December Celebrations Part 2

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Hey you guys…

I’m writing this whilst being super sick *HOEKKK*, trapped at home on a Saturday night, it’s pretty hellish for me  -____- so I figured might as well write about something that cheers me up, right. Btw in case you’re wondering, #Undecided is out of town so she can’t post anything for a few days, but fraid not! #Pink is here LOL. And we’d be back doing our joint entry soon, sooner than you think so…wait for it!
Let me tell you about the second December birthday celebration, that’s my cousin L’s! I congratulated her in the afternoon (thank God I suddenly remembered, it was almost like a knee-jerk reaction, OMG L’s bday!!-grope for my Blackberry and bbm-ed her straightaway. This is pretty rare because I am actually horrible at remembering dates, birthday dates included. I often tell my friends “OMG!!! I totally forgot your birthday! I’m soorryyyy!!! Next time please remind me, lemme know “#Pink, tomorrow’s my birthday, don’t you dare forget about it”, I really do!!!) and she replied “Huhuhuhu… thanks Coz”. (We like to call each other Cozkie (from cousin) when we text or BBM each other). Hehehe yup she was sobbing because nobody wants to get older!!! LOL. Especially for us, who are going to be starting a new first number in our age starting next year *the HORROR!!!*

Anyway, I have to tell you the whole story from the start to be able to give you a clearer picture of that day! So, I was in the car on the way to Tunjungan Plaza (another mall in Surabaya city, one of my next fave after GM because it’s HUGE and super complete, it’s like two times the size of GM, actually Indonesian love to extend their malls rather than opening a new one. We have GM 1 and 2 and TP is actually 4 malls connected into 1! TP 1, 2, 3 and 4!) because I promised LL to accompany her re-doing her gel polishes (Me-Nail is super professional that when the gel polishes’ ruined before it’s supposed to they’d redo it for free, with reasonable reasons ya! (in this case the manicurist forgot to seal the top and side part of the nails) Not if you treat it super rough and chipped it then you cannot expect them to redo alright! Please be reasonable :p).
Other than that I am also accompanying her to look for  her birthday outfit (yes it is her birthday month as well, say happy birthday LL!!! her birthday celebration is postponed due to personal problems, and when it is finally held me and #Undecided will do a special post about it :D). As I told you before, she is a crazy shopper, she doesn’t even check on price tags most of the time FHL. But shopping with LL is always fun as I get to fan her to get more and more stuffs MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA, oops.
And boy, did she spent a LOT. She got four pieces of clothing (!!!) for a fortune, and I am proud to say I spent 10% from her spending *proud*, I will show you what I got in a haul post in future posts okay!
We were at TP for about five or six hours, and while we were waiting at a restaurant for L’s takeway (for her hubby, we just had a meal at the foodcourt, a meal at 4.30 I don’t know what you’d call them LOL) suddenly my BBM vibrated violently. It’s L ping ping ping in me (GRRRRRR I really hate it when people ping me on BBM!!! I imagine it’s like they’re shaking and poking me while shouting “WOI! WOI! WOI!!!!”, I usually retaliate by ping-ing them back twice the numbers that they ping-ed me, yes it is because of my OCD as well, I count everything FML) and bbm-ed me “Cozkie, dinner at Bon Café, 6 PM, can?”. I was like… whatttt?
It was five a clock and I was still in TP which is like in another part of town and Baby Boy was with me that day *left him at an arcade with his sitter, don’t judge me if you’re the 24/7 mommy-maid type good for you, I won’t judge you so don’t you ever dare judge me* (Rosemary I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about those snobbish mummies who thinks less of me for not taking care of my own son 24/7) so I’d have to drop him home (I feel uncomfortable bringing extras to birthday celebrations unless the person who’s having the celebration specifically mentioned to bring Baby Boy along, like, I wouldn’t dream of leaving Baby Boy to #Undecided, #Undecided’s hubby or G’s bday haha they’d bitch and curse at me!) first not to mention assemble the birthday gift for L! (I have a habit of preparing birthday gifts way ahead of their birthdays, sometimes when I shop and I see something cute that reminds me of them I’d buy it and keep it in my “gifts drawer”, I mostly prefer to make cute parcels of cute stuffs hehe. I am pretty good at this, I am deemed the “present whisperer” among us! LOL. Now next time you’re stuck at finding gifts you know who to take shopping *wink wink nudge nudge*)
This is the very first time I am being invited to a birthday celebration an hour before the actual event. FML. And you should know by know, I’m highly OCD, I prepare a whole outfit at least a day before the actual day (sometimes as bad as two weeks before) and that day I was dressed for a day in a mall *read : casual*, and my OCD also stops me from changing into other outfits because I am NOT prepared. I’d need a long time to assemble a whole look and that day there simply was NO time FML.
I BBM-ed her “what??? But I’m still at TP!!!” and she replied “mmmm… what about 7?”. I was like…whattt again? Who invites you to her birthday dinner celebration and just give you such lenient time frame? LOL That’s L, for your information. I shouldn’t be surprised, I really shouldn’t. I elaborate to her friend (who I just met at the dinner) and she said “yes, totally, but it always works out better if you don’t plan it when it comes to L. if you make a plan beforehand she will never show up and it’ll never happen”. So true.
So I decided to wing it and wear what I’ve worn the whole day *not yucky, I smell good, I always put on perfumes mind you! Not that hugely pregnant L actually appreciate that, she hates perfumes during both of her pregnancies and weirdly enough doesn’t mind yucky smells FHL*, rushed home (which usually took 15-20 minutes but it was raining and jamming so bad that day it took twice the time), ran upstairs, assembled the gifts (and I actually still manage to snap a picture because I want to make a post about gifts! Coming soon!n Dedicated blogger!), chuck them into a pretty paper bag (the perk of having BFFs who works at a paper bag factory, not as the manual workers obviously! LOL. I got to ask them for pretty paper bags, branded ones-mind you! Even if the stuffs inside are far from branded-FML), then ran back downstairs and zoom zoom off we go.
I told you before I am very shy around new people, and at L’s birthdays… well, you can expect an ever changing guests *LOL* so I asked her who would be there? Since I’d hate to be surrounded by strangers (although hubby will be there obvi), but it turned out okay, since I was seated near her friend I mentioned earlier, M, who was very friendly and funny (L said this when she introduced us “this is my cousin #Pink, she’s super funny like you M! Same kind of jokes!”… oh, I am funny meh?). I was pretty pissed at her *L* because being true to herself, it was really hard getting straight answer from her, I asked her whether I should go right or left from the entrance and she answered “I am here already”. HUH??????
I really wanted to take more pictures but since I hardly know most of them I was too shy to do so, plus my outfit is too… casual for me that I actually didn’t feel like cam-whoring too much (I was wearing one of my mum’s hand-me-down ahahahaha, will do a post about this ;p, so much plans for future posts so please keep supporting us!) but I managed to snap a few.
This is the birthday girl :
I’m an awesome photog, lemme tell you! I really am!!! Birthday girl looks so slim and pretty! I am superb at finding great angles!!! She said so herself :p. when I asked her “cozkie, I take your picture okay” she went “YES YES YES!! Hurry hurry!” so eager hum? Then she turned to her friends and said “she’s into blogging nowadays, Pink and Undecided yes?” LOL. Free advertising from my cousin.

With all the guests (excluding L’s parents who went home with her little girl earlier, they are such party pooper LOL). The guy in the front (standing beside me) is L’s hubby, Eek. He annoys the hell out of me 99% of the time zzzz. The girl beside L (who was also wearing navy blue) is her friend from Thailand, Yun. The girl in white is M, L’s friend that I mentioned earlier.

I asked for a photo only with her and look at her hubby, he was being annoying but ended up in the pic with a fishy face AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

One more pic with the girls only
I didn’t take pictures of the food, Bon Café is probably the most popular (and possibly oldest, it’s been there forever) steak house in Surabaya with lots of branches, it is the ultimate “steak wannabe” that I mentioned in earlier posts hahaha. I guess it’s Dutch influenced (lots of Dutch influences in Indonesia, we were Dutch colony for 350 years after all). I was shy lahh, afraid L’s friends thinks I’m super lame and all taking food pictures hehe.. plus I only had a mushroom soup+turkey salad (very good, actually) because I was still very full, had a meal with LL at 4.30 remember! Again, I pray my ex trainer never read this blog!
Hope you enjoyed this post and hope you had a smashing weekend!
PS : Today’s Rosemary’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!! Luv ya!!! Wish Rosemary a very happy birthday, peeps! Rosemary is… very slightly older than me, guess her age! LOL


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  1. Me posting from my effin bb lol thanks bebb 4 the wishes! Got free bday gift from Sephora but couldn't claim it since they don't ship to indo *sulk*


  2. Hihihi, don't sulk too much babe we don't want early wrinkles settling in already! And yess it sucks how US online shops doesn't ship internationally!!!