’d want to be your shopping sidekick *wink*.

On to the next bag! Inside it are :

Lioelle Eveness Pure Body Lotion in Peach and Lioele Cutie Girl Etiquette Perfume Spray in Juicy Pink. Look at the cute pink packaging! Aww!!! Cuteness overload! Anyway,  the Korean brand Lioele’s counter is just opening here in our hometown in Surabaya, Indonesia. I’ve personally used Lioelle’s bb cream for a while, i purchased them from online shops and i quite like them. G got a discount voucher somehow and after pondering for hours (and more hours painting all 10 of her fingernails with their nail polishes testers. Oh and smearing their glitter eye shadow on her lids. And lotion-ing herself silly) she decided NOT to buy anything (surprise surprise) and since she is not using the discount voucher me the kiasu of course cannot let the voucher goes to waste began frantically to search for something to buy. LOL. And since i am (although crazy) a full-of-consideration shopper, i checked the prices on every single one of their stuffs. And like Etude House, most of the counter’s price is severely overpriced (compared to online shops’ prices) and brush them aside. And like Etude house, their bath and care products are the most worthy to purchase at the counter-price wise, since their pricing are pretty much the same from online shops (and you don’t have to pay for shipping fee) and that’s why i purchase those two! Can never get enough of body lotions and perfumes/body mists (might show u my perfume collection, if i dare to. i am terrified to show people my stuffs, because the amount of my stuffs are... humiliating)
Anyway, both the perfume and lotion are priced IDR 115.000 each (around USD 11), with an IDR 50.000 discount voucher i paid IDR 180.000 (around USD 18), not bad right?? *smug*

And the last and the smallest bag : Etude House mini blush brush and heart superfine fibres puff. OMG how cuteeeee!!! Love the bow shaped-handle and the ombre brush! And the heart shaped puff too! 

Etude House is killing me with cuteness! Actually those two are the perfect example of the stuffs that i wanted to buy but not so sure that i really wanted to buy so i let myself think about it for a few weeks hahaha. Told ya, i’m a crazy shopper but when it comes to basic essentials i am strangely stingy. I am so stingy that i’ve never buy myself a proper brush set. I use a disgustingly cheap-ass brush from Stroberi (our local cheap knick-knack shop chain), and i used to only use brush blush. Then a few months back my sister in law pass me a Bobbi Brown (i don’t even know if it’s real Bobbi Brown or replica. CL if you’re reading this and it’s real Bobbi Brown, forgive me for doubting you!!!)brush set and i started reading michelle phan’s blog then i started using foundation brush (i don’t really wear foundie though, i use bb cream or tinted moisturiser as a replacement) and eyeliner brush and my makeup routine has completely changed! *dramatic*. My friend Rosemary was so horrified when i confessed to her about this brush thingy, she said she should’ve bought me a proper brush as my latest bday gift, LOL! *shout out to Rosemary, i know you’re reading this!* So, i couldn’t stop thinking about this ultra cute brush (sooo into ombre stuffs right now!) like this l’ombre cake 

Drool. *slaps self*. Anyway! The brush is not even expensive i don’t know why i didn’t buy it before (i’m weird that way, did i tell ya i’m slightly ocd? So is #Undecided!) it’s IDR 42.800 (around USD 4), and the powder puff’s IDR 28.800 (around USD 2.50). 

So! Those are my haul for this time! (by the time i am uploading this i've another haul on the side already, FML... so 2nd haul entry coming soon) I had so much fun showing you my steals! I hope y’all have fun reading it too! Toodles!

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  1. Haha.. I giggled a lot reading this. You are such a shopper, Pink!
    Btw, "constipated look" LOL

  2. Should i take a pic of G's constipated look sometme??? Hihhi :)

  3. Wow... Wah... blog yang bagus ... ^^ I like it... sy follow ya blognya.. oh ya.. supaya dapat terus terhubung dg sesama blogger ada baiknya saling follow sekaligus meningkatkan SEO satu sama lain.. ^^ kunjungi jg http://technoetnikologi.blogspot.com .. SUkses untuk blognya teman.. ^^

  4. Wkwkwkwk...suddenly remember "becky shopaholic" LOL can't wait to see your perfumes collection min!!!!:)

  5. Yessssssssss....pleaseee...I beg u wkwkwkwk ....
    btw have u seen princess etoinette collection from etude???omo omooo...it's so fuckin CUTE!!!! I'm sure u'll love it

  6. Haih, maybe in the future zzz. Princess etoinette yes, placed my PO on the 3rd, how can i resist it...