#5: Candy Photoworks

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Show of hands, who loves getting their photo taken?! I know, right! Everybody does!! Hahahaha... #Pink and I have our share of photo-taking-frenzy (now more than ever because we have to decorate our Blog with pretty pics, don’t we :D). And yes, there were times when we loved taking our own photos, using our phones, in front of mirrors, in public bathrooms. Embarrassment? Not when everyone else is doing it too, ha!

The circled items indicate what we did and where we did it LOL

Anyways, this brings us to our fave thing #5: Candy Photoworks.

Around a year ago, to commemorate something (which for the love of God I can’t recall now. So much for commemorating, right... *sigh*), we decided to round up the gang and get our group photo taken – professionally (I guess I watch too much Keeping Up with The Kardashian and was inspired by their fab Christmas cards). As true-kiasu-at-heart, we didn’t want to spend too much on the photog (#Pink and I can be pretty stingy when it comes to certain things) thus begun the newbie photog hunt. I browsed and browsed and stumbled onto one of my old friends’ Facebook page: Candy. She had a massive collection of pretty photos of her and her friends – most of them are nicely edited! With nothing to lose I contacted her trying to see if she would like to do the project. Apparently photography was a mere hobby for her at that time, but she was up for the challenge and we got ourselves an awesome deal!! *the kiasu inside #Pink and me rejoiced!!! LOL*

So the photo shoot day came and we were pretty excited about it. Little did we know that being a model was going to be such a hard work LOL. The day was HOT and it was both an indoor and outdoor shoot. And lemme tell you something, to constantly pose (in a group) and smile (on cue) while juggling an impatient 4-yeard-old was not the easiest thing to do. But boy it was fun!!! And it got even more fun when we finally got the results. We were extremely pleased with how our photos turned out!!  

with the impatient little boy - LOVE him!
(from left to right): W, G, A, #Pink, and moi
I think I can proudly say that being our photog gave Candy (and her man: Hendrawan) the final push to pursue their career in this business, and ever since then their client list just expanded: from single photoshoots to baby/children photography to family photoshoot to engagement journalism, and so on. Just quite recently I had another chance to work with Candy Photoworks and it was for quite an important event: my wedding day (yes people, I'm married *flashing my wedding band* :p). Candy was quite hesitant because she had never worked on a wedding before, but I wouldn't take no for an answer as I honestly had no other photog in mind, I just want them LOL, and she finally caved (yay!!) and gave me the friends-and-family discount (double yay!!!) 

Once again the result is just perfection. I LOVE my wedding photos!! I knew I made the right decision by hiring them the moment I took a look at the few first photos they uploaded to their Facebook Page, and I'm going to share a few here. Now you know why Candy Photoworks is our fave thing #5. For more photos and information, you can visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CandyPhotoworks?ref=ts&fref=ts. Tell them that you heard about them from us and (hopefully) they'll also give YOU a special deal!! 

my fab head-piece - love it!!

with the crazy bestman and the matron of honor
Love you, Hubs!

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